How a black bridge is built

The takeover team of the church was obviously successful in changing the Bridge and Tech in such a way that we are dealing with Black Scientology: So we got an inverted application so that the people are not freed but rather enslaved.

But the following also applies here: Recognized danger means averted danger!black-Bridge

If we see through the intentions, we can use the Tech and Bridge for our purposes again: To free beings.

As I said in the previous post about the chronology of the takeover, the change of tech has increasingly set in since 1973 (in agreement with the HCOB 24 Jan 1977 Tech Correction Roundup).

But first things first. Everything written in red in the following is Ron’s original statement.

My commentary is written in black in between.

There isn’t any reason, really, why you shouldn’t be studying mysticism right across the boards— no real reason at all— except for one thing: they booby- trapped it or they didn’t know. [LRH-lecture 10 Nov 52: INTRODUCTION: THE Q LIST AND BEGINNING OF LOGICS]

This reference was obviously used by the takeover team for their own purposes. They did to Scientology exactly what Ron writes about the abuse of mysticism.

And for every correct datum in mysticism, there are a dozen incorrect data. For every correct datum in mysticism, there’s a misevaluation. For every correct datum in mysticism, there’s a reversal of fact, so that if you enter in and use that data, you will be smacked flat.1)Still the same lecture as above, also the next quotes on the next page.

This is what it’s like in the Scientology Church today. Wrong tech, mis-evaluation, reversal of facts. Others have reported a lot about this already and I don’t want to promise too much, but my today’s exposure goes against all expectations….

If you want to finish yourself completely and utterly, get standard works on mysticism and practice them just exactly the way it says and you’ll be a dead duck one day. [still LRH 10 Nov 52]

And the same thing goes for the bridge today the way we know it!

And the reason for this is very simple: (1) nobody wanted to integrate the information completely, because it was much more fun some other way; and (2) boys along the line had no slightest desire for anybody coming after them to really know. They had no desire for that, and so they booby- trapped it just as though they’d laid land mines across the line. [still LRH 10 Nov 52]

And now LRH takes an example of squirreling from Hinduism and the exact same method was used in Scientology:

Let’s take the subject of the chakra— very interesting. There are seven of them. And what do you know! It says right at the beginning there, “Man is a mind who owns a body. He is not a body who owns a mind.” It says, “This is the crown chakra. The crown chakra is in the head, it’s in the skull. There are seven chakra in all. And now it’s the last one which one approaches.” [still LRH 10 Nov 52]

LRH hints at the topic the pre-OT levels are about: the entities. He had already written a lot of non-confidential data around 1952 which could be very important for the C/Sing of the pre-OT levels:

“The crown chakra is the last one which one approaches.” Get that. Says that right there. There’s the true datum and the false datum. If you took it as the last one to approach, and if you did to the other chakra in the body— the other zones or centers, which are not really beings but which we call entities— if you did nothing but process those and you took up the crown chakra last, the crown chakra would not come free with any ease at all. It would take a terrifically specialized technique. [still LRH 10 Nov 52]

And is it possible the takeover team managed to make us audit the entities before the thetan had been freed? Yes, of course they have found a way. More on that later on…

If you started in with the crown chakra and said, “Belt it, bud,” he would. But if you address the other, if you address chakra number seven and work backwards up the line toward the crown chakra, you would probably have your preclear in a condition whereby he was so stuck in his body that only super- super- human- being techniques would free him. That’s the way you pin him down. [still LRH 10 Nov 52]

A different lecture about a similar topic, held three days before that:

Your Hindu is just a marvel at no motion. Oh! And he’s also a marvel at no action. And he’s also marvellous at this: There’s hardly anything he hasn’t dug up about the human mind and then told you about exactly backwards. You could almost turn it upside down as a philosophy and have a complete philosophy. He’s never evaluated his data.

Therefore, I have to kind of step sideways and be very careful not to talk in anything anybody could mistake for mystic terms, because a guy could sink himself by picking up mysticism and taking its data and thinking it combined with the data of Dianetics. It won’t combine because it’s a 180degree polarity difference in many of its data and it’s not evaluated.

I call your attention to the fact that we recently dug up six body entities and the thetan. And last night, last night I was opening a book on the chakra. There are seven chakras, and six of them are located in the body and the seventh is the crown chakra. And they’re very beautiful, they’re very pretty, and it’s a wonderful philosophy. Amongst other things it says — the crown chakra — it says, “Man is a mind that owns a body, he is not a body.” It says that right there, right there. And it was said by a fellow in 1639, I think, by the name of Gichtel. It’s been around as a datum that long! And then, what do you know, it says, “Of the seven, the last one which is freed is the crown chakra.” Hmmmmrrow! Oh, no!

If you tried to free all of the entities of the body without freeing the thetan, you would have the thetan so restimulated and with so much energy in his vicinity — loose energy that he couldn’t handle — because at the same time this was supposed to be done with the Hindu philosophy of neglect and denial, negation against force — that the guy would never get out of his body! It is a perfect blueprint as how not to theta clear! [LRH-lecture 7. Nov 52: METHODS OF RESEARCH-FORCE AS HOMO SAPIENS AND AS THETAN – RESPONSIBILITY]

As a reminder: The following levels of clearing exist: Clear, Theta Clear and Cleared Theta Clear (=OT). So you do not produce Theta Clears if you have not audited the entities before you have been clear yourself. In order to become clear, you need the clearing course, as Ron writes.

And yet it says right there, “Man is a mind who owns a body.” That’s fascinating. …

Now, this tells you something. This tells you that your preclear, if he’s been involved with mysticism, is on a 180-degree different vector in many quarters and you’re going to have an awful time with him if he’s founded firmly in mysticism and not in anything else and has not… doesn’t have it tied in in any way to anything else or any other frame of reference. You’re going to have trouble, because the fellow is going on data he thinks he knows and data he thinks will combine with what you’re doing, and it won’t. That’s what’s fantastic about it. [still LRH 7. Nov 52]

Now, to replace the mysticism, put in “OT levels without Clearing Course” or however you want to call the baby and you will get a good description of many cases observed today.

Here are two vases which contain practically identical contents that will blow each other up. You can blow mysticism higher than a kite by pouring Dianetics into it. You can blow Dianetics higher than a kite by pouring mysticism into it. And yet the data in it is terrifically similar. It’s fabulous. I never could have done anything, really, unless I’d known something about mysticism – unless I’d had a pretty good idea of what mysticism was all about.

But you see, I did something about… when I was about eighteen. I took everything I knew about mysticism and I very carefully put it in an hypothetical bag and I lowered it into a hypothetical river and let it flow down a hypothetical, nonexistent and never-to-be-recovered time stream and kissed it goodbye, because I found out something. I’d found out that although I had native abilities in clairvoyance, poltergeist, other things, that when I tried to practice these and improve them, they folded up on me. So I said, “This line’s booby-trapped, boys.” Either on purpose or out of stupidity, it’s boobytrapped. And that’s why you don’t want anything to do with it. It’s boobytrapped. It’s just like walking into a town just after the enemy left. Don’t touch nothing! Leave it alone. [still LRH 7. Nov 52]

This is the behavior of some Scientologists who “have escaped the Scientology Church with scarce distress”: The do not in any case touch it again. Another LRH-lecture:

In India’s sunny clime when I was in my prime, I used to talk to some of these boys. They’re good lads. They’re all sick, but they’re good lads. They are very wise, they are so wise that they know not what they know. They have gotten up to a point of observation, not action, and they sit endlessly and observe— very remarkable.

The number of things which they can do are quite interesting, but they don’t compare with the number of things that a human being fully cleared up the line could do. It is nothing! It’s just nothing to take a few matches in a bowl of water and make them run this way and that way with poltergeist just by looking at them. It’s really nothing to be able to take a television screen, turn it off so that you got the afterglow on the thing and then stop it from glowing at will— whh! whh! whh! Just block it out and then let it turn on again; block it out just by looking at it and so on.

You can control the material universe, but you can control it a lot more than that. And I’m not now talking about mysticism. Mysticism is the hidden, the secret, so forth.

I happen to be talking much more closely in the realm of physics— much more closely.

Now, these chaps in India are doing the exact reverse of Technique 80. And if you want a good, broad description of Technique 80, Technique 80 is best described by being the exact opposite of everything everybody in India is doing in order to become holy and to take off for nirvana. Now, if you just look all that up and find out what all that is and then reverse it all, you’ve got Technique 80. Because you can’t arrive by going out the top; by trying to go out the top you go out the bottom.

Because what are they trying to do? They’re trying to say “Oh, the material universe is no good!” They’re trying to say “The body is no good.” They’re trying to say “I won’t have anything to do with it. I detest it. I am not going to touch it. I’m going to abstain from everything material. I am not going to kill anything. I won’t even kill a cockroach if it runs across my slipper. We are short of meat but we’re going to let a dozen cows walk through the temple courtyard.” Anything, in short, of these practices is a detestation of life, of living, of the material universe. It’s saying, “I don’t want any part of it.”

And sure enough, you can go up that line and become quite interesting. You can become quite interesting, but you sure don’t become Clear! It is the surest, fastest way to get sick that I know of ! The Ibis: You learn to stand that way for eight hours. The something- or- otherness: You cross your legs and let the flanks lie down flat, and eventually you can get to a point where you could lie spraddle like that, and the total achievement when you’ve finished that is to have your legs able to lie down flat.

You can make a person sit still long enough and he will get the counter- effort of every effort he ever received. That is to say, you make a person just sit still, make him sit real still, make him concentrate on sitting still, and all of a sudden he’ll get help! He’ll feel one of these old half- suspended counter- efforts suddenly drill him. Maybe it’s way back down the track. It’s very amusing. Concentrate on sitting still— that’s yogi [yoga].

You know what I would do if I really wanted somebody to be completely blind on how you got out of this universe? I’d teach him yoga, if I really wanted to blind him. If I really wanted to wipe out his knowingness and his beingness, I would teach him these techniques with care, with great care; tell him how he had to practice and how careful he had to be.

There is only one way, really, to get into a state of living, and that’s live! There is no substitute for an all- out, over- the- ramparts, howling charge against life. That’s living. Living does not consist of sitting in a temple in the shadows and getting rheumatism from the cold stones. Living is hot, its fast, it’s often brutal! It has a terrific gamut of emotional reactions.

If you are really willing to live, you first have to be willing to do anything that consists of living. Weird. But it’s one of those awfully true things that you wonder why one has to say it. And yet it has to be said. Because people who are trying to become holy, trying to go to nirvana, trying to go to heaven, trying to become the eighth dynamic, trying to become very savvy on the seventh dynamic, trying to be able to do poltergeist and these other phenomena, are backing up from doing all of them by getting stiller and stiller and less and less, until finally they hit zero.

Well, you can say that zero is in nirvana too. But I like to have guys in zero if they’re fighting me; they won’t fight me if they go down to zero.

How do you vanquish an opponent? You hit him so hard and so fast, so suddenly, that you drive him into apathy quickly. He won’t recover; he’s close to zero.

How do you not discover a secret of existence? Well, the best way not to discover it is to back up from it and sit still. If you are going up toward infinity, for heaven’s sakes, examine infinity. Infinity would consist of everything, wouldn’t it, just at first glance and first analysis. And so that would mean sweeping action, it would mean sweeping decision, it would be “to be.” But in order to be you have to have willingness to be, and _s you go up the line— all angels have two faces: one white, one black— you have to bus well as willing to create. “To be” is everything, and therefore as you go up the line, you have to be willing to risk, to dare.

There is nothing to be gained by backing up from life. That isn’t the way out, except through the bottom. If you want to become MEST, back up from life and say “The material is no good. We must now codify our behavior so that we have to take eighteen sacred glances at the whopajug every day, whistle ‘Yankee Doodle’ backwards six times and go through the sacred ceremonies of turning off TV. And then we will become holy and part of all and godly.”

That was the biggest control operation that anybody ever put across in the course of this human race! That’s really a wonderful control operation, because it takes any one of you who wants to be, who wants to get into action, who wants to control life, who wants to assume an allness and an intimacy with all of creation, and it says gladly and happily, “Here’s the route, fellow. Here it is. Here it is. You sit down with your flanks of your legs flopped out for eight hours a day and you do the Ibis. And you stand up and bow down before this altar sixteen times, and you count your mouth organs or something and say ‘Om mani padme om, om mani padme om, om mani padme om, ’ and you’ll get there.”

It’s a dirty trick! It’s as dirty a trick as taking some lisle kid, and he’s walking down the street and he’s all happy and cheerful and he wants to go to the movies. He wants to go to the movies. And you know that off on this other street down here they’re fumigating— they’re fumigating a house— and it’s a dirty, narrow alley. And this little kid can’t read, and there’s a big sign there, says Danger, Stay Out of This Area. So you carefully tell the little kid, very gently— you say, “Well, sonny, I tell you how you go to the movies. You go down this alley and there’s a red and white sign down at the end of alley. And you can’t read, but that sign really says Movies This Direction. And you go down to the other end of the alley and you stand there for fifteen minutes, and they’ll open the door and you’ll get in the back of the theater for nothing.” And then you smile very happily and sweetly to yourself— little Audrey just laughed and laughed. And you go down a little bit later and stir the body up with your toe and say “Ha! Ha! Ha! What a big joke!”

Well, that is about as big a joke as has been put across on the human race. They tell you to go down that alley through the phosgene gas, and that’s the way to live. Well, it isn’t. The way to live is to go to the movies— the other route. [LRH-Lecture 19. May 1952: Outline of Technique 80]

As difficult as it may be for a beginner of yoga to confront this story and extent of evilness, which is driven by the Hindu squirrels, it may be just as hard for us to confront the evilness of those who send us onto the OT levels without the person previously having cleared all grades, including power, R6EW and the clearing course.

Now, here was a crossroads for man. Here was his chance to get up again, to be, to be constructive, to exist in groups, to cooperate with his fellows, to be above the need of law and order, to assume an ethical level which was so natural and so well understood that at no time would you need to moderate it— there’s a natural ethic— and because somebody wanted a body to control, they turned them down the other street and they said, “Be quiet.” [still LRH 19. May 1952]

Let’s just confront them and put the bridge back straight.

I remind of the price of freedom: constant alertness and the willingness to fight back

Andreas Gross

for the

Independent Scientologists

P.S. I would like to dedicate this essay to my wife Telse who did not stop pointing me towards these outpoints until I was able to fully confront them.

Copyright on my commentary between the quotes by LRH © 2014 by Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Gross, All Rights reserved

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1. Still the same lecture as above, also the next quotes on the next page.
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