The “Volunteers Ministers Handbook” shows a clumsy attempt of forgery


The publication date of the book and the dissemination program “The Volunteer Minister’s Handbook” (VMH) is December 1976. It falls in the period after 1972 where LRH was arrested in the United States, and the Scientologists had since no physical contact to him. The takeover team trying since then to cover up Rons absense and mock up Ron and all efforts to fake his issue lines and to imitate him. In these old days, they made bad mistakes, revealing their plot. So they later had to cover that up. I reveal that all:

The purpose of the Volunteer Ministers Handbook is to mockup a production, which is based largely on existing references (HCOBs, LRH Tapes, but also issues of the  management: BPLs), and thus, obviously, no new production of Ron, but the book also includes quotes from alleged LRH lectures from the 10. Dec. 1973 and 19. Febr. 1974 – called the instruction tapes – for example in the VMH chapter B – orientation checksheet, the outline of the VMH program, and to present section: “Volunteer Minister” and “Abilities of a volunteer Minister” and “Technology” on page 30 – 34.

These seem to be a transcript of 2 LRH-lectures, the tape labels suggest this: “extracts from the instruction tapes 7312TC10 and 7402MC19”.

VMH EN pg 30

VMH EN pg 30

In addition, the publisher pointed out carefully in the page “How to use this book” (on Page 1, even before the table of contents) the difference between Source and secondary literature. As it is, etc “In some instances in the packs of this handbook an asterisk (*) appears against the reference for an item in the pack. This indicates the Material of that section was written by someone other than L. Ron Hubbard the founder of Dianetics and Scientology.”

VMH pg 1

VMH pg 1

On page 570f you can read the source information to the said section B: no asterisk! So alleged all texts by LRH, his instruction tapes! In contrast, on pg. 569 an asterisk for 3 references in the section D on the ARC: 3 Issues not by LRH, as if he had not expressed himself on the subject of the ARC to the public!?

So, if LRH has lectured even in the years 1973 and 1974 to us on the subject of dissemination, as here in the VMH claimed, where are then these tapes? Then I would like to hear the lectures and the  complete ones, not only excerpts! And so would others. And that’s exactly where a drawback was made! These tapes do not show up in the list of materials in the book “What is Scientology?” ! Neither in the 1977 edition, nor in the edition of 1991!

1978-WIS? about 1973/74

1978-WIS? about 1973/74

Similarly, by the way, the “disappeared” alleged LRH lectures from 1973 (6-Sea Org-Tapes) and 1974 (9 further Tapes): In the 1977 “What is Scientology?” they are still listed, in the 1991 not! The fake of the tapes of this time was too obvious, so that they have been taken out from the publication. In the case of these Sea Org-Tapes, you may not care about them, which public needs these Tapes, however, the VMH is intended for the general public and is the basis for an extensive dissemination campaign: one or the other public should  ask, want to listen fully to this lecture. If he insists, I am sure he will end up in Ethics.
After all, there are so absurd positions in that lecture, such as this:

VHM pg 34

VHM pg 34

Is this supposed to be by LRH, who has often talked about “Psychs and Priests” who are our enemies? – Our main task should be to send our people in these churches?! This is strong stuff! This is the beginning of the creation of “The Scientology Religion” (see more on this here: Scientology, IRS brand: “the Scientology religion”).

Even if it is today possible to counterfeit a lecture in the voice of another: at the time of the 1970ies it was not technically possible. So the former attempts to cover up the disappearance of LRH were still quite dilettantish and apparently were later corrected by letting disappear these tapes. But still there are traces of the existence of these counterfeits: The Volunteer Ministers Handbook!

In the beginning 1990ies however there was a Sea Org Mission in all the Orgs, to hunt and to destroy all existing copies of the VMH. At that time a reason was given  for this that in this book, Non-LRH issues are included. Shortly thereafter, the Scientology Handbook was issued, this time – in contrast to the VMH –  not indicating the references on which the Chapter are based. Here it was made even harder to separate the chaff of Out-Tech from the wheat the LRH Source material. – The real reason for this eye-catching book-burning was obviously to cover-up the dilettantish forgeries in the advent of the “14 missing LRH-years”.

At this point, you should not let go of: Because if the counterfeiting of LRH can be proved for the years 1973 and 1974 how credible are then the radical technological changes of 1978 and 1979?



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  1. Hi Andi and all other readers,

    great story Andi, thanks a lot.
    And you are the first (?) guy who posted it for us.
    I have to check the reference of course – if not, I would stupidly (?) or trustfully (?) believe what you tell me …

    For me, personally, it is not necessary at present time. maybe I will find out by chance but for me it is totally obvious that this is the only way it happened. Alternatives don’t make sense to me. Too much power = control possible. Imagine, if the enemy had that power! Oh – I have to get the power because enemy should no get it, absolutely no way. that would be worst case. So I need to get it. and keep it under my control. (I give the allowance only for people I choose. Too worthful. Potentially real truth finding out??? ouh shit – I have to change the tech … okok, no bros, I do not change the tech, what did LRH say? The tech is there? and it is complete? hm, so I cannnot change it because the people can compare those versions. So it has to be done hidden and slowly and under the argument of stupid sectreteries or so. Plus pieces of rundowns which can be done as complete RDs. But the people should not get the whole story.
    And a new and nicer book than the former one, a little update, of course with new asthetics (people suck stuff like that).
    And if such a guy or group of guys is intelligent enough they will find out that time play an important matter. So, they have a good eye on stats etc.pp. and up-to-date the prope from time to time. But the purpose is to hide the important parts of the tech. And if this takes 50 years it is totally ok. Main issue is that it happens nicely, smoothly and cool sometime in the future, depending on good strategy amd control.
    I could write more than three books about stories how I can imagine those guys developing and realizing their strategy.

    but they make a lot of, ok, lets say some mistakes, but those are B I G.
    those “mistakes” (in reality this is stuff of the lowest conditions one can be in) can be watched and recognized by anyone who has those white balls inside the head and some education to understand, what the letters tell.

    That’s it.
    Its all the time easter in CoS meanwhile here in germany we are hiding chocolade eggs for children and things like that. Let’s say it is a christian festivity with some “funny” rituals . The true story isn’t gone but somehow forgotten. Get the pic?

    Maybe we can ask ourselves, what WE experience while all this things happen with CoS and “us”.
    If I am cause I can “only” hear the things or listen to the things and those things are only for me. I wanted them. I have asked for them to get them.
    Somehow. Try to get me right.
    I do not say that there don’t exist other people who themselves are cause and do things. They do and everybody does – more or less consciously.
    As long as I do not talk/communicate to a person I do not have contact/communication.

    My strategy “against” the CoS would be, that there is no object to fight against. Don’t get me wrong: Under a certain aspect they (not they but you know who I mean) are the biggest enemy I can imagine to have. Therefore one (who?) should to create a strategy with a defined purpose etc.pp..

    Some weks ago I posted in a facebook thread one of my favorite quotes from Ron: “Price of freedom …”. Uuuh, some guys did not get ma right.
    We have to do it anyhow, we know that we shoul be in PT.

    But what is the strategy?

    Andi has found out the references everybody can read and hopefully make a PT decision, independently from what was told. This is part of the basis for thinking about doing something at all. Yap, action should follow – somehow.
    Noone expects wild recruiting or any thingslike that.
    What is expected is that everybody should find out what I true or not – as far as possible. In a as short as possible span of time. With max input.

    IF there was only one single bad person in that time on planet earth who has heard from this tech, he could easily get interest from other people with similar intentions and it I think it was really no problem to infiltrate some credulous people, some robotic male nurse etc. And if there really was already security staff, ok, no problem … (to kick them away.)
    Big goals enable big forces inside bad people.

    Honest question to everybody: How comes that such many people seem to believe that LRH was under his own control until … (what did Andi refer to?)

    Ok, the other look should go into the future: What is he strategy?

    Greetz –

  2. VMH was canceled by the CofS long ago. It has been known for a long time that it was not by LRH, but I still use parts of it, that is workable for my my clients. When it says By The Works of LRH is not pure LRH, yet some of it is very good.

    Rey R. Robles

    • Hi Rey
      you missed the point. This post is not about whether VMH is a fake or valid tech. I like VHM too and use some stuff in dissemination. That is not the point.
      This article shows, that they mocked up LRH in that time of the creation of VMH:

      they quote an audio-lecture in the VMH chapter B – “orientation checksheet”. Later it revealed, that this lecture does not exist.

      The same with my other article on VMH:
      They photoshopped him into a picture to give you the idea, LRH was there taking the photos himself. But he was not.

      This supports my “theory”, that LRH vanished in December 1972 and never came back.

  3. In reading such evidence a recurring thought always seems to come up. So many Scientologists I knew so very easily invalidate themselves and their degree of the knowledge of life.
    It doesn’t take much research now with the www but it does require a strong stomach to confront the efforts taken by establishments, Govt’s etc especially covert sections of them to maintain their (false) sense of security. Their history of crimes against people and life itself is usually beyond the comprehension of anyone who wishes life well. And so the true evil hides behind the simplistic disbelief of evil itself and those with the ability to spot it so very often underestimate their own position in the game. It all equals much the same outcome.
    Knowledge comes at a price – its application. Actual Scientology is the greatest threat to those who profit from ignorance and false information. Never disparage your strength or power.

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