A witness of the decline of Scientology tells the year of change: 1972

I am currently reading the book „EXCALIBUR Revisited – THE AKASHIC BOOK OF TRUTH“ by Geoffrey C. Filbert, published in 1982!

As he was in Scientology during the time, when LRH vanished, he pinpointed the zenit and downfall of Scientology very precise without knowing the reason: the takeover since 1973.

I quote from his book (pdf-version, page 55):

„The history of Scientology starts around 1954 and grew to its height in 1977 as far as numbers and cash flow. The actual evolution of the technology of Scientology seemed to zenith somewhere around 1972, 1974 with nothing new being introduced after that of substance or consequence.

So, that is the truthful history of Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard.

It actually reached its peak as far as overall activity around 1974, if you are measuring its activity by either the number of people, quantity of students studying or quantity of people being counselled. It declined from 1974 to present. The reasons for its decline are: (1) the continued friction with various governments, (2) bad public relations, (3) not keeping its promises it had made to its practitioners, (4) heavy handed, incorrect, internal judicial actions against people within and outside the church, (5) excessive emphasis on the Sea Org itself as a senior management structure, (6) medieval administration, (7) very little interest on the development or encouragement of people studying the religion of Scientology and (8) not knowing or having the correct technology.

It finally reached the absurd situation in the late 70’s when there were over 600 people on staff in the Guardian Offices which were protecting the church, making sure that the church would be there, fighting governments, during that period of time when there were less than 600 people who were studying, applying and even receiving Scientology counselling. Three-fourths of the people in the church were in administrative positions. In the little churches, like Washington, D.C., Seattle, Denmark or Toronto, they had 50 people handling the paperwork and 2 people doing the counselling or auditing, and a few people on the courses. The Clearwater facility had a number of people on courses and counselling, and very high cash flow. It is essentially a status religious retreat where a lot of funds change hands and essential Scientology services are merchandised in such a manner that parishioners get traditional services and pay a substantial amount of money.

It is ironic that people will pay almost any amount of money for real service. The Clearwater facility is prohibitive of people receiving service unless one is extremely wealthy.

So, the para-military organisation, its bureaucracies and the cult worship of the man himself filled in and replaced the religion itself which disappeared throughout the 70’s.

The religion became extinct by 1978. Hubbard’s son, Quentin was extremely distraught over this for years. He actually lost his will to live over this particular subject and died. His continued appeals to his parents fell on deaf ears.

The symbols, the legal structure and (most certainly) the wealth of the church have survived but the religion itself has completely vanished from 1975 to present.

It has vanished in the sense of being there for anyone to walk in, find out about themselves, get cleaned up and raise their awareness to higher states.

Thus, the religion of Scientology, the psychotherapy of Dianetics and the man himself have recently become extinct by default. It appears that all three got eaten up by their postulates.

They considered their neighbours to be so mechanically conscious (that there was actually no other life out there other than themselves) that they ended up being so.

Anything that is grounded in truth doesn’t vanish. Only lies erase. That church erased.“

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  1. Some of that I agree with, some I don’t. Scientology was still somewhat workable imo through the 80s, exculding NOTs, which is a disaster and the dropping of Dianetics from key processes. I saw the 90s come in and what was left of any work-ability in the Orgs vanished completely in that decade, replaced by a broadening and expanding suppressive system. The GATs finished it all off effectively within all their churches.
    I write this because it is too easy to invalidate both yourself being involved with the religion and what was presented to you as Scientology which resulted in the upsets and suspression intentionally generated by the Cof$. There is a workable way to regain or gain value out of the technology if one applies oneself to the detective work required to sort through the alterations and genuinely seek the truth. But one must apply what you find as truth, not just have it sit on the shelf. Good sites like this one and Wise Old Goat are invaluable if you want to find real Scientology. But to dwell too much on the negatives is not healthy, it’s a reach and withdraw universe we live in.

  2. I have a few points I do not agree with Geoffrey and with the above, but much is correct. No offense to either.
    The reason most get little today from even OT3 is they dropped out using Power (and there seems to be no new Class VII Power Auditors being made in the RTC church and little interest in Power in the Indy or FZ for training or use…and auditing Power by Phone is just not right) for Suppressive entities found on the Solo auditors case…and the reason of OT3 ending off on a good win, rather than ending when all the entities that what OT3 was designed to handle…are handled!)
    As for NOTS, I have audited that since 1982 with no problem. But most people auditing it based on the courses in the RTC, with no use of Power where needed…and the belief that Dianetics cannot be done after
    Clear, had mediocre results. Done correctly it works, but it seems few had it done correctly. Much came about from the changes in 1978. Never saw anyone before 1978 who felt bad on Dianetics being used on OT Levels where needed, except those with wrongly trained auditors or themselves not adequately trained as
    Solo Auditors. What NOTs handles cannot usually be handled by the processes of OT3. Handling a different type of implants and incidents makes this so. Just as false a path as using the book (a good one by the way) of Self Analysis to handle ethics. Wrong tools being used.
    Much more I could say, but I have auditing to do. The tech changed and not for the better. And the use of ethics in RTC is a real crime. Those who trained in the late 70s thru today need, if they still want to help, to retrain in the tech with out Miscavology or GAT or GAK packs or suppressive ethics “handlings” ( a side bit here. Even in 1970 I saw a flagrant error being made by Ethics officers and Masters At Arms. They allowed nasty people to file a Knowledge Report on someone without ever checking to see if the person it concerned had ever gotten a copy of it, or checked that it was true or false. When these piled up they had a Com, often based on a pack of lies done by someone originally who wanted to attack another and still remain hidden as the source of this data. Now that!!!! is a Suppresive Act. I still see this type of action (giving false data to harm others rather than honestly trying to handle their out ruds) being done by some who have websites outside of the church attacking others on the closed pages, and some of the public pages of what are basically lies. Unfortunately some of these people are considered to be highly trained auditors or execs who have recently (within the last 12 or so years) left the RTC church. Another suppressive act.
    The tech works if one has the correct tech. Few it seems do. But there are people out there I do trust to help those who want to give it another go.
    But there are still good people out there wanting to help, from all the different periods of our church time track.
    Pardon my wordiness. :<))

  3. “Being right,” with Scientology is a misnomer imo. I also mean no offense when I disagree with something someone else says about the maze the truth resides in concerning the subject of Scientology.
    A PC advancing predictably, with confidence and with a reach to learn to audit others themselves is probably the only indicator that makes sense truth is being applied. Alas, those milestones were heavily sacrificed and have been for decades. IMO those of us who served the organisation are riddled with experiences within the Church (good and bad) and I guess the fact we post on sites such as this is indicative of the reach Scientology can leave you with, positive or negative, but mostly positive if posted here.
    It takes a brave soul to post technical points and defend them online. I shy away from getting involved too closely in technical application discussions as it broadens out very quickly and I have a tendency to get lost through the points of (i)Logic, things out of sequence, dropped out time etc. However, having seen and experienced the magic of pre 72 data in action I need no convincing Scientology actually works.
    The many communications regarding Scientology on electronic media that rely on reporting the effects of “bad tech/policy” practiced upon others as their only source of discussion upon Scientology or Dianetics is counter productive imo and eventually follows the same path as suppression & insanity, a constant willingness and desire to destroy. Justice has been sadly lacking in application within the Scientology organisation and always has been since LRH disappeared and even he was subject to the extent it was lacking. The ethics guidelines in KSW1 fell on death ears for the most part.
    The exposing of the abuses and alterations and by whom must continue concerning Scientology and this site excels in the truth but there is another side which remains mostly hidden or open to instant ridicule upon social media and that is the positives of applying the correct technology. Never has there been truer words than, ” make the tech your own.”

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