Arrows in the Dark – A book about the takeover of a church by FBI coIntelpro

I can recommend reading the book by lawyer and Scientologist Merrell Vannier “Arrows in the Dark”.

The personal experience of this Scientologists (since 1972) and lawyer and staff of the former Guardian Office proves the take over of the Church of Scientology by evil forces: The man behind US government with the help of CIA, FBI, and other agencies. CoIntelpro was not abandoned but this book proves, that it is still active for the control of this church.

Arrows2Why would the US government infiltrate a church?
Why would a church infiltrate the US government?
Who ran both sides?

A Tale of Power, Corruption & Secrecy…
With a Billion Dollar Empire Hanging in the Balance.

Learn the inside story about the fall of Scientology’s intelligence network—the notorious Guardian’s Office. And how this set the stage for a takeover of the church by 21-year-old David Miscavige. Was Miscavige’s motive to save Scientology from an out-of-control intelligence network? Or was it something more sinister? Stunning controversy that flips the narrative on the subject of Scientology.

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