The “three Generations of Class XIIs” show the point in time the technical takeover took place




The landing page of Pierre Ethier’s (Class XII) website1)Download on 4 July 2006 from shows the complete list of all trained Class XIIs (as of 1998) and a division into the following three generations of Class XIIs:

  1. Then 8 original Class XIIs (trained by L. Ron Hubbard) in 1971

  2. The 12 ship trained Class XII (trained by the original XIIs) since late 1971 under C/S Otto Roos.

  3. The 33 Flag Land Base Class XIIs.

Here is an excerpt from the website where the Class XIIs are put into three groups:


List of ALL Class XII ever produced, in sequence:
The 8 original Class XIIs (trained by LRH)
The ship trained Class XII (trained by the original XIIs)
The Flag Land Base Class XIIs. 
Total: 53 Class XIIs. Does not include anyone trained AFTER 1998, but does include everybody else.
It does not include people who enrolled onto the Class X course, but never completed training to Class XII
(such as Greg Wilhere, Kerry Gleason, Christine Marquardt)


In RED2)In order for this list to be printed legibly with a black and white printer, I put the red texts in cursive. AG are name of people who are still on Tech lines either at Flag or with International Management.

All others are no longer in the Sea Org, due to departure. Current status is witten under the name. Those without mention are either Auditing or C/Sing.


OJ Roos

Liese Klingvall

Tommy Klingsvall

Mike Mauerer
(Departed the Sea Org)

Leon Steinberg

Quentin Hubbard

Alex Sibersky

Brian Livingston




John Ausley
(Declared) (Deceased)

Ron Shaffran 

Merril Mayo

David Mayo

Jeff Walker

Murray Chopping 

Russ Meadows

Alex Gerber

John Eastment

 Robin Lindsell

 Paulette Ausley

 Karen DelaCarriere
(Departed the Sea Org)

Gwen North

Ray Mithoff

Carolyn Webb

Alain Kartuzinski
(Off tech Lines)

Minty Alexander

Alan Stave

Myriam Stave (OT VIII)

Ted Cormier

David Gellie
(Permanently ORDERED
Off tech Lines by RTC)

Rick Sheehy
(Permanently ORDERED
Off tech Lines by RTC)

Peter Buttery (OT VIII)
(Permanently ORDERED
Off tech Lines by RTC)

Claire Reppen (OT VIII)

Bodil Tucker

Tony Rogers

Linda Sydejko

Malin Gelfan

Richard Reiss, Snr C/S FSO

Lisa Rentschler

Carole Schwartz

Rick Alexander
(Off Tech Lines)

Jo Struthers

(Departed the Sea Org)

Pierre Ethier
(Departed the Sea Org)

Jim Sydejko
(Off Tech Lines)

Ingrid Keller
(Departed the Sea Org)

Peggy Eastment

Ann Glushakow

Edie Lundeen
(Off Tech Lines)

Linda Sydejko

Jerome Bloom

 Nina Paull

Sheryl Weigand

Hank Bourland

 Norman Herring

 Sheri Rabey


For the first time in 1971 I found a mentioning of Class XIIs in the Red Volumes.

  1. 1975, 6 December 

Flag Land Base established when the Flag Bureaux and the Flag Service Organization moved from the flagship Apollo to the Fort Harrison Hotel and Clearwater Building in Clearwater, Florida. Here, the Flag Service Organization provides services to Scientologists from all over the world. []

Thus, the training of the 3rd Generation began ashore in 1976. And was trained by the 2nd Generation. But where was the 1st Generation? Was it no longer in position? Had they all been declared SP or – as Quentin Hubbard – killed?!

If not, each affected Class XII of “the 3rd Generation” would fight against this categorization because naturally everyone wants to have been as close to the source as possible.

But this was precisely the main point for the takeover team: Disable the technical elite to successfully change the tech and the bridge, thus resulting in this sudden “change of generations”. Usually, a cycle of at least 25 years is one generation because 50-year-old trainers like to train 25-year-old students. But in the Sea Org, 2 generations passed within 4 years!!!

All auditors that were on the Class XII course in 1978 would have referred to that if they had been trained by L. Ron Hubbard or from one of his first eight “hand-picked Class XIIs”. But they only met the second Generation. And today (since when, btw?), only one is left over: John Eastment. And is he really still present or just as mocked up as L. Ron Hubbard was in the 80s? I am assuming that RTC will let this last second Generation Class XII be present for as long as possible. Even if he has died already. After his death, only “4th Generation Class XIIs” can be trained.

It is probably even worse than just having to deal with three generations. The 1st was trained by L. Ron Hubbard. The 2nd by his student Otto Roos. The name of the trainer of the 3rd generation is not even mentioned anymore. Instead, a generalization is put in its place: “Flag Land Base trained”. This doesn’t even ensure that the younger Class XIIs were even trained by a Class XII. Or in the better case: how many vias actually lie between Ron and the youngest Cl. XII. Maybe 35 in an extreme case!? Not a lot of source will get through there. But it’s not even supposed to. – This fall of the Cl. XII training speaks volumes, just like the study conditions Pierre Ethier complained about on his website. It’s worth reading: then you will know there is no longer the intention of producing top-notch auditors in Flag. Because according to experience, they cause nothing but trouble!

By the way: David Mayo was in the 2nd Generation. Why should Ron not choose someone for himself he personally trained. I find it very dubious that he didn’t choose the best auditor he knew during his alleged health crisis (it is claimed that he suffered from heart attacks and stroke in the late 70s). And if Ron could have picked him himself, he would have chosen someone he knew very well and was able to assess: Surely that would have been someone from the first generation. – One can object that second generation David Mayo might have been so excellent that Ron had heard about it. But wouldn’t Ron have “taken him under his wings” and trained him? And couldn’t David then have rightfully claimed to have been trained “directly by Ron”, making him a 1st Generation Class XII?! – But he didn’t: That is why I’m questioning whether or not David Mayo was Ron’s personal auditor. And whether he was made Snr C/S by Ron and named his technical successor later on. Why has David never published the alleged letter of appointment by Ron or even shown it to anyone?

This would have been quite important in order to prove his claim of being Ron’s technical successor3)I have written a detailed paper on David Mayo in the FSB 8. 8. 2006 Die bösartige Rolle von David Mayo.: “If it’s not written, it’s not true!”

Andreas Gross

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Independent Scientologists

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References   [ + ]

1. Download on 4 July 2006 from
2. In order for this list to be printed legibly with a black and white printer, I put the red texts in cursive. AG
3. I have written a detailed paper on David Mayo in the FSB 8. 8. 2006 Die bösartige Rolle von David Mayo.
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