1. Thank you Andreas for linking to my article: https://milestonetwo.wordpress.com/2016/04/07/absolute-clear/

    I also like yours.

    I cleared the word “total” in terms of an adjective; if one is using the definition for “total” in terms of “complete; absolute” then that is indeed a flaw and impossible to reach, thus becoming a trap (this is a good example of a theta trap – which the church has become to a degree).

    However, if “total” here means “comprising the whole number or amount” (emphasis on whole here) then I would think it would be closer to a more “definite” definition which could be attainable but certainly is not an absolute.

    If there is a definite amount of freedom to reach at 100% freedom, then at the very least one would have to acknowledge that there are no barriers and thus no game. It then follows that no purpose can be had because a purpose would gets fulfilled instantaneously upon postulation without any barriers or block to prevent it from occurring (and thus again no game/no challenge). This is not necessarily a bad thing to have “no game” but it is not necessarily desirable either – unless one chooses it.

    But then again does one even know what 100% freedom is? It by definition would have to mean that one (as a spirit) has no physical, mental or spiritual barriers nor is being affected in any way by anything including himself. The current Church of Scientology bridge offers total cause over the physical universe and the universe of self and others, yet it neglects that cause is still creating effects – one cannot be independent of effects unless they have obliterated self, identity, location, time, space, etc. So without getting too deep, this would pose an absolute and false datum since then one could control MEST which would mean they can create and control absolutes and are independent of everything, which is not possible at least in this universe per our knowledge.

    But of course at the top of the Church and current bridge used in the field, then some people may think “I can do anything without problems or anyone to stop me!” … which, when you think about it makes sense as this is how the church acts in relation to society and its members.

  2. Actually, it is the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart. It used to say that it was the road to a New World. Then it was changed to total freedom.

    So don’t overlook the awareness part of the chart! Enlightening.

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