How to repair the many bugged OT III and above with pure LRH Tech, who are on alcohol and ill or even dying

I will give you enough data to handle bugged NOTS without revealing any confidential data to you:
On 15. March 2016 David Effe wrote:

I want to help a veteran auditor who is on alcohol…
He had a lung collapsed, and guess what? Right after he started his NOTs some 5 years ago..

Since then he has been put on cortisone via daily aerosol, and his overall health condition is not good at all.

Then I told him: “Did you know that a very high percentage of NOTs auditors are on alcohol? They began in order to be able to sleep…”. And he lightened up and told my that was exactly the reason for him.
Thus we had a hours-long conversation, and I told him almost everything I knew, and sent him various link next day, especially your FSB regarding NOTs.

The he said that it was not indispensable to be audited, but that he could repair himself, if only you could give him the correct ways.
So I could give him the correct references to study.


The main problem “with NOTS” is, that NOTS pretends to solve the OT III case.
But this invites the people on OT III not to complete that level with the tools of that level.
It invites to a quicky grade.

OT III has a very specific EP written down by LRH, which is today ignored by CoS and FZer alike: in LRH Handwritten Note 20 Apr 68 “Important Note Section III:
3 Completion”

And they say, that “you should NEVER apply Dianetics on OT III”. But without Dianetics you can not complete OT III.
The argument: LRH himself became very ill in 1978, Mayo had to help him and so developed NOTs. LRH became ill due to Dianetics on OT III.
I think, Mayo had the dying doppelgänger in his hands, when he developed NOTs.

So the first outpoint is: LRH was already on OT VIII in the 60ies, so definitely had to complete OT III already then and would not become ill.
And he published in 1969 that Dianetics is needed to complete OT III, as a repair action.
This is among other useful instructions fully described in the Class VIII course tapes (about 20 lectures).
These lectures are available, but should not be read by someone not already prepared for OT III. Too restimulative.

But they should definitely be studied and applied by anyone in trouble with OT III and above.

One of the repairs described in these tapes is called “Milazzo”, as it was first delivered in this Italian harbour.
This is done today by RONS and CoS altered: without Dianetics and so they fail to achieve the full EP of OT III.

So a bugged OT III needs another OT III (at least) capable of giving Dianetics sessions and who studied the 20 Class VIII tapes available on the internet: as transcripts and MP3.
Then he could repair him. Better if he learned Dianetics based on Dianetics Today or HSDC, not NED. And practised with lower bridge PCs, not starting with OT-cases.

With confidential data are meant: restimulative data as line plots and implant descriptions by LRH or the core of OT III.
But such names like “Milazzo” or mention of Dianetics on OT III reveal no confidential data.

By the way, to show the double speak of RTC:
NOTS means: New Era Dianetics for OTs. But there is no Dianetics at all in NOTs. So it is an intended misnomer
and ironic, as the suppression of Dianetics is the reason, why people are not able to complete their OT III or NOTS.
They restimulate their case the longer they audit, but can not reach the EP.
So lots of them become ill or even die. Lots of “mysterious” deaths among such “OTs”, who are additionally not even prepared,
as they miss the basic of the OT-levels: the lower Bridge and the EP of the Clearing Course.

best regards

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  1. Luca commented on the Italian “sister blog”

    Thanks Andreas, fantastic job.
    Yes, after 78 DN (on OT) has been removed and replaced by the technique of dating / locate. I think the D / L could be useful, BUT when you’re dealing with engrams etc .. is not enough. Because? Why the axiom 38 says,
    “1 the truth is the exact consideration
    2 the truth is the exact time, place, form and event
    Therefore, we see that finding out the truth, as demonstrated by actual experiments, results in an as isness . ”
    So if you put the right time and place, but do not see the shape of the event and the consideration can not help AS IS.
    the HCOB of November 15, 78″ date localize “does not say these things even if you cite the axiom 38 (even if not quoting the part on the account). So if they say that you can only do the D / L (and not use the R3R) how can you go OT 3? Not only can you not along the “peculiar” Milazzo, but even the standard technique …
    Just some thoughts of the day

    Greetings to all

  2. @Luca:
    Some incidents might blow by date & locate. But for heavier incidents we use R3R Dianetics.
    If you avoid R3R on OT III you might keyout the charge for the moment, but can not erase it forever. So this soft-Milazzo without R3R might work for the moment, as NOTS or Excalibur might work for the moment. But on the long run you can not complete OT III to full EP, you are restimulating more and more parts of the OT III case, put that with keyouts aside for the moment and finally end up in a collapse. In decades people on the OT Levels and NOTS and Solo NOTS are not capable to finish that processing. Lots of them end up heavily ill or die. Lots of them feel cheated and leave Scientology ARC-broken, some of them speak out as “whistle blower” agains Scientology as the are case-wise in a bigger mess than when they entered Scientology. I can understand them.

    These case troubles can easily be solved by co-auditing as OT III with the tech of the HSDC or Dianetics Today (for book auditors), which contains the same references as the 1969 HSDC course. So there is no reason to be sceptical about the 1975 published book Dianetics Today. It was intended as a book to spread Dianetic to the masses because you will always find autodidacts who are capable to learn R3R by such a book. Today it is usefull for people on OT III to learn the skills for the co-auditing on Dianetics based Milazzo and so reach the full EP of OT III. NOTS is not capable to do that.

    If a trained R3R-auditor and OT III or above approaches me by personal mail, I can give him more of my FSBs (my research bulletins on the alter-is of the tech), which contain confidential data. This will help to sort out the evil effort to get rid of the original OT levels.

  3. Italo Alberti wrote on the Blog of David Effe:
    (Googles Translation into English):
    I do not know if you also follow lareception blog, he wrote this:

    David Mayo testifies in court harassment
    Affidavit, October 14, 1994.

    The technology of Dianetics and Scientology is the product of the work of many people, including myself, and, among others, Melanie Murray, Julie Mayo, Merrill Mayo, Dona Haber, Brian Livingston and Phoebe Mauer.
    I am the primary source of NOTS and Solo NOTS.
    During the membership of the Church of Scientology, I just limited to attribute to L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries and authorship of tech, having been obliged to do as a profession of faith in the Church.
    it is the directive of the Church require that the entire tech is attributed to L. Ron Hubbard.

    With one difference, that until 1972, Ron proved and approved, the writings, the result of research he had done, and done do to others.
    After 1972, this is no longer the case, others independently they did what they wanted, pretending that there was Ron’s approval.

    there’s none so deaf and blind as those who will not hear and see.

  4. @Italo Alberti:

    Thank you for the data. That supports our viewpoint: The tech since 1973 – whether the newly created BTBs or the “HCOBs” by “The Boards of the Church” or otherwise signed are all done by others than LRH. LRH seemed to have demanded such writings by David Mayo and his team and confirmed or corrected such works. – That is very different to the procedure until 1972 where the main workload was done by LRH himself. Why should LRH not be able to write HCOBs and HCOPLs since 1973? – Even if we accept the usual justification for true – what I refuse – that LRH was too ill to work, to write and to give lectures, then we also have to assume, that he was also not capable of deciding, which of the revisions are destroying Scientology or enhancing it positively. – I showed in my other articles on this blog, that the tech was turned around 180° so that it even made condition worse. Thus we should rehabilitate the tech from up to 1972 and avoid all newer issues, which are in contradiction to that.

  5. Thanks Andreas, i agree with you. Good explanation.
    But there still something that i don’t get… Why a person like Bill Robertson who was on the Apollo with LRH and has done OT 3 with DN ecc… in 1978 has done NOTS and, after, developed Excalibur? I mean, if he had finished OT 3 why bother to do many many hours of NOTS/Excalibur? And not only Bill, but many other “old time” members.


  6. Hi Luc,
    welcome aboard!
    As far as I know CBR was more an admin expert than a techie. So I assume he left the technical developement of RONS to others, like L. Kin, who later revealed as a bad squirrel. He is German with the name of Ulrich Kramer. Today he denies to ever have been in Scientology! Ha!
    At least CBR fell to the propaganda, that LRH became ill due to Dianetics on OT and so was looking for a solution. I wrote about this Squirrel-invitation here, as LRH alredy announced this:

  7. Thanks Andreas 🙂 .

    Yeah, i have read the L.Kin book… Interesting stuff and story, he claim to have developed Excalibur with CBR and, later, came out of the RONS because he don’t like the upper OT levels (OT 9-10-11 ecc). Then he developed his own stuff…
    Ah! So he denies to have been in SCN?? Well, so who wrote his book about SCN? ahah funny…

    Anyway, how person that have done the right bridge to “old OT VII” can fall to audit NOTS which is the same case as OT 3? If they find more charge to handle, the only explanation is that they were not complete on OT 3, because if you complete the full EP there is nothing more to handle. The EP is very clear on that.
    Just assumption… any thoughts?


  8. Sorry, can you answer?

    Also can i contat you in private? I have a question about an HCOB of OT 3.



  9. OT3 does at times need R3R to handle and should be totally completed before moving on. that is how I did it back in 1971 and still do with those I audit or CS. I had 100s of hours of Dianetics R3R style with no ill effects.

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