You can only become Clear on the Clearing-Course!

My collection of LRH-quotes on the Clearing Course and how not to become Clear.

Headlines are from me, all other are HCOB-quotes. First of LRH, then from 1978 on from the RTRC-squirrels.

Dianetics-Clear is only Release
Definition of Clear and how it is attained

Now, I have made Releases with Dianetic auditing, and so on, and they were the first Clears. It’s not too hard to do. But of course, they were simply Keyed—Out Clears which today we call Releases. Those people remained stable or didn’t remain stable or something of the sort, but it completely changed their lives.. …

Now, you have a lot of fun running stuff like this. You can find out a lot about track, pcs have an awful lot of cognitions, and you may hit some lower levels of Release. But it’d be release by chain. You’re not going to get release from the whole experiential track. That’s not possible. But you might get a free needle on auto-mobile accidents. And if you do, pull out, man. But then don’t stop running engrams. Find some other type of engram. There is—I can assure you that you’re not going to get a total bank release, because those total releases are up there at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, you see, and they’re all above this. You’re going to get negative releases. Releases on the negative lines. The minus scale which you have on your first Gradation Chart and which should have been repeated on the next one and should—will be repeated again because they’re quite final. [From LRH-Lecture Dianetic Auditing of 21st July 1966, which still belongs to the NED-Kurs today!!!].

CLEAR: The Dianetic Clear is now called a Release due to total (Scientology) Clear being so much higher, and total clear, which we are today making in Scientology is completely out of comparison with what Dianetics was trying to do. The Dianetic Clear was: an optimum individual, no longer possessed of any engrams. The Scientology Clear is a person who can be at cause knowingly and at will over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards the first dynamic (survival for self). A Scientology Clear is a being who has attained this state by completing the Clearing Course and been declared Clear by the Qualifications Division.

Dianetics was the route from aberrated or aberrated and ill human, to capable human. Scientology is the route from human being to total freedom and total beingness.” [Glossary of “Notes on the Lectures” Reprinted February, 1975 or in the 5th edition]

Book of Case Remedies 1968

“PREFACE FOR THIS EDITION1)Thanks to the RONS Org, they made available a German translation of the 1968 version of this book: /LRH TECH PRIMÄR/Bücher und Kurse/Bücher-deutsch/BUCH DER FALLABHILFEN.DOC But just this preface was left out!!! Also no hint to the fact, that they left this preface out. Of course this is not by mischance, as the RONS Org let people attest Clear without any Clearing Course on a regular basis. But they claim to deliver “100% Standard Tech by LRH”!

The first edition in 1964 of L. Ron Hubbard’s THE BOOK OF CASE REMEDIES gave auditors necessary points of technology for the last push to the great Releasing and Clearing successes that followed. Only a year later Release Grade and Clearing technology was completed by L. Ron Hubbard and students were already started on the big one itself – the Clearing Course.

In one and a half years from the first Clear, we had close to seven hundred more Clears. There is not the slightest question about any part of the route. People from everywhere and all sorts of backgrounds are taking their steps easily. The Clearing Course, and the training and Release Grades leading smoothly to it, are all utterly provenly successful. Any new list of Clears as of any date has to be revised upward fast as new graduates finish the Clearing Course, growing and doubling in numbers. And to graduate from that course one has attained the state which is philosophy’s win after thousands of years.

There were no Clears before, ever.”

More Quotes from the Basic-Books in the 70ies

CLEAR (noun):

Term originated in Dianetics by analogy to an adding machine from which old answers have been cleared (by pushing button marked „Clear“) so that new sensible answers can be obtained.

(1) Dianetic Clear is today referred to more usually as Dianetic Case Completion.

(2) The term Clear today normally refers to Scientology Clear, resulting from standard technology for levels up to and including the Clearing Course (at Advanced Organizations): a being able to be at cause over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards the First Dynamic (survival for self).

Note: In this book Clear refers in some instances to thetan exterior rather than either Dianetic Clear or the full state of Scientology Clear.” [Glossary of “Dianetics 55” in its 7th edition of 1971]

Clear A thetan who can be at cause knowingly and at will over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards the First Dynamic (survival for self). The state of Clear is above the release grades of Scientology (all of which are requisite to Clearing) and is attained by completion of the Clearing Course at an Advanced Church of Scientology. [Glossary of Dianetics Today, 1975]

CLEAR—( 1) Dianetic Clear: An individual who has been cleared of all engrams and chains and who has achieved a general tone four; a Dianetic Case Completion; one who through Dianetic processing has become free of those things which make a person susceptible to, and ”hold in place,” psychosomatic ills, and is a healthy, happy human being. In this book Clear means Dianetic Clear.

(2) Scientology Clear: A person who, having received all the processing gains from Dianetics to Grade VI (highest Scientology Release Grade), has then completed the Clearing Course at an Advanced Organization. A Scientology Clear has by definition the ability to be cause over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards the First Dynamic (ref. chapter The Dynamics, in this book). [Glossary in “Dianetics – The original Thesis”, issue of 1976]

CLEAR: A thetan (the person himself – not his body or name, his mind or anything else – that which is aware of being aware) who can be at cause knowingly and at will over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards the first dynamic (survival for self). A Clear is a being who has attained this state by completing the Saint Hill Clearing Course and been declared Clear by the Saint Hill Qualifications Division.

CLEARING: Scientology training and processing of an individual to bring him to the state of Clear.” [Glossary of HAVE YOU LIVED BEFORE THIS LIFE? 3rd Printing 1974, but not more in the issue Oct 1977 ]

Since 1965 Clear only through Clearing-Course

LEVEL VII, Level VII contains the materials necessary to totally erase the reactive mind. (SH Spec 71, 6607C26) [The Class VII Course is the course which teaches auditors to audit the power processes. Level VII or Clearing Course, as it is more often called, is done by pcs who have successfully solo audited to Grade VI Release, after which they may solo audit to Clear.] [Tec Dict.]

BASIC BASIC–This belongs in Scientology. It is wholly beyond the scope of Dianetics. It means the most basic basic of all basics and results in clearing. It is found on the Clearing Course. If contacted or run before the pc was brought up through the Scientology Grades, he wouldn’t be able to handle it anyway as experience has shown.So this is part of Scientology, not Dianetics.” [HCO B 23 APRIL 1969 Dianetics – BASIC DEFINITIONS]

Pcs or Pre-OTs can go on up to higher grades after Exteriorization if Interiorization is run. This is even true of “Dianetic Clears” (which does not cancel the need of doing the Clearing Course but is a special grade).” [HCO B 11 APRIL 1970 AUDITING PAST EXTERIOR]


There is such a state. It is not however attained by feeding people Scientology cognitions as was done in L.A. Only about 2% go actually Clear on Dianetics. A Dianetic Clear or any other Dianetic pc now goes on up through the grades of Scientology and onto the proper Clearing Course. The Dianetic Clear of Book I was clear of somatics. The Book I definition is correct. This is the End Phenomena of Dianetics as per the Class Chart and Book I. 2%, no more, make Dianetic Clear accidentally. They still need Expanded Lower Grades, to make Scientology Clear. Becoming a Dianetic Clear does not stop them from getting Power Processing. Modern Power is to its total End Phenomena.

Interestingly, the RONS ORG is allowing the distribution of a PDF version of the Red Volumes with a fake datum in its favour: “Only about 25% go actually Clear on Dianetics…“ on page 98 of file 1970_71.PDF !


Dianetic pcs should be audited on Dianetics until no somatics, then go up through Expanded Lower Grades to Power, R6EW, Clearing Course and OT Levels.” [HCO B 25 JUNE 1970 Issue II – C/S Series 12 – GLOSSARY OF C/S TERMS]

CLEAR: A thetan who can be at cause knowingly and at will over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards the first dynamic (survival for self). The state of Clear is above the release grades of Scientology (all of which are requisite to clearing) and is attained by completion of the Clearing Course at an Advanced Church of Scientology.” [HCOB 15.7.78 Attachment I SCIENTOLOGY CS-1 DEFINITIONS SHEET]

And in the early days this was so good that a Dianetic Clear—we’re making them now, we’re making Dianetic Clears again. I’ve gotten two or three thank-you despatches and things like that. We’re making Dianetic Clears. But of course a Dianetic Clear is actually merely a Release and unfortunate, but they strangely enough have approximately the same manifestations that are described in Book One. And the way we started making them again is we stopped overauditing. Man was making his Releases too well.“ [660816 – Releases and Clears]

EXTERIORIZATION INTENSIVE, many people have gone exterior and have been audited past it. This made some uncomfortable. A new technical development makes it possible to continue to audit them. A lower level “Thetan Exterior” is not yet Clear unless he has taken the Clearing Course. For the above it is necessary to have an Exteriorization Intensive before they can be audited further. Some people audited past exterior without an Exteriorization Intensive develop somatics.” [LRH ED 101 INT]

Therefore, something was in the road of Dianetics. Something lay directly across the path of Dianetics. And that was a thing that … What was it? You know? Nobody knew.

Well, all these years, a decade afterwards, here it is. It’s a Goals Problem Mass and that’s pretty good. In terms of geological time, it only took ten years to dig it up. All right.

That is the thing which keeps you from running a person to Clear through running engrams because sooner or later you run into some edge of the Goals Problem Mass and of course, it doesn’t go out with engram running.

If people didn’t have the Goals Problem Mass, Dianetic processing by running engrams could send somebody to Clear rapidly. [3D CRISS CROSS AND GPM ANATOMY – LRH lecture given on 17 January 1962]

A CC-Clear has to carry on moving up the Bridge

What happens on the Clearing Course is that the individual himself becomes clear on the first dynamic. He himself becomes clear. He has separated out – cleared out and away from certain other complexities. It does not mean that he is without bank. But he will find that his recognition of the first dynamic has improved enormously.

The state of clear is terrific. We have waited on this state for a very long time. When an individual goes clear, he goes over a bump. He goes high as clear and he would probably remain clear till the end of time unless something else keyed in.

So a clear, having moved and separated out from the material, must then get all available charge off the Section II O.T. materials.

These must be run properly, using the same technical rules as on the Clearing Course. They must not be skimped. Good tech calmly applied is the keynote of this.!” [28 April 1967 – Revised 15 August 71: ADVANCED COURSES GENERAL ISSUE: CONFIDENTIAL – THE STATE OF CLEAR]

Green PCs can not be restimulated by the CC-Material

“(Laughs) Not to make a horrible pun out of it, but if you were to hand Clearing Course materials to Joe Blow of Hoboken, if you were to hand the Clearing Course materials to Joe Blow of Hoboken you would find out that he would be in a completely unreal state. He doesn’t even restimulate. Most remarkable thing you ever heard in your life. He doesn’t even restimulate. What wall?” [6809C24 Class VIII TAPE 1 WELCOME TO THE CLASS VIII COURSE: AN INTRODUCTION TO STANDARD TECH]

“Reality is a fascinating thing. Reality is proportional to the amount of charge off a case. If you took Clearing Course materials and handed ’em over to some wog he would look them over and scratch his head, maybe come down with a cold or something. If he tried to run them, if you tried to run them on him, your possibility of doing so is so microscopically remote, and most of ’em wouldn’t even upset him. That’s how far they are from clear. Because there is this stable datum – the amount of charge off a case is proportional to the reality. Also, proportional to the awareness.” [6809C29 Class VIII TAPE 6 – MECHANICS OF TECHNIQUES AND SUBJECT MATTER]

Only the correct Sequence of the Bridge

It will be found that a pc cannot confront doing Solo Grades. The reason will be found to be Drugs. All pcs who “cannot run engrams” CAN run Drug Engrams. They are afraid because they get into the bank heavily when on Drugs. Only Drugs can be run. So a pc who has “done R6 and Clearing Course but hasn’t made it” will be found to be a rabbiting (frightened and running away) druggie. He can and will run Drug Engrams. Thus the right action is to do a full Drug Rundown, then start the pc all over again at R6. It is an exception only because he hasn’t done his Solo anyway. [HCO B 23. DECEMBER 1971 Non-Interference Zone]

“The “One shot Clear” idea of the uninformed of 1950 is impossible. When a person goes onto the Clearing Course after missing the lower grade he just doesn’t make it at all. He often can’t even get reads. – It takes many miles of road, past many “case changes” to set up the gradient scale to top ability.” [HCOB 14 June 1970 C/S Series 4 The Return Program]

“So we take this fellow. He hasn’t been up through the grades at all. He’s just a fake. And he, “Oh yeah, well I got all my grades in Brisbane. Ha ha, yeah. Got my grades in Brisbane,” and he’s been through the Clearing Course, couldn’t find anything. And so forth. And it all blew to F/N. And you all of a sudden get hold of him and he’s got a stage four needle, that’s going up tick, pow, tick. Ooh. Now the chance that he will be able to audit [on OT 2] is so remote that you may as well forget it. That’s why the grades are arranged that way. …

We wouldn’t let somebody go into the Clearing Course who wasn’t in pretty good shape on R6EW.” [6810C10 Class VIII TAPE 14 – AUDITOR ATTITUDE AND THE BANK]

“For instance, if somebody didn’t really go into 2, OT2, he’s not likely to be able to come very close to 3. See? If he didn’t go clear on the Clearing Course, why it’s very unlikely he’ll go anyplace else. If he didn’t do his R6EW correctly he isn’t likely to go clear. Do you follow? It’s tracking back, tracking back.” [6809C25 Class VIII TAPE 2 – WHAT STANDARD TECH DOES]

“Question here, somebody asking somebody something or other a very complex question on the subject of going clear or not going clear, about rehab of Power after a person is clear. Now the law is you don’t rehab Power after a person is clear. You do not do it. The reason you do not do it is the person all too often falls on his head. But the operative word here is what’s got this person puzzled, is the word clear. If the person went clear on the Clearing Course and you rehabbed or indicated anything that was out on Power, or anything of that sort whatsoever, he would be in trouble at once. But the operative word is clear. A person who didn’t go clear on the Clearing Course and didn’t go release on R6EW probably has something wrong with his Power. And if there’s nothing wrong with his Power he will go release on R6EW and clear on the Clearing Course. If he didn’t go release on R6EW, if he gave a bunch of false attests and so forth, and didn’t go clear on the Clearing Course, why then there is something wrong with his Power. But if his Power was alright he undoubtedly went release on R6EW, and undoubtedly went clear on the Clearing Course. I mean it’s not a question that you wouldn’t puzzle much about. – So that if a person was on the Clearing Course and couldn’t go clear you could of course go back and rehab the Power, because it isn’t a clear, you know, I mean… Simple. All of these things are very simple. They’re all straight think.” [6809C25 Class VIII TAPE 2 – WHAT STANDARD TECH DOES]

The Case of a Person, who “came up Quicky till OT”

Here is an actual case, a folder I examined of a pc who is now in trouble and needing a Repair and Return Program.

Pc was an accident prone (person who is apparently dedicated to having accidents). Very low aptitude score (about 30). Had been skipped over almost the entire Class Chart and given Power.

To handle accident proneness was given CCHs. This cured it.

Had Exteriorized so was given Interiorization Rundown without a 2-way comm session.

Pc subsequently developed bad somatics. (Dianetics was never flattened or completed.)

A quarter of an inch of Examiner’s reports wherein the pc was asking for help or medicine to get rid of somatics was then put one by one into the folder.

Despite this the “C/S” saw “Va” on the pc’s folder and ordered R6EW.

More Examiner’s calls collected.

The pc ran one item, making one mark on a worksheet and attested R6EW.

More Examiner’s reports collected, pc reporting self ill.

“C/S” seeing R6EW attested ordered pc to Clearing Course.

Pc did one brief session attested Clear.

More Examiner’s reports into folder, pc in pain and now in Ethics trouble.

“C/S” ordered pc to OT I.

Pc spent 35 minutes on OT I in terror of it, hastily attested, had 5 accidents in 3 days.

Folder sent to me as a “baffling case”.

So the correct actions now have to be taken.

1. Repair pc with every list known to Man or Beast to get off BPC collected in these overwhelming levels.

2. Repair pc in errors in current life.

3. Return Program the pc by running simple things, 2-way comm, to give pc some wins in actual case gain by maybe handling by 2-way comm minor this life or childhood upsets with family, maybe putting in ruds on some early subject that turns up.

4. Put pc back on the Class Chart TO COMPLETE THE INCOMPLETE GRADE (Dianetics) to its full end phenomena as per Class Chart.

5. Bring the pc on up the Class Chart using all processes for each grade and honestly attesting each grade in turn.

It’s all a shame because the pc had a lose on status. She wanted to be Clear and OT, was actually on it and never walked up the stairs to get to it.” [HCO B 12 JUNE 1970 C/S Series 2 PROGRAMMING OF CASES]

Similar data on the difference of a “Dianetic Clear” – who more honestly would be called a release – and the Scientology Clear you will find in Hubbard, LaFayette Ron, Lecture of 21.06.1970 “Expanded Grades and Training – Grand National Convention in L.A.”, in 45th minute: After becoming a Dianetic Clear – free of somatics – one would further go up the bridge to attain Scientology Clear on the CC. Here you can hear it in LRHs own voice.2)Contrary to the rest of this text here I have no LRH-quotes, as I don’t have access to a transcript of this tape.

But since 1978 suddenly
No CC for Dianetic Clears?

“The power of auditing is such that the State of Clear is now achieved by many through the refined technology of New Era Dianetics (NED), delivered by all service organizations of the Church of Scientology. Any person who does not go Clear on NED has another chance to achieve it on the Clearing Course at an Advanced Organization of the Church of Scientology.” [HCOB 15 July 1978RA Scientology Auditing C/S-1]

Now further attacks from the CoS-Squirrels in 1978

(This bulletin revises the definition of “Dianetic Clear,” page 113, Technical Dictionary, and the definition of “Keyed-Out Clear,” page 221, Technical Dictionary. )

The state of Clear can be achieved on Dianetics.

I have now determined there is no such thing as Keyed-Out Clear. There is only a Dianetic Clear and he is a Clear.

The state of Dianetic Clear means the pc has erased his Dianetic case or mental image pictures; he has attained the ability to be at cause over mental matter, energy, space and time on the First Dynamic.

When this happens the person is not run further on Dianetics. He can be given Touch or Contact Assists (as can Scn Clears and OTs), and can be given NED for OTs once he is OT III. He is not to be given any Dianetic Auditing Assist nor any Dianetic auditing. (He can, of course, receive any actions on the Assist Summary bulletin, excluding R3RA.)

The Dianetic Clear, on achieving this state, can be audited on Scientology Grades 0-IV. He would not be run on the R3RA section of service facs, however. On completing Grades 0-IV, he is not run on Power, R6EW or the Clearing Course but goes onto OT I, after doing the Solo Auditor Course.

Should a pc being audited on Dianetics originate that he has achieved Dianetic Clear, or if a Dianetic auditor thinks this has occurred with his pc, the folders must be routed to an org C/S who is Clear or above and who can adjudicate.

(NOTE: No auditor or C/S must evaluate for a pc on this nor feed or coax him to any cognition, which is a comm-evable offense. Clears are made through auditing, not by feeding cognitions to pcs. This is important as someone who has not made Clear will not make it on the OT levels.)

Field auditors and missions would route the folders of a pc believed to be Dianetic Clear to the nearest org with a C/S who is Clear, for adjudication and declare of the state.

Such submissions must be handled promptly, so there is no delay put on any individual’s progress up the Bridge.

Once declared, the pc folders must be clearly marked “DIANETIC CLEAR.”

The pc may then be C/Sed to receive Scientology auditing, per the above. The pc is not, however, given any further Dianetic auditing.” [HCO B 24 SEPTEMBER 1978 Issue III DIANETIC CLEAR ]


The state of Clear can be achieved on Dianetics.

It is not however attained by feeding people cognitions; Clears are made through auditing.

The state of Dianetic Clear means the pc has erased his Dianetic case or mental image pictures.

The discovery that a Dianetic Clear must not be run on engrams, R3RA or any version of R3R, results in an expansion of the Non-lnterference Zone.

After Dianetic Clear, you can run Grades 0-IV. You do not run the pc on the R3RA section of the new Service Fac handling, however. He can be given Touch or Contact Assists (as can Clears and OTs), but not a Dianetic Auditing Assist nor any Dianetic auditing.

A Dianetic Clear is not run on Power, R6EW or the Clearing Course, but goes directly onto OT I (after doing the Solo Auditor Course). …


Dianetic pcs should be audited on New Era Dianetics until no somatics, then go up through Quad or Expanded Lower Grades to Power, R6EW, Clearing Course and OT Levels.” [HCO BULLETIN OF 25 JUNE 1970RA Issue II REVISED 6 OCTOBER 1978 C/S Series 12RA GLOSSARY OF C/S TERMS]

Further Fakes of References

“(Ref: HCOB 24 Sept 78, Iss III, DIANETIC CLEAR)

The following are the guidelines for programming a Dianetic Clear after he has attested and the state has been declared:

1. If a Dianetic Clear has had no previous auditing on Grades 0-IV, you can run him on Quad Grades 0-IV. You omit the R3RA step of service facs. (Ref: HCOB 6 Sept 78, Iss III, ROUTINE THREE SC-A, FULL SERVICE FACSIMILE HANDLING UPDATED WITH NEW ERA DIANETICS.)

2. If a Dianetic Clear was incomplete on Grades 0-IV prior to the Dianetic Clear attest (i.e. mid-grades), you would complete the unrun grades (Quad or Expanded) through to Grade IV (omitting the R3RA steps on Service Facs).

If a pc goes Clear on a grade then you can give him the other grades, but you’d end off that grade and not continue it.

3. If a Dianetic Clear has previously completed Grades 0-IV, he can go directly onto the Solo Audit Course and OT 1.

4. If a Dianetic Clear is an old-timer who has had a lot of pre-grades Scientology processes run (before formal grades existed). you would not run Grades 0-IV after Dianetic Clear attest. He can be routed onto the Solo Audit Course and OT 1.

The Dianetic Clear is not run on Power, R6EW or the Clearing Course.


There is even an alternate step to Power specially designed for Dianetic Clears called “Super Power” which will shortly be available in Saint Hills.

AND NOTE: Power Processing is still very valid and a vital step on the Bridge for those persons not Dianetic Clear.”


“Since the HCOBs on Dianetic Clear have come out there have been many attests and many cases unbugged, and there will continue to be more Dianetic Clears as pcs continue to get standard processing. This bulletin gives some additional guidelines to help smooth the lines and prevent needless stops for the person who has made Dianetic Clear. It will also help handle the person who hasn’t made it so that he may achieve all the gains available to him.


A person who has reached the state of Dianetic Clear without it being acknowl- edged can run into difficulties afterwards. You may find that he’s been in ethics trouble or had a low OCA or poor case gain since that point.

It’s not only lack of acknowledgement but also invalidation by running certain processes that a Clear wouldn’t respond to, such as engrams, or continuing to run the grades, or continuing Goals Processing, etc.

Also, with Clears and OTs who went Clear before they did the Clearing Course and never knew it or spotted it, bypassed charge results because they are running something which is trying to achieve what they have already achieved. It serves as an overrun .

In the case where a pc has this unacknowledged, invalidated Dianetic Clear state, you would most likely find a point in his auditing where it looks as if he had made it and a slump occurred afterwards. This point could have occurred many years back. If you don’t see a resurgence of the state in an interview or session when the pc mentions when he went Dianetic Clear, the C/S would be to Date/Locate it. (Ref: HCOB 15 Nov 78, DATING AND LOCATING.)


The fact that a person may currently be in ethics trouble is no basis on which to adjudicate whether or not he has achieved the state of Clear. It is not a criterion to be used to refuse to allow the person to attest. Clear is Clear. When a Clear is audited on R3RA, when the state is invalidated or goes unacknowledged, he can get into trouble. So apply this to your understanding and analysis of cases.

The MAA interview and A to J check on the Dianetic Clear Routing Form is not to imply he’s out-ethics but will furnish the C/S with data on the case which may or may not come up in a D of P interview. It will also detect the rare case where the person is attempting to attest in order to save money or for status reasons. In one instance it was discovered that the person routing through was actually a plant. These last examples are a very, very small percentage of the cases.


When the state of Dianetic Clear has been acknowledged and any inval cleaned off the line, you’ll see a very floppy needle at low sensitivity, an F/N that nothing can break up and, in many cases, a floating TA. A low sensitivity setting (I to 4) will be needed to even keep the needle on the dial, and the TA will be riding between 2.0 and 3.0.

You’ll find in many cases that the meter now reads on the pc’s postulates-i.e., a Clear’s postulates read as a surge. A read therefore does not mean invariably “Yes” or that the question is charged. “No” can read if the pc says it or thinks it to himself as an answer to a question. (Ref: HCOB 18 April 68, NEEDLE REACTIONS ABOVE GRADE IV.)

Bear in mind that you might not get the above meter phenomena immediately on a Dianetic Clear where the state has been bypassed, even though the state is valid.

In some cases the TA and needle can be packed up prior to Date/Locate of the exact time the pc went Clear. The pc may have out-Int to be handled. (The handling of out-Int on a Dianetic Clear is the END OF ENDLESS INT REPAIR RD, HCOB 24 Sep 78R, Rev. 21 Nov 78, Iss 1, Int RD Series 4R.) The person may still be hung up on misrun R3R or Dianetics run after he went Clear, or on some point of eval or inval that has occurred.

If, after a Date/Locate has been correctly done, you’re still not getting the expected meter phenomena, a C/S 53RL assessed and handled precisely by the book and taken to F/Ning assessment will clean up any remaining charge.

You’ll then see a full resurgence of the state, with the pc VVVGIs, a floating, floppy needle at low sensitivity, and a floating TA.


The definitions of Dianetic Clear and Keyed-Out Clear in HCOB 24 Sep 78, Iss III, DIANETIC CLEAR, replace the definitions in the Tech Dictionary. The person who attested to Dianetic Clear or Keyed-Out Clear in past years would not necessarily qualify as a Dianetic Clear now, though the chances are good he did make it. Any pc who has attested to Dianetic Clear or Keyed-Out Clear in the past should be called in for an interview and any necessary C/Sing to ascertain the state. This must be adjudicated by an AO C/S or by an org C/S who is Clear.

You will find that many of those who attested to Dianetic Clear earlier on actually did make it, and after confirmation of this they will need to be issued Clear certs and Clear numbers and be properly programmed to move on up the Bridge. (See HCOB 1 Dec 78, PROGRAMMING THE DIANETIC CLEAR FOR HIS NEXT STEP.)

Additionally, where the C/S knows of a case where it looks very likely, from folder study, that the pc went Dianetic Clear but it was unsuspected at the time and never originated, he should have such pcs also called in for confirmation.


Where it is obvious that a person who has already been allowed to attest hasn’t attained Dianetic Clear. give the pc a good R-Factor that the person handling the attest cycle didn’t have all the data. He must also be given the R-Factor that he is being programmed so as not to be denied any of the gains on the Grade Chart and so that he will be adequately prepared to do the OT levels. The C/S then programs the case so that this can occur and the pc is informed he should continue with his auditing program.

In the case where the person wanting to attest clearly hasn’t made it, you tell him so. There may be some state he did achieve that he may wish to attest to and he should be allowed to do so.

In both the above cases the person very likely has made some big gain or achieved a new ability, so validate that and give him an appropriate acknowledgement on his win .


Use HCOB 1 Dec 78, PROGRAMMING THE DIANETIC CLEAR FOR HIS NEXT STEP, as a guide when programming the Dianetic Clear for his next action.


Keep in mind that a good percentage of the cases you see who by origination want to attest to Dianetic Clear will have achieved the state. If you follow these guidelines and apply the HCOBs on the subject, both those who have attained Dianetic Clear and those who haven’t will be able to move on swiftly up the Bridge on the right gradient .

C/Ses should maintain their Ivory Towers and use the above data and all will go well in this area. It is already going well and this additional data will handle the various situations that have come to light.” [HCO B 5 DECEMBER 1978 C/S Series 105 HCO DIANETIC CLEAR ATTESTS-ADDITIONAL DATA – DIANETIC CLEAR ATTESTS]

We are making Clears these days in many cases so fast that Clearing Course bracelet numbers are jumping up by the thousands per month. We are also finding that some old Dianetic pcs had gone Clear and the auditors didn’t notice. Incredibly enough, sometimes on a next life basis we are running into Dianetic Clears from 1949 and `50 so even those auditors were better than they thought they were. So we’re not only making new ones we’re finding old ones-such is the power of NED.” und viele andere Stellen in dieser Referenz!!! [LRH ED 301 INT 17 December 1978 RON’S JOURNAL 30 – 1978-THE YEAR OF LIGHTNING FAST NEW TECH]


Andreas Grosz
for the
Free Scientologists

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1. Thanks to the RONS Org, they made available a German translation of the 1968 version of this book: /LRH TECH PRIMÄR/Bücher und Kurse/Bücher-deutsch/BUCH DER FALLABHILFEN.DOC But just this preface was left out!!! Also no hint to the fact, that they left this preface out. Of course this is not by mischance, as the RONS Org let people attest Clear without any Clearing Course on a regular basis. But they claim to deliver "100% Standard Tech by LRH"!
2. Contrary to the rest of this text here I have no LRH-quotes, as I don’t have access to a transcript of this tape.
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