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L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard

The purpose of this site is to investigate and publish the takeover and destruction of Scientology, as laid out here (you can hover the mouse over the footnote-numbers and see the footnote-text in a popup bubble):

  • Man is other-directed and exploited. The oppressors did not stop at nothing to use Mind Control and brainwashing to keep the people like slaves.
  • L. Ron Hubbard (LRH) saw the Problem and its many consequences for the health and well-being of the people, and developed in the post-war period as a solution Dianetics 1)greek “dia” through and “nous” the mind.
  • The Dianetics book became in 1950 a best seller, and a growing movement of Co-auditors2)An auditor is someone able to listen, the practitioneer in Dianetics. A team of two auditors applying Dianetics on each other are called Co-Auditors (the HDRF3)Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation)  developed in the USA have been trained by LRH.
  • The AMA4)American Medical Association, and APA5)American Psychiatric Association attack every method that could heal people to defend the monopoly of healing and be able to continue being a tool for the oppression of the mankind. So they slander and fight from the beginning, Dianetics and LRH.
  • Also, the FBI has been used to the growing movement of Dianetics to get it under control. So was finally in 1951 the HDRF has been driven into bankruptcy, and an opponent of Hubbard6)the oil millionair Dan Purcell took over the management of the HDRF to drive it into bankruptcy and buy privately himself the immaterial rights on Dianetics and the member lists, to refuse them Hubbard crack all Copyright and trademarks on Dianetics, to put an end to the movement.
  • LRH continued his research in 1952, and found out that man has not only a body and an analytical and reactive mind, but is even an immortal spiritual being, has existed since unthinkable times and can be freed with mental processes from the slavery. This field of research, which developed from Dianetics he called Scientology7)latin “scio” Knowledge, greek “-logy” study of.
  • The infiltration of the newly founded Scientology organizations in the United States continued, attacks by tax authorities on the financial viability of the orgs. Thus LRH continued his research and expanded his movement in the 50’s into all English speaking countries: Australia, the UK, South Africa.
  • Finally LRH established his headquarters in St. Hill in East Grinstedt, 45 km South of London, to manage the worldwide expansion of Scientology. He called his organization HASI. But in 1968 the UK government withdraw the residence permit for him and other Scientologists so that he had to leave and lost his control over St. Hill and the management org HASI.
  • He tried in 1966 to create a new base in Rhodesia, but it was by the machinations of the British, that they also expelled him from this country. So  in 1969 LRH went to sea and established its Sea Org, a fleet of  ships, on which his international Management of Scientology bypassed the national legislations and restrictions.
  • The oppressors are a small clique of ruling oligarchs and used the “World Association of Mental Health” to psychiatrically influence all national governments. They used the CIA and Interpol to discredit and attack the Sea Org in the ports of several countries.
  • Hubbard designed in the late 1960s a procedure, where a Clear could become an Operating Thetan (OT): Almost like a spiritual Superman with extraordinary skills. In 1972 such OT with the name of Ingo Swann proved in an experiment setup by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that he  can spiritually influence matter and that he can mentally leave his body and can move to any place of the world to see and hear what is happening there. This was called Remote Viewing. That meant for the US intelligence community the “Red alert”, because such spiritual spies can not be captured and may jeopardize all of their covert operations. Scientology should quickly be brought under control and all Clearing and OT processes should be stopped.
  • As in December 1972, an international arrest warrant by Interpol was issued against Hubbard, he flew for his defense to the USA. There the customs arrested him, since he was never to be seen again. He disappeared, presumably in one of the U.S. secret prisons for enemies of the state, which in recent years have become known.
  • Instead, a Doppelganger – someone who looks astonishing similar to Hubbard  – took his role since September 1973; however, in front of family and close friends he kept hidden, so that they do not reveal the plot. Thus began the time where  “LRH” had to conceale himself. This incredible Plot was in the context of Cointelpro8)an acronym for COunter INTELligence PROgram was a series of covert, and illegal projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and taking over US-organizations. See, the secret project of the FBI with the goal to subvert and take over all “subversive groups, which are a threat to national security”.
  • Agents already, since 1950, infiltrated the organizations of Dianetics and Scientology, however, as the “puppet Hubbard” supported this since 1973 they took over all areas of Scientology and even were rewriting the scriptures of Scientology to destroy the technology and policy of the church.
  • 1978 was the “year of the great breakthroughs”: there came with the endorsement of “LRH” a team of authors called RTRC under the leadership of David Mayo to the power to fundamentally change the processes and bridge of Scientology and get them gradually into the opposite. So were the Clearing9)Clearing was the goal of Dianetics: to free people from all reaktive programming and OT-Levels10)On the OT-levels till the end of the 1970s Clears were brought up gradually to Operating Thetan: people with exceptional abilities, of which the oppressors feel threatened erased.
  • In 1982 the take over team felt strong enough to splinter the Scientology movement into several contending parts: into CoS Int under COB RTC David Miscavige and the “Advance Ability Center (AAC) under the leadership of David Mayo (also RTC founder) and the RON’s Orgs of the Capt. Bill Robertson. From this split the movement has not recovered until now, because the earlier beginning of the acquisition since LRHs arrest was not recognized and people believed LRH accepted the new Management or the establishment of new AAC, and RON’s Orgs.
  • 1986 David Miscavige let die “the old man” and organized an elaborate death celebration, after the alleged body of LRH was cremated even before the family and friends could see it. Up to this funeral the take over team had the chance of a dozen years to rewrite the Tech and Policy in the name of LRH, so that the Tech gives minimal benefit to the people and the policies allow a  maximum control over Scientology by the take over team.

You should find enough information on this Website to prove this history in detail. If you express a want or have questions, you can use this Blog to do this.


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