The purpose of RTCs PRO-TRs Course is to get rid of the TRs on the long run

David wrote a nice article about Pizzagate, the pederasty scandal of Hitlory Clinton and her friends in Washington DC.

Pizzagate is a “nice subject” which has to be confronted. The cannibalism, satanism and child abuses of the ruling class and their officers. You need your TR0 welldone to be able to confront this. Otherwise people can “read and hear” about all these crimes and think: “Oh, they are just playing”. – As you move forward on the Bridge – right and left side – you will realize more and more of such things and you will need more TR-training on each new level. This was the original setup by LRH: TRs the hard way on every new class (auditors as well as admin courses). – This was replaced by RTCs “Pro TRs Course”, where you – still at the start of the bridge – “get in your TRs till full EP”. “Once and for all”. So if you finally achieved the “EP of the TRs”, you are not likely willing to do the TRs again “the hard way”. So THAT is why we end up with so many Scientologists, who are not willing or able to confront too much any more. Otherwise RTC would have had a hard time to cheat Scientologists and lead them into a squirrel sect.

After every big case change, one should do the TRs again – especially TR0 and TR0BB – this is a training – not much unlike the training of a bodybuilder – which has to be done your whole life. An athlete would find the idea of a physical “training to EP” a stupid idea. The same with the TRs: there is no EP as the TRs are no process. They are a training and you will achieve always a new level of confront and ability. So also the “EP of the Pro TRs course” is total bullshit: “…being who can handle anyone with communication alone and whose communication can stand up faultlessly to any session or social situation no matter how rough.” fake-HCOB 24 DECEMBER 1979 TRs BASICS RESURRECTED. There is no such EP. To claim this, gives the students only one certainty: That he did not achieve this EP as there might be people and social situations, which he – after the Pro TRs – can not handle with communication alone. – You have to improve your TRs permanently and never stop improving them.

Davids article gives us a nice opportunity for a test of our Trs. 🙂

Here is his article about Pizzagate.

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  1. Greetings from beautiful rural Uraquay? Having fun here CSing and training others. Large get to gether!
    Andreas you are very correct in this writeup on the watering down of TRs. I loved doing Hard TRs and 2 hour on the meter FNING on OT TR0, TR9 and TR0 Bullbaiting. And not just once from 1970 into 1973…and then they pattycaked the TRs. As you go up the Bridge you have changes in reality and ability. So keep your TRs tuned up and go for higher gradients as you become more yourself.
    The RTC cult had a plan. And this may be a part of why so many who left the church felt they get little or only temporary gains. That and weak grades, no Power etc.
    Back home to USA in a bit over a month , maybe 2.
    Frank Davis

  2. Hi Ian,
    you are very right: “One can only rule that these post 1986 documents are 100% fraudulent.”
    It is even worse:
    also the earlier issues since 1973 are fraudulent as I showed in several article on this site. It only became obviously with the HCOBs and HCOPLs since LRHs alledged death (which was also fraudulent, not his body). But the never issues as you pointed out show the impudence, with which RTC is publishing in LRHs name.
    They are changing the subject “Scientology the science of Certainty” (as LRH wrote & published in June 1953. This book was later combined with the Scientology: Auditor’s Handbook and other material to make the book The Creation of Human Ability. Its text is contained in the Technical Bulletins volumes, as Journal of Scientology Issue 16-G) to a new designed “Scientology Religion”, which is no thread to the US-deep state who took over Scientology since 1972.

  3. Hi Ian
    yes, they monitor us: so what? This can not kill us. Only a lack of integrity would kill us.

    What is personal integrity… L. Ron Hubbard Quote:
    “What is personal integrity? Personal integrity is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity.”

    With your recent article on this blog “Unclear on Co-Auditing Method One Word Clearing” you have earned your integrity. Welcome on board!

    The most difficult to confront is evil. And even more confront it needs to recognize evil in your own group.
    One could say you need to be OT prior to start on your Bridge 😉

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