PDH needs NED to persist

The suppression of Dianetics was one of the first technical changes made by the takeover team. There may be a reason for this.

1972 Development of the expanded Dianetics by LRH on the Apollo until June 7, 1972. – A few months earlier the OT Ingo Swann cooperated with the CIA and proved the reality of OT abilities like Theta over MEST and Remote Viewing. This triggered a code red alarm for the Deep State: because many OTs who can see into their secrets would finally put an end to crime and world domination. So they kidnapped LRH and his family and took over the publishing lines of the church to change the whole technology.
But they had to expect backlash from Scientologists, especially Clears and OTs. So they probably used PDH to deal with any opponent that became too dangerous for them. But PDH can be easily handled by simply applying standard Dianetics to such an incident. You have to spend hours, or even an intensive or more, auditing a PDH incident very thoroughly. – The remedy from the deep state’s point of view was NED: only go through an incident up to 2 times, and then go earlier as soon as the TA rises. So you end up very quickly on the whole track, unable to release all the charge on the PDH incident. – Most of the PDH handlings will not even show up on such a NED session, because all the attention is on the whole track and not on the incidents near the PT.
But they had to find out: even that was not enough to hide and keep the PDH handlings: so “they forbid Dianetics on Clears and OTs. So there was no hope for us to handle such treatments. Ask The Pilot, he could not get rid of his PDH treatment as he had published about it. As he was not aware of the fake policy of “Dianetics forbidden on Clears and OTs”.
But even that was not enough, because there were a lot of good and capable Scientologists, pre-Clears, well released on Dianetics. A danger to the takeover team. So they “upgraded” and redefined their level of release to “Dianetics Clear”. So the same policy of “Dianetics forbidden on Clears and OTs” could be applied to them. Helpful was a fake DCSI, later CCRD, to make such releases aware of “achieving Clear”. By finding and rehabbing the release point!
This led to the practice of Case Supervisors avoiding any Dianetics on “bridge PCs” as they might be Clears, without their knowledge. Just to avoid any harm to them. Dianetics was reduced to an introductory service to fascinate new, green people. But please no more than a few sessions, up to a big win (release), which could later be qualified as the time he “became clear”.
So among RTC believers in CoS and FZ (there are still many who believe in the tech of David Mayo and other RTC clowns), there is no chance of (1) recognizing any PDH treatment in their PCs and (2) handling and clearing such an incident. – This leaves the door wide open to keep Scientologists down and mind controlled. As a side effect: one does not have many big successes to show the efficiency of Scientology, which would lead to an affluence in the expansion of the subject. This could be the main factor of the observable down-statistics of Scientology in general (in CoS and FZ): a danger of long duration leading to the non-existence of Scientology.

Does this alarm you enough?

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