Misunderstandings about Rons FSM-Program

In the 1980ies and 1990ies my wife and I have been very active as full time field auditors and FSMs for the German Orgs, especially the Hamburg Org.

In this time I had a lot to do to clear up any misunderstandings about Rons FSM-Program. Outside the church I got the idea, that FSMing is neglected as well, although this tech could be beneficial here as well.

So I publish now an article I originally wrote in 1992 and only had send to some Div-6-Executives. But I think a lot of FSMs will profit from this as well and they might find this article by google:


I had send this letter in 1995 to David Miscavige COB RTC and got this acknowledging and encouraging answer:


Yes, and Flag got corrected for a while and issued new policies to be in alignment with LRHs FSM-Policy.

Here are some quotes from an SHSBC lecture where Ron presents the same concept:

And you get an immediate appointment as a Field Staff Member Provisional. And that’s Field Staff Member Provisional and there you are with a staff member rating, with the privileges of a Provisional-which are considerable by the way. They’re up above intern, applicant and so forth. …
And the public book coming out, all of its addresses will be available because you are a staff member. In other words, you’re not being asked to talk to, or write or meet or something, people who are unknown. The point is that you’ve got a tailor-made audience, and it is shoved straight towards you. …
Now, your field staff member, of course, is a bona fide staff member. At the end of about 10 months or something like that, why, he ought to apply to the organization to have the provisional status removed and he becomes a general staff member of the organization. …
And while a Saint Hill staff member you could also be on another organizational staff. You see, you could be something, like you could be D of P of let us say, Washington, and a field staff member, Saint Hill.
Well, the trick of the field staff member is to select people for clearing. And that’s what he is doing: he’s trying to select people out of the society and send them in to straighten up. There are many things that he can offer in this particular wise. If as a field staff member of Washington, you selected somebody to go to Saint Hill, the percentage would be paid to Washington as an organization, so everybody could share in your selection.
Quotes from “THE LOWEST LEVELS” LRH lecture given on 13 April 1965

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