Chronological Overview of the Takeover of Scientology

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Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Gross, Switzerland

FS Bulletin of 10. June 2004RA1)This text was originally published as an article on and republished as FSB on 19. July 2005.

Revised 13. Jan. 20072)The two revised paragraphs are marked with foot notes. , 1. April 2015


“It must be kept in mind and brought forward emphatically that Scientology does not work in the absence of official control and no matter who sought to use its principles, has uniformly failed in the hands of non‑Scientologists and organizations not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself.

The reason for this declaration is the consistent disaster visited upon her ”allies” by the United States government and the efforts of that government since 1955, stepped up since 1963, to seize Scientology in the United States rather than forbid or stop it…”

HCO PL 10. Jan. 1968 Politics, Freedom from

The point of this paper is not to convince the reader that a takeover of Scientology has taken place. Others have done that already. The target group of this chronology consists of those Scientologists who know this already. The point is to rather determine the exact point in time when L. Ron Hubbard no longer had any control of the publishing line and, thus, from what point on you have to check the references for inconsistencies compared to previously written basics more carefully and possibly identify them as fakes.

As opposed to previous authors I am not assuming that this point in time is the same as L. Ron Hubbard’s supposed date of death. This point is before that: when LRH had lost his comm lines to Scientologists due to health or legal reasons (see his alleged escape from US law enforcement agencies). The following chronology shows that falsifications can be expected as early as 1973, which were partly named in January 1977 without finally handling the introduced alter-is. Quite the contrary, a team called RTRC has been writing and publishing HCOBs in Ron’s name since then.

It is the duty of every trained auditor and case supervisor to separate the wheat (LRH tech) from the chaff (falsifications) so that point 1 of KSW can be reached which the entire bridge is based on: “Having the correct technology”.

“The price of freedom – constant and continual alertness is the price of freedom. Constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. There is no other price, actually. (LRH in AHMC-1, 6012C31)


LRH starts a global movement with the dianetics book which is treated as a dangerous opponent by psychiatrically operating intelligence agencies (see mind control, MK-Ultra, mass psychology etc.).


The FBI is watching LRH and his organizations (see the H-FBI files, published by Operation Clambake on Therefore, you have to assume that agents were channeled into the young organization’s management.


The oil millionaire Don Purcell was the manager of the HDRF (Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation), let the Org go bankrupt and personally bought the rights and withheld them from LRH. A hostile takeover which LRH had only subverted by creating the new name for the subject “Scientology” and, in 1955, he was able to correct it legally.


LRH transferred all his copyrights to HASI to avoid ending up in the same situation of having his copyrights stolen. HASI was separated from the business of the Orgs (could not be damaged in case an Org went bankrupt) and its copyrights were not linked to his life, thus, they weren’t just uncontrollably transferred to possible heirs because wills can be faked.


For the first time, Ron created an auditor’s training, the SHSBC, that he was really satisfied with. The gradient scale of the Bridge with Grades 0 to 7 for the auditor’s training as well as the auditing improvement of PCs came into existence. By the end of the 60s, the Clearing Course, the OT-levels and the reintroduction of Standard Dianetics as a Bridge step below the levels arose. And he turned St. Hill into an exemplary size due to a comprehensive management tech (HCO PLs).

End of 60s

Ron no longer had a resident permit for the UK and had to leave the International Headquarters in St. Hill. Consequently, agents were able to take over St. Hill insofar that the production collapsed globally. Besides the reports of Captain Bill, we know this from the republishing of KSW No. 1 which, among other things, was about the quicky-grades that led Scientology to the verge of destruction.

since 1968

Ron went onto three ships with elite Scientologists and founded the Sea Org whose task it was to bring ethics to planet earth so that the Scientology Tech was able to return. This was Ron’s answer to international attacks on the Orgs. The ships cruised the mediterranean sea and went ashore in Greece, Morocco and Portugal. They also went to the Canary Islands.


The IRS reviews the tax files of the Church of Scientology in California and questions the tax exemption. The IRS’ legal head from 1970 until the end of the 70s was a law professor named Mead Emory, the eventual founder of CST!

CST= Church of Spiritual Technology, founded and lead by non-Scientologists, claim to have LRH copyrights and license RTC, which do not have copyrights. See the government data base for entered copyrights.

June 1972

Operation Ramrod: The CIA Remote Viewing Program scientifically proves the OT abilities with Dr. Puthoff and Ingo Swan. The US intelligence agencies want to gain control over this tech and prevent the OT levels for others. The end of this operation (with the removal of the clearing course and the OT levels IV to VII and the final takeover of the Church) is hugely celebrated in 1993: The war is over!

13.11. 1972

The last lecture by LRH available to the public: “A Talk to Preparations Unit Staff”3)according to ‘What Is Scientology?’ 1978 edition.

4. Dec 1972

The Sea Org is forced to close the base in Morocco due to legal pressure by Interpol. LRH flies to NY, gets arrested there and is out-of-comm with the SO for 10 months. He is arrested due to an arrest warrant issued by Interpol (initiated by France because Dianetics was seen a scam) and possibly also for the illegal import of foreign currency into the USA (his butler Ken Urquhart had put 5-digit sums of cash in different currencies into LRHs suitcase). Nobody knows if he is still alive or if he will return. The SO decides to cover up LRH’s disappearance and act as if he was still there by producing some HCOBs by republishing, among others, PABs and BTBs. Although there should be a court appointment before a judge for the charges by France, no one knows about a court procedure to clear him of this accusation. Did L. Ron Hubbard disappear to a US secret prison for state enemies without any constitutional rights?


Since Ron is gone, the volume of pages published in his name (HCOBs & HCOPLs) drops from an average of 270 per year (the 10 previous years) to 86 in 1973. Numbers for the following years: 1974: 191, 1975: 96, 1976: 82, 1977: 72. So an average of 105 HCOBs per year. During the 10 previous years, there were an average of 270 pages per year, so it’s a drop to ca. ¼ of the previous production as researcher and author.


The Snow White Program with the GO 732 WW LEGAL is published under LRH’s name4)It is not confirmed that this issue is by LRH. We have no last page of that ref. Why? ‘GO 1206’, 22 June 1974 “The Snow White Program”  by Fred Hare issued a whole 14 months later claims that but what do we know?
, which will later lead to the destruction of the GO. This falls into the 10 months when LRH had no comm-line to the Church! So it is most likely a fabrication.

This GO-program demands that all government files about Scientology be obtained to disprove all the lies therein. Later on, GO pushes forward to fulfill this LRH order by any means! A provocation!


Flag Order 3434 is published which creates the RPF. It was not written by L. Ron Hubbard (how could it with him being gone) but by Ken Urquhart, who claims that the RPF was from Ron. The following editions to the RPF are also not written by Ron. Thus, the Sea Org’s prisoner’s camp was created. And since no RPF member is allowed to talk to or look anyone in the eyes, it was made easy for the LRH doppelganger to “return” to the Apollo as long as all real friends end up in the RPF or are sent on foreign missions.

10. 8. 73

HCOB 10. 8. 73 PTS Handling is also a fabrication. It basically removes Dianetics as a handling for illnesses by claiming all illnesses originate from PTSness. This is verified in detail in a separate essay: FSPL 15. 6. 2003R Alteration of PTS Tech

Sept. 73

“LRH” suddenly reappears and says he did “sociological studies in NY”. In these “10 missing months”, two “very trustworthy” people were “with Ron”: a former Green Beret Jim Dincalci as bodyguard and Paul Preston, a nurse.

Dec. 73

“LRH” breaks his arm in Tenerife. It takes an unusual 3 months to heal. The Sea Org is now traveling on the east Atlantic and the Caribbean. There is a lot of suppression by the CIA and other American agencies who are fighting so hard that the Sea Org is unable to find a secure harbor.

9. 2. 74

The Lower Conditions are added to an HCOPL “Condition below Treason, Confusion Formula and exp. Confusion Formula”, at a time when “LRH” is recovering. This fake condition of confusion is the necessary starting point to appoint a lower condition to well-intentioned Scientologists.

July 75

“LRH” has a stroke, is in intensive care for 2 days, 3 weeks in hospital and recovers in Curacao for 3 months. Takes many pictures there.

Oct. 75

The SO is going ashore: 3 groups: NY, Miami & Washington D.C. The Fort Harrison Hotel is being bought. “LRH” supposedly gives 22 lectures to the C/Ss in Flag, which are only accessible for studying Flag auditors nowadays: the “New Vitality Rundown”.


In satisfaction of the Snow White program the GO accepts an offer by a “Public”, Michael Meisner, who wanted to copy the Scientology files illegally and on his own at the IRS. Over 100.000 pages add up over weeks that are stored and evaluated in the offices of the GO. This leads to an FBI raid on 07/07/77. This “public” was probably an agent provocateur of the IRS because only the GO people – not him, the agent provocateur and principal witness – were convicted and detained for his actions.


With the LRH ED 284 Int, the prices of the CoS are starting to increase by 5 to 10% every month “to adjust them to inflation”. At the beginning, this might have still made sense but these price increases stopped only after 4 years when even wealthy Scientologists could not afford the Bridge any longer. A tenfold increase of the prices. Where was LRH during these 4 years? Obviously no longer in the position to control the prices of the CoS. These price increases dictated by Int also directly violate the relevant financial policies according to which the service prices are of course to be determined by the Exec Councils of the respective Org. They are repressive: not only for the publics who are denied the service but also for the Orgs that are making too little revenue. A first measure to prohibit the delivery of Clear and OT.


The designated successor of LRH, Class XII Quentin Hubbard (LRH’s son) is found in his car in Las Vegas, killed. Alleged suicide by exhaust fumes, strange needle marks are found on his arm! The autopsy report suggests poisoning even before the exhaust fumes.

Dec. 76

“LRH’s” lecture Ron’s Journal 28 not available to purchase? Unclear on what day. (According to the book “What is Scientology?”) – A fabrication by a voice imitator.

Beginning 1977

From now on “LRH is on the run due to security reasons” and hides under a false name and with very little contact to other staffs. At first, 6 months in Washington D.C. (Captain Bill Robertson says that there were 18 or more summons for lawsuits against Ron that were not supposed to be delivered.)

The following dates about Ron’s life and his residence can hardly be verified (since only a handful of people know about it) and come from the Zegel tapes. Jon Zegel probably received this data from David Mayo. Whether or not LRH’s escape and medical story really took place this way or from what point on Hubbard had already been captured or been dead, we can only speculate. Otherwise we have to believe Mayo or the RTC but Scientology deals with knowledge, not with beliefs.

Jan 1977

The attorney Sherman Lenske can claim unopposed that he has been asked by LRH to represent his business interest. He and his brother Stephen have known connections to the IRS’ Mead Emory and are the creators of CST and later on – besides Mead Emory – the “Special Directors of CST”. LRH seems to have lost control of his most important interests due to “his escape from the authorities”. As long as there is hope that LRH might show up again, you can’t really say that these attorneys are committing fraud with a faked mandate because they would be risking their license. Only in hindsight, after LRH’s death, you can come up with this thought.

24. 1. 77

HCOB 24. Jan 1977 Tech Correction Roundup: “Ron” says here that he was able to obtain a lot of fabricated HCOBs of the past 3 or 4 years that he would like to correct. So, since the time “he had been missing for 10 months”. This means there has been an infiltration and manipulation on the highest technical lines and publishing lines since 1973!

I personally think that there are only a few technically-valid publications by LRH to be found from the years 1973 to 1977, but the massive decrease in production to one fourth is quite obvious. But since neither the Snow White Program nor the highly destructive HCOB 10. Aug 73 were revoked in 1977, I am assuming that this HCOB introduces the opposite of what it claims: The RTRC is being established, a team below David Mayo which is writing HCOBs and HCOPLs “for and in the name of LRH”. That was forbidden until then: other authors were supposed to publish as BTBs and BPLs so that everyone can see what was originally from Ron and what was secondary literature and derived thereof.

1. 5. 77

The top international Management Organization HASI loses its existence because the GO failed to call in the annual member’s meeting. So the registry court officially removed HASI from the register of associations after unsuccessful notice! Thus, the LRH copyrights belonged once again to L. Ron Hubbard via a few detours. According to the later will, “LRH” transferred them to CST. Without the closure of HASI, LRH’s will would have been ineffective for the control of Scientology!

7. 7. 77

The FBI carries out its raid for the stolen IRS documents in the GO in LA and D.C. – The possible handling of this legal threat: GO is supposed to withdraw the lawsuit against the US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (the top guy behind the attacks on Scientology) for the task of prosecuting MSH, the 9 GO people and LRH. This could have worked. The top GO people James Mulligan and Anne Mulligan, who secretly worked for the government, messed up this plan: By giving up the Kissinger lawsuit without this exchange.

The GO has never recovered from the FBI raid because all files were confiscated and the leadership was in a complaint procedure and later charged and imprisoned. Four years later, the GO could be dissolved through tricks and lies by David Miscavige. All GO members were declared SPs forever! Even LRH was supposed to be charged as a manipulator (Snow White Program) but he supposedly evaded charges successfully by hiding. LRH is presented to us as a coward. However, this is actually supposed to be the explanation for why LRH was not reachable by anyone until his supposed death. Ron could have transferred the control over the Church to friends in case of conviction and a prison sentence, and he could have continued writing and researching. Unbelievable that, due to cowardice, he put his life’s work in danger or left it to the takeover team.

July 77

“LRH” hides in LaQuinta, CA near Palm Springs.

15. 7. 77 – 31. 12. 1977

LRH leaves LaQuinta with Pat Broeker, DeDe Reisdorf and Clare Rousseau, lives in Sparks, Nevada in Reno and is out-of-comm with the Church for 6 months. LRH was sick, Mayo claims.

2. 1. 78

LRH lives in LaQuinta again, Rifle Hacienda and is supposedly directing the tech movies, however, he is not seen by anyone. Stage directions only via dispatches. An unusual film director!

Sept. 78

“LRH” supposedly had another stroke or heart attack and his personal physician Dr. Gene Denk (who also attested his death in 1986 and supposedly provided medical care in Jan 86: with the psycho-pharmaceutical drug Vistaril!) helped him. David Mayo supposedly assisted as auditor. LRH’s death was anticipated at any moment now. Ron could hardly speak (because someone who looks like L. Ron Hubbard does not have a similar voice), says Mayo. These assists later became NOTs. –– David Mayo gets promoted to Top-Tech-Terminal in the Church because he was Ron’s personal auditor. But we know all of this only from Mayo, assuming we want to believe him. Mayo made some very spiteful remarks about L. Ron Hubbard in his publications in the 90s, showing his true face as an enemy to LRH.


Under the leadership of David Mayo, 330 pages of new HCOBs and PLs are being written and published this year. Among those are NED and the news that you can go Clear on NED. The DCSI (CCRD predecessor) is being developed to establish Dianetics Clears. Thus, the Clearing Course is abolished. This “editorial work”, which completely contradicts LRH (HCOBs are “Technical Bulletins written only by LRH.” HCO PL 24. 9. 70), is accompanied by intense power struggles among the technical elite, including some SP declares. Employee and wife Julie Mayo states this in her public letter about this time frame. – The path is cleared for the further takeover of power.

After researching the old Red Volumes, I have created a graph that shows how many references were revised in which year, In the first 25 years of being at work, LRH basically never revised anything. Only once someone was able to “wield his pen” (see entry under 24. 1. 1977), revisions started in a big way. This didn’t stop after his death as you can see from the many new references and revisions from the 90s. This also violates the LRH guideline HCO PL 18. Okt. 67 according to which HCOBs may not be altered.

Oct 78

The Gilman Hot Springs is bought for “LRH” as the summer “headquarters”. 20 miles from Palm Springs, CA.

March 79

“LRH” is forced to escape from LaQuinta because a blown staff supposedly threatened to call the police.

April 79

“LRH” lives in Lake Elsinore for one month.

Mid 79

“LRH” lives in Hemet (today’s seat of “Golden Era Productions”) near Gilman Hot Springs which was bought last October. “LRH” becomes more isolated by that. “LRH” supposedly had cancer on his forehead, which was removed surgically. Mayo gave him assists. Mayo, as “Ron’s personal auditor”, became Senior C/S Int, a newly-created position introducing a position of high authority in the Church and leading an International Tech Hierarchy that used to be unnecessary in the network of autonomous Orgs. It also contradicts the self-determining correction by Cramming Tech.

This change of places by the LRH doppelganger reminds me of the shell game by street gougers.


Mary Sue Hubbard and the following 10 GO execs were sent to prison: Henning Heldt, Duke Snider, Gregory Willardson, Richard Weigand, Cindy Raymond, Mitchell Hermann, Gerald Bennett Wolfe, Sharon Thomas, Jane Kember, Morris “Mo” Budlong


The attorneys Sherman Lenske and Norton S. Karno write LRH’s will which is edited once more one week before his official day of death. Main contents: the transfer of control of Scientology via the copyrights to CST/Mead Emory.

Feb. 80

LRH & Mayo were said to be in constant communication regarding the development of solo NOTs by Mayo. Mayo refers to Ron’s agreement to his draft. The RTC does not oppose this description in court!

“LRH” took off with Pat and Annie Broekers and lived in Creston, CA until he died in 1986, according to RTC.


“LRH” wrote to his children and CMO that he had only around 5 years left to live. They should take all necessary measures to prepare for his passing.

July 1981

The GO is dissolved. MSH deprived of power. By the means of a faked order by LRH that Miscavige delivered. He bragged about it in the interview with the St. Petersburg Times in the 90s.


“LRH” supposedly demands US$ 85 million from the Church and offers his copyrights to the RTC. The founding of the RTC is presented to the Church as a solution for Ron’s tax issue so that he doesn’t have to pay tax on the 85 million (which is, however, a wrong statement). The Church management believes all of it, raises the money with a lot of effort and leaves it to David Miscavige who supposedly handed it over to Pat Broeker. Ron’s family never sees any of the money, is left behind poor, just like the companion of Bolivar Manuela. Would Ron have allowed that?


The Church of Scientology Int is founded as Mother Church. As well as OSA.

1. 1. 82

RTC is founded. More contracts in which “LRH” supposedly transfers the rights of CST to RTC even though CST has not even been founded yet.


Miscavige leaves the CMO and operates the All Clear Committee in order to “handle Ron’s Legal Sit” due to which he is on the run. He butchers this task and becomes the most powerful man in the Church of Scientology. Ultimately, Miscavige even leaves the SO to control it from higher up, from RTC.

March 825)This is the first of two changes of the revision of this FSB of Jan. 13, 2007: Originally, this paragraph was placed under 1984 but it belongs to March 1982, as shown to me by a present bridge.

There is a new bridge: The OT levels IV to VII are “replaced” by “New OT IV to VII”. In fact, the old OT levels are simply being removed because the “New OT IV to VII” is nothing other than audited NOTs and Solo NOTs which have been developed by David Mayo and applied additionally to the OT levels since 1979. This means the OT levels IV and up were removed without replacement. Just according to the objectives of the above-mentioned Operation Ramrod (see the entry of June 1972). Supposedly, clear is now “routinely reached on NED”, the Clearing Course (including Power and R6EW) even disappears in a so-called Alternative Route. Thus, Clear and OT belong to the past, no longer being a threat to the intelligence agencies.


RTC now licenses the Church, the missions and the field auditors, drawing many millions from Scientology (that are going to nowhere) for the costs of the survival of these groups. Thus, the Sea Org reserves are taken over and the Church properties are also encumbered with a mortgage under pretenses. In the course of that, thousands of protesting Scientologists become SP declared, others leave the Church voluntarily. Almost the entire Int Management is among them, and also most of the highest-trained Class XII auditors. More and more start to wonder about LRH’s whereabouts.

Now the entire Scientology is restructured and reorganized: CST, RTC, ASI, Gold, SMI, WISE, I Help, Able, OSA, CSI come into existence. The former similar organizations were or are dissolved.

Jan 19836)This line was added and is the second change of the FSB revision of Jan. 13, 2007.

The services of the so-called Alternative Route (R6EW & Clearing Course) no longer show up on Org price lists, are no longer offered.


The repudiated son Ronald DeWolf’s of Rons first marriage (Ron supposedly disinherited him because he doesn’t do Scientology and criticizes his father) sues the Church and claims his father was already dead. The Church “proves” in court, without LRH showing up that LRH is still alive and neither wants to nor has to show up. With the support of the IRS (!), this circumstantial evidence of LRH still being alive is pushed through in court. Thus, DeWolf loses the lawsuit that was most likely staged for this purpose and RTC/CST wins. Every member of the Church who now asks about LRHs whereabouts is calmed with the reproach that he fell for enemy propaganda and that this question has really been answered now “in favor of LRH”.


Thousands of Scientologists are outside the Church without a leadership and start to reorganize themselves, looking for a new structure.

David Mayo is also declared as Snr C/S Int and leaves the Church. In the USA, he organizes the free-practicing field auditors and missions that had left the Church into so-called AACs. Due to legal disputes with the Church, he surrenders after years of legal battles –– probably more due to a well-paid settlement rather than a legal defeat.

The field of independent Scientologists in the US has since been very bleak and unorganized.


Ron’s former “right hand”7)We never had heard that term from Ron, but luckily CBR informed us about his status., Capt. Bill Robertson (CBR), organizes the independent Scientologists in Europe into Ron’s Orgs and offers them OT levels up to 42. Around 100 people (trend declining) gather at the annual convention of the Ron’s Orgs today. The freezone has a solid statement that the LRH references after 1982 should possibly be looked at as fake because the takeover of the Church took place in 1982. The fact that all references since 1973 are questionable because Ron had not been accessible to the public is “simply overlooked.”

Jan 1986

LRH’s death is announced under mysterious circumstances: The corpse is identified by finger prints on the basis of FBI files and then quickly burned before relatives arrive. The coroner has to destroy his photos of the body and he found Vistaril in the blood, a psycho-pharmaceutical drug of which the supposed personal physician, Dr. Denk, said he had given it to his patient a week before. “LRH” was said to have died from a last stroke that he had a week before his death but he supposedly changed his will after that and, among other things, demanded that due to his religious beliefs of Scientology (!?) an autopsy may not be carried out!

Obviously, someone else was cremated who didn’t remotely resemble LRH. So if this death was a fake, when did the real L. Ron Hubbard die? And why should we believe that the communication line to this “LRH”, which it was according to Miscavige, was real and authentic?


Miscavige gets a tax exemption for CST and the Scientology Church controlled by CST and celebrates this with a 1.1.-tone with 20,000 Scientologists: “The war is over!”

To the present

Miscavige carries it further and further and changes the basics of Scientology: new HCOBs are still being published without giving even the slightest impression that L. Ron Hubbard was the author of them. With the Golden Age of Tech, the LRH study techniques were abolished and replaced by the Nuremberg Funnel.

Since 2007, a really long start-up path of pure theory has been established with the “basics” so that hardly anyone can start the auditor’s training of the academy. Not to mention that SHSBC auditors, Class VIII or XII are no longer being trained. Scientology, therefore, dies each year with the trained oldtimers that end their lives.

I hope the game has become a bit more clear.

It is time to see through the plan and change tack: Only if we restore the original Tech as Ron had completed it for us in 1972 can Scientology deliver again what it promises, and expand and contribute to making life on planet earth worth living again.

Due to this data, we have come to the conclusion that the last valid bridge is the one of 1972. We are working on this basis. Later references are mistrusted because, best-case scenario, they are publications by the board without Ron’s authorization. No one may abolish Ron’s original references.

Andreas Gross

for the

Independent Scientologists

Copyright © 2014 by

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Gross

All Rights reserved

References   [ + ]

1. This text was originally published as an article on and republished as FSB on 19. July 2005.
2. The two revised paragraphs are marked with foot notes.
3. according to 'What Is Scientology?' 1978 edition.
4. It is not confirmed that this issue is by LRH. We have no last page of that ref. Why? ‘GO 1206’, 22 June 1974 “The Snow White Program”  by Fred Hare issued a whole 14 months later claims that but what do we know?
5. This is the first of two changes of the revision of this FSB of Jan. 13, 2007: Originally, this paragraph was placed under 1984 but it belongs to March 1982, as shown to me by a present bridge.
6. This line was added and is the second change of the FSB revision of Jan. 13, 2007.
7. We never had heard that term from Ron, but luckily CBR informed us about his status.
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