Whats Wrong with Confidentiality? by The Pilot

I think that the confidentiality is a mistake. I think its killing us (by which I mean the Scientologists). I think that its the strongest of the factors which are twisting the subject away from its original goals and making it into a fanatical sham.

But it is this specific point of reform which is going to be the hardest for the average Scientologist to swallow. Many of them can see the other outnesses and will agree with me on those points. But they have been so intensively hit with false information about the dangers of the upper level materials that they are terrified of them.

So let me get up here on the podium and try to wake some people up.

You don’t teach people how to swim by making them terrified of the water. Imagine that they are not even allowed to see the water. Its hidden in swimming pools that are kept in locked rooms and all you have are dire rumours about how people can drown and die if they even see a pool nothing to say of getting in one. Now, after paying a fortune, an instructor unlocks the door and tosses them in the water. And they are not even allowed to see anybody else swimming (they can’t hear stories of other students doing the level and their difficulties and successes).

Have you ever seen somebody trying to teach a terrified child how to swim?

Of course there are going to be bad reactions if you make things so secret and convince everybody that this stuff is dangerous.

We have always had lots of advanced data from the 1950s which was available and was not marked confidential. Lots of stuff on past lives, implants, entities, GPMs, and what have you. The clear cog used to be common knowledge. Even one of the power processes (“What Is, What Isn’t”) is on a lower level tape (either “Suppressors” or “the Bad Auditor”, I forget which one – they both cover not-isness and they used to be back to back on the old level 2 checksheets). A tape with lots of R6 data called “Study and End Words” was sometimes part of the old student hat.

People didn’t get sick or upset from studying this stuff. Once in a rare while somebody did get sick if someone else was insisting on jamming some piece of tech down their throats, but that also happens with grade 2 (overts/withholds) and grade 4 (service facsimiles – making yourself right) type technology. At one time there was even a bulletin (or policy?) stating that it was gross out tech to tell a person that they had withholds outside of an auditing session.

So there are student and PC rules and stern lectures from the ethics officer to keep people from jaming bits of out-gradient tech down each others throats. That is needed. But it is all that is needed. You don’t have to bury everything under a cloud of secrecy. The mind’s protection is at maximum when people are quietly reading things.

I don’t really think that people should make fun of each others religious beliefs. If things were reasonable, I would say that its no fair poking fun at incident 2 or at the book of Genesis or at any of the beliefs of other religions. But in this case, the OT 3 tee shirts and Xenu jokes and things are serving a very important purpose in demonstrating that knowlege of OT 3 is not dangerous nor does it make people sick.

Its almost inconcievable that hearing truth could ever make anybody sick. If it did, it would be the exact opposite of whats in the axioms of Scientology. Of course somebody might be emotionally upset from learning a sad or disturbing truth, but that’s a totally different matter. And we know how to raise somebody’s emotional tone in such cases, so we don’t need to be afraid of it.

As to the liabilities of keeping things confidential, just look at what’s happening on the internet. Scientology’s comm lines on the net are almost distroyed. Tremendous ill will has been generated. The Scientologists can’t even argue or defend themselves because they can’t talk about anything in the confidential materials and the critics keep singing Xenu songs and scaring the Scientologists away. Attempting to maintain confidentiality has put the Scientologists into a totaly untenable position, having to fight without ever mentioning the thing that they are fighting about.

Scientologists, who are trained with TRs to confront just about anything, can’t confront or handle a handful of jokers singing Xenu songs. Scientologists, who win through opening up communication lines, find themselves to be the greatest suppessors of free communication that the internet has ever seen.

In the old days, before the clearing course and the introduction of confidentiality, the Briefing Course students used to chant implanted GPM end words at each other as part of their bull baiting while doing TRs. They had to do this because they were running implant platens on each other instead of doing them solo and they couldn’t flinch at what the PC was running. They did just fine. I knew a few who had done this (it was only a little before my time) and they were in exceptionally good shape and had really fantastic TRs.

The whole business of confidentiality might have originally come about because any of the old time BC graduates could have just taken the clearing course platens and run them on themselves at home without paying for any other courses. And the average franchise, usually run by an exceptionally skilled oldtime auditor, would have found it easy to teach their PCs to run these platens after they finished getting audited on their grades.

Let me urge any Scientology loyalist who reads this to please sit down and reread the introduction to Dianetics 55 where Ron explains about the use of secrecy in cults.

The confidentiality has not served any useful purpose except to stick people with a mystery, and that is an overt.


Here is a helpfull quote from Ron:

Research and Discovery Series – New Volume 10 Page 731, in the lecture titled “Overt Acts, Motivators, and DEDs” from the tech 88 lecture series:

“Religion is always different than truth. It has to be. Because the only way you can control a person is to lie to them.” … “When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you”. .. “Conversly, if you see an impulse on the part of a human being to control you, you know very well that that human being is lying to you. Not is just going to — IS lying to you”.

This volume is well worth having. Even though they covertly omitted a few of the hottest lectures (see Super Scio <31 of 32> for a complete list), the ones that are in the volume are the wildest things that the org has ever released, going far beyond “History of Man” and including lots of whole track and early research into entities.

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