Unbelievable, that no old friend of LRH recognized the Doublegänger as a fake

When mentioning the result of the research by Michel Snoeck published here http://www.wiseoldgoat.com/papers-scientology/hubbard_vs_nwo1_lrh-whereabouts.html#year72 that LRH was replaced by a Doppelgänger in 1973, lots of readers find it unbelievable, that no old friend of LRH recognized the Doublegänger as a fake. So do I. Because Doppelgänger are not totally identically, they just look very similar, but at least when you speak to such you will find out.

But I today read an article from an old timer calling himself “a face in the crowd”, who was there and who is still cheated (and still thinks by LRH, ha). But what he told makes sense and explains the whole trick. I quote from his article posted here: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?21356-Who-invented-devised-the-RPF/page28&p=516265#post516265

In footnotes I give my comments, you can also read them hovering with the mouse over the footnote number:

I knew lots of folks that were in the Flag RPF during my time…lots of good, decent folks.

IMO the RPF was like all of El Ron’s1)LRHs “Networks”, “Bright Ideas” and “Add-On” Units.

In the early ‘70’s the RPF was a different scene than what it morphed into by the Mid to Latter ‘70’s and forward.

Like all of El Ron’s superfluous” organizational Inventions the RPF grew in complexity, hierarchy, uselessness and destructiveness as time went forward and Hisself could “tinker” with it.

The “flowering” of the RPF came about in the mid-late ‘70’s with the implementation of the “List One” project. Every Flag Crew members PC folders were culled and they were give tailored Sec Checks to see if a List One Rock Slam could be turned on them. If so, they were immediately RPFed…no comm. ev, no recourse. (Remark by Andreas: you just need the LRH-Doppelgänger to support this and one other enemy agent posing as the sec-checking auditor, who falsifies the worksheets and notes down “Rockslams” for every Scientologist, who could identify the Doppelgänger).

For months and months the project went on and nearly every day one or more crew were RPFed. Many of these folks were some of the best and brightest of the crew…it was disgusting. I saw folks like David Ziff go overnight from being the highly successful, Princeton educated Advance Mag Editor to a “non-person” in a boiler suit, not allowed to communicate with anyone outside the RPF and moved to RPF berthing away from his wife and child.

As the RPF ranks swelled, El Ron oversaw the issuance of reams of rules, procedure and policy re: the RPF and Hisself seemed completely oblivious to the fact that the RPF was rapidly becoming the largest “Org” on the base with a large chunk of the most experienced and talented crew.

Then the KNOTS “Tech” and Dianetic Clear Tech” issues came out2)this was 1978, when no one had access to LRH directly, so it was unnessesary to keep the old timer in the RPF and suddenly, “Poof” nearly every one of the folks in the RPF that were Clear or above were released due to the “Tech Breakthrough” that R/Ses meant something different on a Clear and above. The Orgs and Units at Flag went into a feeding frenzy for the “rights” to the same folks that were, just yesterday, “Untouchables”!

In a TV-show some old timer told about that time, very revealing if you know the context of the Doppelgänger. I take these quotes from the transcript of this show published here: http://www.lermanet.com/lies/tv4uk.html:

JIM DINCALCI3)this medical nurse, who claims to have been with "LRH" in the 9 missing months in NY
"He saw everyone suspiciously and assumed everyone was intentionally 
attacking him4)Revealing about Jim: he mocks up LRH as PTS III case. Governments were attacking him5)Jim as everyone of that time knows that this is true, but hopes his listeners find that ridiculous, and then everyone around, who made a mistake, were attacking him, and the only thing he could do would be to attack back."

"In 1973 a French court started proceedings against Hubbard for fraud.
He had left his ship, which was berthed in Morocco and went to live in
hiding in New York6)that was actually on 3rd Dec. 1972, where he was looked after by Jim Dincalci. To turn
the tables on his enemies he devised a bizarre plan called 'Snow White'.
Its stated aim was to correct false reports about Scientology
[shot of 'SNOW WHITE I/C' document]
It led to Scientology members 7)no Scientologists: agents provocateursinfiltrating government departments.
Hubbard even issued a reading list for learning the black arts 
of espionage8)not to apply them, but to be aware of them. 

"He believed9)nice wording: believed, after all these visible attacks! that there was an international cabal that was in control
of the attack on him around the world as well as all the attacks 
in various countries. And so 'Snow White' was written to find this
cabal, find all the connections between these enemy groups, and
to expose them, to destroy them. It was done through burglary. It
was just pure military intelligence."

"Having instigated 'Snow White' Hubbard rejoined his ship in the Canary
Islands10)that was in Sept. 1973: the Doppelgänger went to the Apollo to take over full control over Scientology. There he had a serious motorbike accident. His mood
dramatically worsened"

"This was his period which I called the pouting, the crying, the mad
period where he would cry and throw things against the wall, the
bulkheads and pout and scream11)Attention: that was not the LRH we know from his works and his lectures, it was the low-tone Doppelgänger!. Right towards the tail end of that
he created the RPF, the 'Rehabilitation Project Force'"

"The RPF was yet another correctional regime. Its orders were fearsome
[shot of RPF orders] 

So the RPF was created to remove everyone of the good guys, who could recognize that the Doppelgänger is not LRH. Outside of the RPF were only new people who did not know LRH or could be cheated or agents of the enemy.

The motorcycle accident helped to keep off people from “LRH” as “he was in pain and screaming”. Who would dare to disturb “LRH” if he was so in pain and crying? Not even family member: “LRH” once shouted “Get out of here!” to his wife, when she was at his door.

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11. Attention: that was not the LRH we know from his works and his lectures, it was the low-tone Doppelgänger!
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  1. I find in reading over this matter there are a number of initial considerations to initially overcome. Incredible is the first, followed by “it’s unbelievable fantasy” or just plain fiction. However, with a history of personal experience within that organisation a lot of pieces are beginning to fit together and make sense of the insanity it became.
    Why go to such extraordinary lengths? Is another matter to consider as the effort to rid the Scientology elite from the scene who might see a truth that may or may not even exist seems too bizarre. But it falls directly back to 1965 and KSW. It’s not a minor game we are involved in and the vested interest has stopped at nothing to “capture the technology” then to cease its effectiveness for the public or anyone not in their control.They truly wanted it for themselves but couldn’t risk destroying the organisation as that would send all those technically trained people off into the world to operate without restraint and with a huge chip on their shoulders. The world would also become aware of who destroyed a religion within a constitutionally bound system which states it’s illegal to do so – it would be treason. The paranoia of the take over team had to destroy the work-ability of the tech and the confidence of those who could be a problem to them. This write up has some credibility well worth considering and aligning other data to, even if you don’t believe it – just look, don’t think.
    The only way they could do it was from within using the tools of Scientology by altering and manipulating and creating set procedures with severe discipline no one would dare challenge, all endorsed by “Hubbard” himself.
    Just the fact there were no more lectures after 1972 is the most damning piece of truth you simply can’t ignore.

  2. Last time I saw LRH in person was early 1971. Jovial at that time and checking on whether staff at our org was trained in policy…and whether he would be recognized. This was Canada.

    But in 1974 when the ED of St Louis org, her 2D (an FBI agent) and a suppressive Senior CS made me an offer to help them with what they were doing Both the Ed and Senior CS had been Psychiatric Nurses who had assisted Psychs in shock treatment, etc), or blow and be declared, I said NO, and gave them 30 days notice in writing. told them I would co-operate with any VALID handling or auditing, but nothing out tech. They tried, but at the end of that time I had finished my form to leave, refused to be RPFed (had to tell some people who tried to be insistant that if they persisted they would be looking for a new body!) I left with an approved CSW signed by Ron or whoever was holding that “post”.
    And after leaving I contributed heavily to getting them declared and gone.

    And in 1977 when the nasty piece of work LRH Comm at Denver Org tried to Comm EV me, 2 well trained friends and a former Class !2 running a Mission in Boulder, Colorado, whoever was being LRH weighed in on our side, not the LRH Comms suppressive attempt and ordered him to apologize publicly on this at the org. There were a few decent folk at Denver, but not enough to hold my interest there. While there I was public.
    I could tell other things where if one held their ground and was not afraid of using force that one could still make gains…but still receive attacks. I never understood staff who when I was staff at two orgs and a Narconon would pull ALL NIGHTERS and not take their leave time when told they could not. In all the time I kept my own integrity. never let myself be bullied and was not afraid to tell an EO to get the hell out of my space.
    It was only in 1986, when I could no longer get in touch with anyone even pretending to be LRH that I left. No regrets.
    I cannot say if he was replaced or not, not enough verifiable data for me. but his comm changed, the tech changed, and the treatment of public and staff changed, and not for the better. It was in 1978 when I last got a telex, and a phone call from him, or whoever was being him. Uptil 1978 LRH or whoever was being him did not change towards me, but the Orgs and SO what they did changed drastically.
    I left the orgs, but not the tech.

    I knew many people who watched the change in LRH. Many were reasonable and blamed it on case, or his unhandled times he researched a path that deadended. or the pressure. Again, for me, not enough verifiable data.

  3. Thank you Frank Davis for this input. – Yes in this time a lot of highly trained auditors and Scientologists have been suppressed by management and Sea Org. The purpose was to ARCx them. Many ARC-broke even with LRH as they thought he supported this management. But LRH vanished and never came back, as I proved in many articles on this website.

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