Course Completions of Andreas in the Church of Scientology

This is a chronological listing of the services Andreas has completed (mostly in the Hamburg Org). Since OSA actually spread the lie about him, he had “no real desire for knowledge,” it encourages me to put this data against it. Below also the certificates obtained; It takes some time to load the over 3 MB graphics files, so please be patience.

The following are the dates from the certificates:

10.3.1987 How to achieve effective communication. This was Andreas’s first course, after he had bought a DMSMH from Telse, his later wife, at the bookstore-table by Hamburg Org on a spiritual congress.
8.4.1987 Hubbard Dianetic-Book Auditor.
25.6.1987 Purif Rundown
18.7.1987 HQS-Objectives
21.7.1987 Drug Rundown
8.11.1987 Hubbard Qualified Scientologist-Kurs
29.12.1987 KSW-Specialist
1.3.1988 Hubbard Graduate of Study-Tech
8.3.1988 Introduction into the Ethics of Scientology
13.3.1988 Int-Rundown
15.3.1988 Hubbard E-Meter Kurs
20.3.1988 PTS-Rundown
4.4.1988 mini hatted Dianetics Co-Audit Supervisor
13.6.1988 PTS-SP-Kurs
27.7.1988 Hard-Sell-Course
20.9.1988 Staff Status I
3.10.1988 Method 1 – W/C
19.10.1988 Staff Status II
16.11.1988 Hubbard Dissem Specialist
5.1.1989 False Purpose Rundown – Basic Form
29.3.1989 Executive Director Mini-Hat
8.4.1989 Hubbard Dianetics Auditor
12.4.1989 Success to Communication Course
14.6.1989 Pro TR-Kurs
28.6.1989 Fully Hatted FSM In Charge
5.7.1989 Marketing-Officer Full-Hat
24.7.1989 Command Channels in Scn
3.8.1989 Exec Status I
24.8.1989 Mini-hatted Product Officer
7.9.1989 Team Member Hat
5.10.1989 Free Scientology Center Auditor
19.10.1989 Mini-hatted Tester (OCA)
30.11.1989 Freewinds – Route to Infinity
7.2.1990 Honorary LRH personal Public Relation Officer – Hat
14.3.1990 Level 0 – Hubbard Anerkannter Scientologist
1.5.1990 CCRD and attested Clear
2.5.1990 Level 1 – Hubbard Trained Scientologist
20.5.1990 Sunshine Rundown
6.6.1990 Retrain on the new Hubbard Professional TR Course
1.7.1990 Minister of the Church of Scientology
1.7.1990 Minister-Course
1.7.1990 Graduation for Minister of the Church of Scientology
20.9.1990 Resign-Line-Specialist
6.12.1990 Basic OTC-Hatting
21.2.1991 AG started on Solo I Course
21.2.1991 Life Orientation Course
18.8.1991 How to improve your Marriage
9.2.1992 Success through Communication Course
21.3.1996 Money and its Dynamics
6.5.1996 Financial Success
11.6.1997 Graduierter Study-Certainty Course (GAT)
1.3.1999 PTS/SP-Kurs  (GAT)
1999 Objektive und TRs-Kurs (GAT)
1999 Scientology Ethics Specialists Course  (GAT)

Until here everything in the church, mostly Hamburg Org, from here everything outside the church:

July 2000 Academie Level 1
September 2000 Academie Level 2
November 2000 Academie NED-Auditor
February 2001 Academie Level 3
Juni 2001 Solo-Course I and II
Juli 2001 OT I
August 2001 OT II-Kurs
December 2001 Academie Level 4
February 2002 Class IV C/S-Kurs
April 2002 Class IV-Graduate (for Int-RD, PTS-RD etc. – similar to the Class V Graduate per RTC)

May 2002 DCSI-Auditor, enables the PC to certify whether he is (keyed-out-)clear or not. DCSI = Dianetic Clear Special Intensive, which is the precursor of the CCRD Clear Certainty RD.
July 2002 FPRD auditor, False Purpose Rundown.
May 2003 HSDC course completed: The Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course
Oct 2003 Clearing course studied and soloed on the CC
July 2004 Clearing course completed, Clear attest !!!
August 2004 SHSBC Level 0 (which is the 1st of 7 parts completed by checksheet of 1967)
August 2004 on the solo-auditing OT II
November 2004 started to earn my first million 😉
January 2005 Completion OT II – Certificate at Caspar de Rijk – Class IX Auditor and C / S
February 2005 Start on OT III
August 2005 Relocation to Switzerland: a journey to success and prosperity
October 2006 Completion OT III
January 2007 currently on the SHSBC.



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