Confusion on CC, CC RD and DCSI introduced

One of my happy followers wrote me by email:

1. I am curious if the clear certainly rundown CCRD is the same as the Clearing Course CC? I know the placement of clear is wrong on the bridge but curious if there is any real difference?

2. If one is not clear on this rundown per the location and skipped grades 5a, 6 & 7 then how does one attest or show it on the meter if not? Aren’t there objective ways to tell?

To answer the 1.:

Yes, this similarity in the nomenclature and the consequent confusion seems to be intended: CC and CC RD are very different. The CC RD was created by the RTC-takeover-team to get rid of the CC, to get rid of our chance to get free and Clear.

CCRD stands for “Clear Certainty Rundown”. It had a forerunner, the DCSI: Dianetic Clear Special Intensive. It was a small and short action since 1979 done by many Class IV auditors who had studied a small checksheet. The changes of the 1979 DCSI to CCRD in 1985 are mainly made to cover up that the DCSI was an invention by the Squirrel David Mayo. Since Clear is the obvious EP of the Clearing-Course, there is no need to establish Rundown for this EP. The CCRD/DSCI only covers up the removal of the Clearing-Course and serves to rehabilitate (i.e. by a process called “date and locate”) Release Conditions and wrongfully call them Clears. A Key-Out (which can key-in again and then you can rehabilitate the key-out and get it back) is not a Clear Condition, as that is stable and without any risk. Since 1978, a reference by David Mayo – the Squirrel and RTC founder – wants to make us believe that a Clear is at risk: a Clear is a high and stable condition and anything but “at risk”. It’s quite the opposite: everyone who is not Clear yet is at risk because they dramatize and somatize bank.

Here Michel Snoeck wrote a thorough analysis about the DCSI and CCRD:

The CC is a Solo-auditing level, where you audit daily for about a year or two on given platens to get rid of the very first GPMs on your whole track and you finally go – without any doubt and any questions – Clear.

The CCRD is an audited action estimated to need 5 hours, where the Auditor tries to find a moment in your life, where you thought you might have gone clear. Then he – using a list 1)HCO BULLETIN OF 2 MAY 1979RB ISSUE II DIANETIC CLEAR SPECIAL INTENSIVE ASSESSMENT LIST – gets all bypassed charge, i.e. outruds, invalidations and evaluations off that idea and dates-and-locates that moment to get back a nice release state2)see in detail HCO BULLETIN OF 2 MAY 1979R I DIANETIC CLEAR SPECIAL INTENSIVE. This might give you nice feelings (for the moment), but can not make you Clear, if you did not soloaudit on the Clearing Course till end phenomena.

When you have access to both the materials of the CC and the CCRD 3)and both is “on the internet” today, digitalized and available for the interested person it will become very obvious that no resemblance whatsoever is found between these and that they are very different actions.

CC = Clearing Course (a hatting course where you study materials and solo-audit GPMs) vs. CCRD = Clear Certainty Rundown (you’re hooked on the E-meter and asked questions which needle reaction is registered by the auditor and later evaluated by the C/S)

To answer the 2.:

What would the Standard Tech way be to check out a clear? This was also researched very well by Michel:

This is the valid LRH-Tech:

HCO PL 13 Sept 67 “Clear Check Outs” lists a simple procedure:
“1.      Has run the materials of the Clearing Course to free needle.           
  2.      Is the person’s TA between 2 and 3 with a loose or flowing needle?     
  3.      Rehabbing ALL grades from Dianetic Release up to Clear, making sure they have actually, each one, been run and attained.
  4.      A marked change in the person.     
  5.      Is the person cheerful and happy about being Clear?”          LRH

I have solo audited the Clearing Course to full EP and I can assure you: When you got THAT EP, you do not need any “Clear Certainty RD” or other repair or rehab because you REALLY KNOW without doubt that you are Clear.

But if you do not believe me, perhaps you believe LRH and here is what LRH wrote how to achieve Clear: You can only become Clear on the Clearing-Course! Read all his quotes in the posting, they leave no doubt.

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3. and both is "on the internet" today, digitalized and available for the interested person
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  1. Hi Ian
    to answer your first paragraph I wrote a new post today:

    2. Paragraph: Yes, when one knows the truth one is often shocked to see how many people got fooled so easily into the untruth. This is so in the case of the JFK-assassination, 911 and also for our case of 1972.

    3. Paragraph: A Clear is not necessarily stable exterior. And he still has some own case. A clear had audited out on the CC the first GPMs in his bank, the Basic Basic. LRH wrote in the “Instruction Booklet” for the CC and OT II on the 1st page:

    “When you have the earliest erased, the rest erases easily. However, when the earliest one is erased the next to last is the new “basic” and must be erased in it’s turn. And so on. As this goes on, the items of the chain eventually begin to “blow” (erase) very easily.”

    A Clear still has a lot of GPMs, which are later than his BASIC BASIC. 21 GPMs are taken up on OT II and should all be erased to achieve the EP of OT II. BTW: neither in the CoS nor in RONS Org are all these 21 GPMs audited out, OT II is done very quicky to urgently start on the “more interesting” OT III. Another trap set up by our take over team.

    Ron somewhere mentioned, that a Clear will blow all his remaining engrams in the next 300 years. He is now capable to that as the BASIC BASIC is gone, which keeps the bank together. But a Clear may key in by some restimulation and will get out of that and finally blow this chain and so on and after about 300 years he might be free of all the charge left on his own case.

    Then on OT III you take up the case of other people or dynamics and erase that. As thousands of Scientologists audited on that and by this helped out millions or billions of beings to get rid of charge, this already changed this planet, so that the people of earth have a real chance to overcome the heavy suppression we are all facing today.

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