After 1972 Scientology was taken over and falsified

L. Ron Hubbard’s life’s work was the development of Dianetics and Scientology – a gift to humanity on earth to free itself from suppression and the reactive bank.



For decades, Ron had been persecuted and hated because of that by the power tools of the self-proclaimed “elite” and ruling families. At the end of the 50s, after machinations by CIA and FBI, he left the USA and spread his movement of freedom in the remaining English-speaking world: Australia, Ireland, England, Scotland and South Africa. With lies and legal attacks and infiltration in the 1960s, Scientology and he personally were tried to be pushed back out of these countries or to stop the movement or steer it into the wrong direction (quickie grade). So he founded the Sea Org in order to restore Ethics, Tech and Admin in the Orgs worldwide from a mobile command center.

While he was able to establish a secure base in Morocco in 1972 with the help of the local government, the former colonial power of France had issued an international arrest warrant via Interpol for L. Ron Hubbard for alleged fraud. When LRH flew to the US within hours due to this on December 3, 1971, in order to defend himself in this matter – which the former basis for operation at sea made impossible – he was taken into custody by US agents at the New York airport and taken into a secret US prison as an enemy of the state, without the chance of a fair hearing and trial. He has been missing ever since.

In the following months of 1973, his friends and family made the fatal mistake of hiding his disappearance by publishing writings in his name in order to keep his audience in line and also in hope of him reappearing somehow. The US state power used this situation and, in September 1973, sent a doppelganger among the Scientologists, who isolated himself from everybody and only showed himself from afar here and there. But this doppelganger was not good enough to deceive old friends and family, which is why they were put out of the way by means of mission tasks or RPF. He also did not look similar enough to be shown to the wide public, neither via a photograph nor video. Moreover, there have not been any lectures since 1973 which “LRH” would have held before the public. Only a few and obviously manipulated concoctions from a studio.

In 1976, Hubbard’s designated successor – his son Quentin, class XII auditor and C/S – was murdered. In 1977, his wife Mary-Sue Hubbard (as guardian of Scientology) and 10 other leaders of the Guardian Office were arrested by the FBI, sued and, for the most part, sentenced. The international umbrella and management organization HASI was dissolved via a court decision. It is said that Hubbard is in hiding to get away from a similar arrest warrant. This way, the doppelganger can disappear and, later on, he was supposedly seen only by a small number of people.

In January 1978, a law office contacted the Church as a “representative of L. Ron Hubbard, the author” and has since taken control over Scientology. They claimed Ron had been hiding due to the current criminal charge and they would represent him in his absence. The very young David Miscavige who is completely untrained in Tech and Admin gets established as a puppet in the key position between the “hidden Hubbard” and his Church of Scientology by the instigators of the takeover team. Since then, he has maintained his ground as Hubbard’s voice and interpreter.

This is how telex directives were used to establish an RTRC, a team of technologically highly-trained auditors under the leadership of David Mayo who was made Snr C/S. Since the 1970s, this team has been doing extensive works of writings in LRH’s name and rewritten Scientology’s Tech and policy: substantial suspension of Dianetics and the Clearing Course and, finally, the OT levels. In the 80s, the bridge is unrecognizable, the entry routes into Scientology have been destroyed because new people are unwanted.

I don’t want to say that you cannot have huge gains as a Scientology student nowadays: insights, rising of the emotional level, freeing of compulsions, fears or worries, tools for the workplace or a saved marriage or company. Even today LRH’s writings offer plenty of insights and possibilities that reward the effort 1000-times for every reader. But these gains are only a small fraction of the full potential of the original bridge: The former HAS-Co-Auditing gave completely new people basically those gains within a few evenings which, in the best case, may nowadays be bought for thousands of dollars at the HGC – assuming there are still auditors to be found for that. The Clearing Course Clear is such a stable and highly tonal condition that only people with temporary release conditions are able to guess the value. Delivery of the real OT levels IV to VII has been fully removed because a being, which is fully aware on the exterior and has control over matter, energy, time, shape and life as a spiritual being, will be deemed by the “elite” and its government bodies an absolute threat and state enemy, while remaining indestructible.

In 1982, Scientology’s power structures were fully reorganized by the takeover team. They put four more levels above Int Management – the highest command level as established by LRH: WDC, CMO Int, RTC and finally CST, the US government agency controlling the RTC and Scientology. In order to keep Scientology’s life blood at a minimum, now that tech and admin and ethics have been rewritten, the movement was split during a mission holder meeting: By means of thousands of SP declares against the best and most contributive Scientologists, mission holders, FSMs and leaders, the freezone was created which, of course, the takeover team is not leaving to its own according to the concept of divide-and-rule: As long as the freezone is sticking to the changed bridge of 1982, Scientology remains as toothless here as in the Church: it can no longer truly lead people to freedom nor can it guarantee stable gains due to obliteration. The split of the Scientology movement is a group engram which cannot be expunged as long as the early beginnings of the takeover and the absence of LRH since 1972 have not been faced.

So since 1982 there have been two neutered Scientology movements that not only want to fight each other as the biggest enemies but also trump each other in how to change and squirrel Tech and Admin and Ethics even more. The start-up path in the Church is becoming increasingly longer: a dozen of extensive courses “in the style of the golden age of Tech”, which have to be studied prior to the academy, including degradation and decertification of the old auditors, lead to a condition in which hardly anyone audits anymore due to a lack of auditors. – The FreeZone represents the other side of the same coin: Auditing is being put on the market promiscuously and offered as junk without qualified training, OT and solo levels are cheap and often heavily falsified due to insufficient training so that the real bridge is being withheld from the audience. Of course they made sure that the degradations of Dianetics and the removal of the clearing course and OT levels from the 70s would not be corrected in the freezone either. Government agents, who have established themselves as opinion leaders of the scene and quickly silenced every competitor unanimously, make sure of that.

In 1986, the death of L. Ron Hubbard was staged, however, family and other relatives were never shown the body. The strange events regarding the death certificate made clear that it couldn’t have been the dead body of Hubbard. This show can only be a diversion for the fact that Ron had no longer had access to the public (or vice versa) since 1972.

Contrary to different propaganda reminding of the success messages of previous press organs from the Eastern bloc, Scientology has been on a descending path ever since the takeover. There are hardly any new auditors being trained, the old ones either die or are shoved to side beforehand. It is spreading – if at all anymore – only on the surface: Instead of HAS-Co-Auditing teams, yellow-dressed, volunteering chaplains of the Church of Scientology travel the world and help in regions of disaster or teach little kids in Africa how to read and write. Everyone in this world “knows” Scientology nowadays, but only as a group of crazies who expose themselves to “brain washing and financial exploitation by a totalitarian management.” In the best case Scientology is associated with Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta, thus, a service only decadent multi-millionaires can afford. Due to millions of disappointed members whom the real gains were refused, negative word-of-mouth propaganda about Scientology spread and offered the mass media’s press campaigns a solid ground. Nowadays, only 2-3% of the former membership remained in the Church and demonstrates the change from a freedom movement to a sect. Orders to separate destroy families and friendships and create resentment of a high degree in the remaining membership. These feelings of resentment and long-lasting financial problems caused by excessive harrowing (?) prevent the last possible gains from the key out processes that may still be available.

Membership figures in the freezone – just like in the Church – have been dropping for decades so that the next generation is expected to be nothing but extravagant buildings owned and controlled by US government agencies like CST and RTC in order to increase illegal earnings of controlled intelligence non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The planetary expansion of the Church of Scientology by volunteering chaplains, ABLE, Narconon, Criminon and occasional Dianetics missions in so-called frontier areas, such as the BRICS states, has been helping US intelligence agencies since the 80s to enter countries that other US NGOs were not able to gain a foothold in. Additionally, the members of the central Orgs in Europe and the US are happy about this “immense expansion and demand” which they have been missing in their own environment for a long time. Thus, keeping hope for Scientology’s survival alive. In the west, however, a toothless Scientology – which no longer audits effectively, thus leaving the reactive mind untouched, and no longer produces real Clears and OTs, but instead studies theory (“The BASICS”) for the most part or, as in the freezone, replaces the auditor’s training with “discussions about Scientology’s aspects in news groups” – serves a similar purpose as the Freemasons’ lodges centuries ago: a reservoir for critical spirits, free thinkers and intelligent freedom fighters controlled by secret service circles: here they can continue their education infinitely and will ineffectively be kept busy and can possibly be recruited for power preservation projects of the “elite”: without pay and without insight into their true purpose.

As grim as this “long-lasting danger condition” may look – if it continues like this, the next generation of Scientology will not survive – the Persian idiom fits well: “When night is darkest, day will come.”

If enough Scientologists see through these intrigues, i.e. shine light on the group engram, recognize the early beginning in 1972 and accept and rehabilitate the gift to humanity by L. Ron Hubbard, then the entire effort by secret service circles (to completely and finally destroy Scientology over the course of four decades in a subtle way and with substantial use of manpower) will be finally destroyed. Compared to previous liberation movements, such as Buddhism, Christianity and also Freemasonry, we don’t need to speculate about how the chaff of wrong ideas had to be separated from the wheat of truth because the original scripts are no longer available. In our case of Scientology, a movement of the last century, we fortunately have access to several original pieces of work by L. Ron Hubbard: the old Red and Green Volumes (disregarding all revisions and editions since December 4, 1972), the books, original LRH lectures and even the original versions of the OT levels, which were confidential but not secret. This means there are still copies of the 1960’s originals to be found in older generations and their heirs.

The understanding of LRH being arrested on December 3, 1972, and “virtually being kept alive” (so that the takeover team was able to gain about a decade’s time to distort his works so that it became practically void) by doppelgangers, RTRC, CST, RTC and many forgeries and verbal data and frauds, such as wrong reports, allows for a full rehabilitation of Scientology. Humanity is in a finely spun trap, however, Ron has given us his life’s work to find a way out of this trap.

Let us finally use the full potential of the Scientology Tech, Admin and Ethics!

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  1. If we drop all the context of the extensive claims of both supporters and detractors whence go to a sort of «ethereal being» approach it makes much sense that la Fayette did see what he claimed — then an entirely new concept can be created dissolving even the FZ claims with an entirely theta-line concept; Since most go sick on off-world stuff then who or what is the «personalities» described in the Fishman Exhibit?

    To be sure this current Real Estate Trust has nothing useful for the exotica and I found nothing of consequence in the III Materials released on Wikki but there is something occurring when I can exterior-ize a few specific persons

    With just what is claimed by the materials beyond R-6 we get a rather stable population that does not rebel when encountering Pure Mind type interactions; I gave up combating this when Chris Shelton refuted me being able to see futures which is something I do routinely and has great consequence for safety;

    I doubt there is any Planetary Engram and now believe the K–T extinction — abbreviated Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction, also called K–Pg extinction or Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction — is factually the basis of his claim of a wall of fire though I know there to be such a thing that is capable of producing perceived heat that can for-fact reduce a self to a blithering idiot

    If we go off-world this gets wild but there is just no chance of inter-stellar travel by physical craft;

    The mind has no such limitations

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