RTC suppresses application of TRs by fake-HCOB

A good and important example of the rewriting of the tech. Lookup the original and compare it to the revised (1983) edition of HCOB 26. May 1971 TRs Course and Auditing, Mixing Major Actions.
In the original, LRH told us not to audit someone (or solo yourself) while being on a TRs course.

The introduction of the 5th rule (in the 1983 revision) reverses the logic.

Same with this addition on page 2:
“not also train. It does mean that he would not do the TRs section of a course or program while also in progress on auditing.”

But this reversion is not true:
(1) If A then follows B
is not the same as
(2) If B then follows A.

LRH wrote:
If on TRs, then do not audit any more.

RTC added to this rule:
If on Auditing (even the decades long non-interference zone), then no TRs.

With this, the TRs were refused in the CoS, because nearly everyone is “on Auditing lines”.

After I reminded my readers, that in the early “golden days” (while LRH was still available), Scientologists often started their day with some TR0 to get rid of nightly restimulation and get ready to confront the day: This false data popped up.

But today you can rarely find this daily application of TRs, as people are “on auditing lines”. Which usually does not even mean, that they expect any auditing this week, but that they are on any unfinished auditing action.

Another method to get rid of TRs:
You introduce a “ProTRs” course before people even had any auditing experience as an auditor. And brought that to “full EP”: “the ability to handle any situation with communication only.”

As the TRs were done to “full EP”, these students see no need to redo the TRs, “as this would be an overrun” or “this would put them down on the bridge, as they are already above that, far advanced”.

But remember: Originally the TRs were a section on every single Auditors course and level. Because with every progress as an auditor you have to upgrade your TRs to this level. – Today the students “got their EP on ProTRs course” and so can run quicky through the TRs-section of every other auditing course, if this section would even exist anymore today.

“Are TRs just for beginners? A service for Div-6?”

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