Are you subject to reactive group think?

A thinking process always occurs before an action or inaction. The end result of a thinking process is a conclusion. First you decide to do or not do something – then you take the action or inaction you decided on. People who practice mind control understand that if you can control a person’s thoughts, you can control their actions and inactions.

A necessary element of self-determinism and freedom – would be free thinking, which means doing your own thinking. If another person or thing other than yourself is doing your thinking for you, you are not being self-determined – you are other-determined. And, if someone or something else does your thinking for you – to that degree you are not free.

There are various degrees of mind control and some are worse than others. Limiting a person’s data on any given subject is a mild form of mind control. Giving him false data on that subject is another form of mild mind control. These are mild because they are easily corrected by giving the person more data on the subject or by clearing up his false data on the subject.

The more serious forms of mind control come about when force is used to make a person think a certain way. Threatening a person to think a certain way is one method. Worse than that is knocking a person unconscious with painful physical impact and then implanting certain thoughts, which is the most severe method.

Modern mind control methods developed by psychiatrists makes use of an electronic device implanted into the human body. Psychotronics makes use of hidden messages that are transmitted using radio signals.

The point is – all methods of mind control are geared toward controlling a person by manipulating him to think a certain way on some subject and prohibiting him from thinking differently on that subject. It is not free and independent thinking on his part, it is enforcing some ideas on him in one way or the other.

All aberration is – is a FIXED IDEA.

A free mind is free to think any thought at all on any given subject. It has no Fixed Ideas on any subject. And, it is not being manipulated by someone or something else to have Fixed Ideas on that subject.

Any fixed idea is not truth, not sanity, and not freedom.

To have sanity and freedom, one needs to be able to create or destroy on any subject. On any given subject, if one can only create, that is not sanity or freedom. Or, on any given subject, if one can only destroy, that is not sanity or freedom.

For a mind to be free, it has to be able to change, at will, without penalty for changing it. And change at a whim, arbitrarily, without any logical reason.

I explain it to my kids like this. The color of the wall is white. Is that ok with you? They say yes. I then ask – could it be some other color, like blue? They say, it can be any color, I don’t care which, I could also paint it blue.

I say good, do you have any force on you to keep the wall white? They say no. I say you can change your mind about the color of the wall, without any penalty for changing it? They say yes.

I say – Good, you are sane and free on the subject of the color of the wall. That ability, to change your mind without any force hitting you, is sanity and freedom.

To determine whether you are sane or insane in any area, take what you believe to be true and think the opposite. Do you get hit by any force when you think the opposite way? If you do, then that is an aberrated area. You are being forced to think one way, and one way only, in that area. You are neither sane nor free on that subject.

  • A test for the critics – think that Scientology is good. Do you feel the force against you to not think that thought?
  • For Scientologists – think that Scientology is bad. Do you feel the force against you to not think that thought?

Neither one is sane or free on the subject of Scientology. They are both fixed ideas.

On the subject of truth, LRH once said that is normally found in the middle ground, not at either extreme. Was LRH pure as the driven snow with a bright shining halo or was he the devil? I say neither one. He had his good points and he had some faults.

The same applies to any person or subject. It applies to the Church too. It is not all good and it is not all bad.

This concept forms the basis of Reform. We sort the wheat from the chaff. Like eating an ear of corn – there is a part you swallow and a part you don’t.

Reform = keep the good and throw out the bad.

On the subject of Mind Control – this is manipulating a person to have FIXED IDEAS.

This goes on within the Church and among Scientologists, such as –

1. Group Think – means peer pressure to think certain ideas.

The threat for not agreeing with Group Think, is loss of ARC from other group members.

This can include such things as loss of a job if one works for other Scientologists or the loss of a spouse if married to another Scientologist.

2. Controlling information to only the positive. This is a mild form of mind control.

3. Eligibility for OT levels. This is used as an Extortion Lever to think and act “right”.

The PRODUCT of the subject and Church is – a FREE SPIRITUAL BEING.

A FREE Being has a FREE Mind – meaning he is a Free and Independent Thinker.

This means he is not being manipulated into having Fixed Ideas.

Thus, the above practices have no place in the Church as they are counter-productive to the Product of a Free Being. There should be no pressure to have any Fixed Ideas.

Group Think also applies to the subject of humanity. Mankind has too little truth and his reality is a limited reality. If one is going to ascend to a higher state than mankind has – he needs to realize he is going to be going out of agreement with most men in the process. One needs to rise above his craving for agreement from a group – especially an aberrated group.

You don’t have to put a lid on a bucket of crabs because none will escape. If a crab tries to crawl out of the bucket to freedom, the other crabs reach up and pull him back down to where they are.

Group Think is exactly like the bucket of crabs.

To gain freedom – you need to rise above the need to agree with Group Think.

Personal Integrity means having the courage to state what you have observed.

If Group Think does not agree with what you have observed – oh well.

As for the other types of mind control – you need to do your own thinking always.

Do not allow anyone or anything to give you FIXED IDEAS on any subject.

GROUP THINK for Scientologists:

False datum – any critical thought is due to overts

Quote from HCOB 21 January 1960 Justification –

In this light, most criticism is justification of having done an overt. This does not say that all things are right and that no criticism anywhere is ever merited.

So there are rightnesses and wrongnesses in conduct and society and life at large, but random, carping 1.1 criticism when not borne out in fact is only an effort to reduce the size of the target of the overt so that one can live (he hopes) with the overt.

Our Commentary on the above false datum –

There is a difference between Reactive Mind critical thinking and Analytical Mind critical thinking.

  • Reactive Mind critical thinking is based on the effort to justify an overt.
  • Analytical Mind critical thinking is free thinking – it is healthy and should be engaged in.

Analytical Mind critical thinking aligns with what the word Scientology means. The word Scientology means study of knowledge. Knowledge means certainty, not data. Certainty only comes from personal observation.

Scientology is not a belief religion. But some people study it that way – robotically accepting everything said without any personal inspection on their part. Flunk! That’s not how you study Scientology. You are not supposed to just robotically believe it – you are supposed to question it, you are supposed to look at it from all angles, you are supposed to observe it for yourself – to the point it becomes knowledge to you because you have observed it for yourself. Per LRH – nothing in Scientology is true for you unless you have observed it for yourself.

Do not be a robot – exercise Analytical Mind critical thinking freely and often.

A Free Being has a Free Mind. He can think anything. Analytical Mind critical thinking is free thinking – an essential part of the product of Scientology – a Free Spiritual Being.

The US dropped atom bombs on Japan and they should not have done that.

A critical statement – but not based on an overt. It is an observed fact of a wrong.

Some people use the above false datum about criticism as a Service Facsimile.

They dismiss any criticism of the Church as being an effort to justify an overt.

This way they do not have to LOOK and BE RESPONSIBLE for any actual outnesses.

False datum – any negative statement is entheta

Quote from the definition of entheta in the Technical Dictionary –

Especially refers to communications, which, based on lies and confusions, are slanderous, choppy or destructive in an attempt to overwhelm or suppress a person or group.

Theta, below 2.0 on the tone scale, we call entheta.

Our Commentary on the above false datum –

The US dropped atom bombs on Japan.

That statement is not entheta because it is a fact, not a lie.

And it was not communicated from 2.0 or lower on the tone scale.

Per the axioms – Theta is truth.

Per the axioms – truth is the exact time, place form and event.

Since 1983 David Miscavige has altered LRH issues and thus he is guilty of high crimes.  (Note by Andreas Gross: This is only a half-truth: first, because the LRH writings have been massively rewritten since the early 1970s – and D.M. was just 10 years old – and second, it wasn’t just Miscavige: there is a whole group working to redefine Scientology, Miscavige is only its representative (scapegoat) to the outside, dropping D.M. alone will change little).

That statement is Theta because that statement is the truth.

Also, who ever said that Scientologists should never confront any entheta? If that is so, then no one would ever give or receive an auditing session. This applies in life too and one should not have an allergy to confronting entheta. Just as one confronts and handles it in an auditing session, one can confront and handle it in life. If you run from it – you are the effect of it and it controls you – so you will never be an OT who is CAUSE over life.

Some people use the above false datum about entheta as a Service Facsimile.

They dismiss any criticism of the Church as being entheta.

This way they do not have to LOOK and BE RESPONSIBLE for any actual outnesses.

False datum – all critics are SPs and everything they say is a lie

Quote from the definition of Sevice Facsimile in the Tech Dictionary –

That computation generated by the preclear to make self right and others wrong.

Quote from the definition of Glum Area in the Tech Dictionary –

That area which when the pc is supposedly itsaing about it, makes him glum and the TA rise, indicating that a service facsimile is doing the confronting on that area and not the pc.

Our commentary on the above false datum –

The WHY we found in our Evaluation is MISAPPLICATION.

People MISAPPLY Scientology, resulting in driving others down tone.

Then they mislabel what they did as being Scientology – when it really wasn’t – giving the subject an undeserved bad name.

In that scenario – how can you call every critic an SP?

If someone was correctly applying Scientology and was only making people happier with it, and he gets attacked – THEN we could consider that attacker was nuts.

But, that is NOT the scene, is it?

People apply what they THINK is Scientology, driving others down tone and causing destruction, then THAT DESTRUCTION, mislabeled as being Scientology, gets attacked, AS IT SHOULD BE, and THEN we label those who correctly attack that destruction, as an SP?
Ha, ha, ha. I DON’T THINK SO!

The fact of the matter is that the Church is causing 98% of its own troubles by Misapplications of Scientology, such as Fair Game, wherein they drive others down tone. If the Church would stop all of its Misapplications – 98% of the critics would go away.

For that remaining 2% who would insanely attack the Church for making people happier – you use AS-ISNESS as the ONLY solution to them. Prove they are telling lies.

False datum – if you are connected to an SP you will get sick and lose your gains

Quote from HCOB 29 December 1978 The Suppressed Person Rundown

This is how it works. The pc, due to some act or acts previously committed, has gone the effect of the antagonistic terminal. The terminal then attempts to suppress the pc. The pc, already the effect of the terminal, becomes the effect of the suppression.

Quote from HCOB 15 November 1968

Since we can now handle all types of cases disconnection as a condition is cancelled.

Our Commentary on the above false datum –

Per the above reference it is not a given that connection to an SP makes you sick and lose your gains. This phenomena happens when one has committed overts on the SP. As an example, I exercise my Grade O release and talk to anyone on any subject – even to critics on the Internet, etc. I never get sick or lose my gains from doing so.

You are God in your own universe. You cannot be the effect of something unless you agree to be the effect of it.

Also, the above LRH HCOB cancelled disconnection in 1968. In 1983, David Miscavige ordered Robert Vaughn Young to write an HCOB 10 SEPTEMBER 1983 PTSness AND DISCONNECTION that brought it back into being, without the knowledge or approval of LRH.

Miscavige did this out of personal interests. He had been falsely declaring hundreds of Scientologists in his political purge in 1983 – who definitely were not SPs. He wanted to keep Scientologists from talking to these declared people so he could hide his crimes. (Note by Andreas Gross: here again the half-truth: It’s not about D.M.s personal overts: it’s the Deep State that had split Scientology into Church of Scientology and Free Zone to weaken us. The fake Disconnection-HCOB is supposed to force the Churchies to stay away from the influence of the Free Zone.)

False datum – the Church of Scientology is the only hope man has for freedom

Quote from HCOPL 14 February 1965 Safeguarding Technology

Scientology is a workable system. This does not mean it is the best possible system or a perfect system.

Our Commentary on the above false datum –

A branch of Muslims called the Sufi, reportedly has people who can make MEST disappear and re-appear. Many other practices in the world today are aimed at getting beings to exteriorize, with a good success rate, too.

But, be that as it may – let us say that Scientology is the only hope man has for freedom.

Even so, the Scientology Church is no longer the place to get it.

The Church is a DEAD END bridge at this point in time, as we have already said. The Church product is missing. Its stats on stable Theta Clears, OTs and Free Beings is zero.

The Upper Bridge exists outside the Church – and the case gain and exteriorization and OT phenomena outside of the Church, far exceeds any inside the Church.

The hope of man now belongs to the independents.

– – – – – – – – – – –

The common denominator on all the above GROUP THINK is NON-CONFRONT.

Instead of actually LOOKING at the area – the being confronts a Datum about it.

That mental mechanism is called a SERVICE FACSIMILE.

In our own case – when we were trying to tell others about RTC altering the tech –

we were standing there with documented proof in our hands and still are.

Did they look?

Hell no, I’ll just rely on my service fac to get me out of this – you must have overts.

That explains it.

Whew! That was scary. I almost had to take responsibility for something there.

Blessed are those who did LOOK.

Those beings who will reap the reward – a FREE SPIRITUAL BEING.

We found the above article under the original title “Essay on Group Think” among many other valuable contributions at (unfortunately this website is no longer available, the domain was registered by RTC and used elsewhere).

  • Have you had a bad feeling about these viewpoints for a long time?
  • Do you know any other examples of redefinition of Scientology concepts?

We are looking forward to your comments and contributions!

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