When in doubt, communicate – by THE PILOT

The Pilot named true outpoints. His only fault: that he does not differentiate between LRH-Policy (up to 1972) and later created Squirrel-Policy by RTC and above (CST, IRS, CIA). And what was added verbally twisting LRH around. I will add a comment here and there in the text with footnotes. When you hoover with the mouse, you can read them in a popup.


Yes, “When in doubt, communicate” is one of Ron’s most famous lines. So is “Communication is the Universal Solvent”.

Now I’m going to ask you to evaluate the relative importance of the tech on communications verses the policies currently used by admin and ethics in the organization.

I would propose that the development and dissemination of a workable technology of the human mind and spirit with the goal of attaining spiritual freedom for all mankind is the basic goal and purpose of Scientology.

Per HCOPL 1 SEP 65 “Ethics Protection”, ethics primarily exists to get tech in.

Per HCOPL 13 Mar 65 “Structure of Organization: What is Policy”, Policy is a guiding thing. It is not an absolute or guaranteed to be correct. Simply a way of trying to get the job done.

This would mean that the tech is senior1)right!.

And if we examine the grades of release (the basic auditing technology used to release the basic aberrations), we find the following:

Grade 0, Communications, is dedicated to dissolving communication barriers.

On Grade 1, Problems, one finds out that incomplete communications are one of the major sources of problems.

On Grade 2, Overts and Withholds, one discovers that misunderstoods are the basic source of overts. It should be obvious that misunderstoods can only persist in the absence of communication.

On Grade 3, Upsets, the source of upsets is identified as the enforcement and inhibition of Affinity, Reality, and Communication. For this reason, we refer to upsets as ARC Breaks (ARCXs).

On the suppressed person rundown, basic processes (problems, overts, etc.) are run until the supposed “suppressive person” opens good communication with the person who is being “suppressed”.

And in the 9th Advanced Clinical Course (currently available as “The Solution to Entrapment”), Ron states that the key to escaping from a trap is being able to communicate with the trap.

Based on this, I would propose that communications is one of the senior datums of Scientology. It is an underlying basic that appears everywhere including the Axioms of Scientology. This would make it more important than anything written in Policy.

Now let us look at current policy:

Every one of the following points represents a severely inhibited communication line. Based on the technology of Scientology (which does indeed work), that means that each one of these is guaranteed to act as a chronic source of problems, overts, and ARCXs.

1. You must not communicate publicly about Scientology without getting “Issue Authority” (which requires months and involves censorship)2)Yes, that was intruduced in the last decades by RTC with the help of the “LRH Comm”. Issue Authority (IA)is needed for publications of an org by its local LRH Comm. But today they demand IA for comm by publics too or for publications of CCHR-groups or other public activities: even when you want to do a press release against psychs in Germany, you have to translate that into English, send it to OSA Int and wait for an answer. Stopps! Not supported by LRH-Policy.

2. You must not say anything critical of Scientology or else you will end up in Ethics. 3)false and suppressive application, not based on LRH-Policy

3. You must not discuss the tech of Scientology. 4)false and suppressive application, not based on LRH-Policy. This may be correct in the Academy, that you avoid discussions and use word clearing instead, but of course outside of that you can discuss as much as you want.

4. You must not joke about Scientology (the “Jokers and Degraders” policy) 5)created 1979 by RTRC.

5. You must not discuss your “case”.

6. You must disconnect (not communicate) with anyone who is labelled as a suppressive person. If it is only you who feels that they are suppressive, you are allowed to handle instead of disconnect. But if the org has decided that the person is suppressive, you have no choice in the matter and must disconnect.6)newly introduced by RTC, as LRH cancelled the disconnection policy.

7. You must disconnect from anybody who has been labeled a “Squirrel” (which means anybody who tries to practice Scientology without the expressed permission of the organization).7)not based on LRH-Policy

8. You must never ever breath one word of confidential materials.8)not based on LRH-Policy

9. You must not read anything from an “entheta” (enturbulated theta) source.9)not based on LRH-Policy

10. You must not read or have anything to do with any other practices (known as “Mixing Practices”).10)not based on LRH-Policy. You should not mix Scn-Tech with other practices, but you can even do other practices beside Scientology

11. Sea Org members who are being punished in the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) are not allowed to originate communication (may only speak if spoken to – 24 hours a day).11)RPF is not by LRH but by the takeover team to suppress Sea Org members with false accusations

12. Course Supervisors may not answer students questions except by asking “What does your materials state”.

13. Anyone being handled on the Introspection Rundown may not be spoken to.12)as the “LRH-lectures” for this Intro RD are not available, I do not believe, that they are from LRH. They are dated 1975, after LRH was imprisoned

14. The organization hides anything that is “out-PR” from the membership, whether it is due to its own overts (such as the credit card fraud which got many Sea Org registrars sent to the RPF) or abuses (such as the RPF itself) or external problems (they will promote how they took down a few critical websites and neglect to mention that a hundred sprung up to take their place in a horrible backlash).

Furthermore, in regards to non-members,

15. The organization viciously attacks anyone who says anything about Scientology that is not “good PR”.

16. The organization vigorously sues anybody who quotes anything from Scientology materials, even “Fair Use” quotes.13)supressive, but not based on Policy

17. Instead of being happy that the material is being disseminated and taking a lax attitude towards copyright violations, the organization pushes copyright and trade secret laws to the hilt and sues everybody continually.14)during the time LRH was in control, we had lot of secondary literature, i.e. the book “Emotions” by RUTH MINSHULL was part of HQS

18. The org conceals its operations as much as possible and ducks answering reasonable questions that might be embarrassing to it.

And then there are the areas of enforced and messed up communications. You can destroy a comm line by overloading it just as well as by cutting it.

19. The registrars and recruiters continually hound people, and you must be nice to them or you might end up in ethics.15)no reach & withdraw as a salesperson learns in Scientology: only reach, reach, reach. That is out tech and leads to the intended reaction: withdraw by the public

20. The endless waves of promotional pieces, often 3 or 4 copies deep due to incompetence in managing the mailing lists, exceed all good sense and reasonable promotion and rarely contain any significant amount of real communication.

21. The continual attacks against anyone else operating in the field of the mind, whether psychs, squirrels, or metaphysical practitioners. It is not that these are all good guys, but the org attacks indiscriminately on the assumption that they are all evil without even finding out who might be making an honest effort to help people instead of harm them.

22. The refusal to even sell any materials to anybody who is operating independently (“Squirrels”). In fact, they even try to repossess materials (without compensation) that were honorably bought and paid for before the person was labeled a “Squirrel”.

23. The spreading of false lies and rumours, known as “Dead Agenting”, against anyone who is considered to be a critic or enemy.

24. The recent “war against the internet” where enormous numbers of trivial messages were machine generated to flood the system and drive off any critics. The end result was to add a large number of previously impartial webmasters to the ranks of the critics.16)that was by intent

If you met a person with this many communication stops, they would be severely abberrated. Per “Science of Survival”, you would expect them to self destruct. The behaviour is 1.1 (covert hostility) or 1.5 (anger) at best (these are levels on the Scientology emotional tone scale).

And indeed, the organization does appear to be self destructive, creating enemies where there were none, producing fewer and fewer real products (at higher and higher prices to mask the sinking statistics), and losing court battles left and right (while lying to the membership about winning them).17)Everyone in the Orgs knows lots of examples of this black-Scientology behaviour


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