Streaming LRH Lectures

I happily forward this Good News to you:

The ‘Flagship’ for Scientology Outside the Church (#ScientologyOTC)

Free Streaming – ALL LRH Lectures is very happy to announce the launch of a Free Streaming service which lets you listen to any and all of L Ron Hubbard’s lectures on your home computer, Android device or iOS (iPhone/iPad) device.

No downloading necessary.

Simple – Fast – Easy setup that even the most “technologically challenged” can do.

This is a tremendous breakthrough in the effort to make LRH’s wisdom available to anyone, anytime, any way you want it.

Hip, hip hooray!

Start Here is the “Flagship” for #ScientologyOTC (outside the church) and is leading the charge to innovate by taking advantage of existing technologies.
Our Facebook presence:Scientolipedia, Mary Sue Hubbard:, Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch:, Twitter Feed:, YouTube Channel: Newsletter:
and the largest positive Facebook Group on the subject (over 500 members)…
all get out the message that Scientology is a GOOD THING!

All those who are helping with these efforts are thanked and should “Take A Win”.
We need your help too.
Reply to this email with the word “action” in the subject field to  be added to our private mailings to helpers and supporters.

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