Dear Mr. Trump! Investigate CIA assassination in 1972 of American philosopher in Morocco, and CIA theft of his intellectual property

I just found out, that a petition was started a few days ago, with a similar goal of this website:

This is the text of the petition:

“There is ample evidence contained FBI documents, declassified CIA documents, and other historical records, that on or about 28 May 1972 agents working under the direction of then-CIA director Richard Helms executed a secret mission to Tangier, Morocco, and there, in association with agents of Moroccan King Hassan II, assassinated a well-known American philosopher.

“The CIA purpose was to steal that philosopher’s copyrighted materials, illegally using covert agents domestically, as the cornerstone of the CIA Remote Viewing program, contracted for on 1 October 1972.

“The case for urgent investigation is in the book “Watergate: The Hoax” by Ashton Gray. That book, and every document cited therein, is included here by reference as though reproduced in full.”

Please support that petition and sign it too as I did today.

I had a similar idea six weeks ago and wrote this letter to US-president Donald Trump:

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