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We have been from the start in August 2003 a Ron’s Org, set up by and structured after the Ron’s Org in and have received their technical guidance.

Since that time we have been using the New Grade chart version 1981, where Dianetics in the form of NED was put after Grade IV and Dianetic Auditor Training was positioned after Class IV.

Over the following years technically some doubts arose as to the validity of several Dianetic Clears and the wisdom of training auditors on Scientology before Dianetic training (contrary to earlier LRH Advices).

Technical alter-is

In the Ron’s Org I learned that the tech had been no longer Ron’s tech since 1981 and I had adopted that stable datum. We found last year however that with LRH in very limited contact with the church, the alter-is had already started much earlier like in 1978 with the introduction of NED.


I myself went Clear on the Clearing Course which was , prior to 1978, the only route to go clear. For various reasons I embarked upon a research project last year to find out more about the differences between Dianetic Clear and Scientology Clear.

The technical details were written up in a series of evaluations in October 2005 and proven out to be correct in actual practice.

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III Dianetic Clear vs Scientology Clear

The conclusion was reached that although there is a state called Dianetic Clear it is distinctly different from Scientology Clear.

Grade Chart Line-up

The above means that we are putting back the as it was prior to 1978.

The line up will again be Dianetics, then Grades 0-IV, followed by Power and Power Plus, R6EW, Clearing Course and OT I- III.

The Ron’s Org in the Netherlands is now specializing in what used to be called the alternative route to Clear.

It means that for Dianetic Clears who have completed the Lower Grades 0-IV, Grade V Power Auditing will be their next step. If any Dianetic Clear insists on doing OT I they will be referred to Ron’s Org Frankfurt.

On the training side we demand training on the re-instated Dianetic Auditor Course based on my old 1970 Checksheet as a prerequisite to Academy Training.

The Dianetic Auditor Course is a great deal simpler than NED. There are no prerequisites. This is possible as the course is built on an easy gradient containing all the needed (elementary) study tech, TRs and Metering as part of the Checksheet.

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