Alteration of PTS Tech Summary



Today, a destructive technical alteration is being taught in the Church of Scientology: “All illnesses come from PTSness.” This false statement was made in a similar, less drastic form by Ron at one time in the mid-sixties, however, he corrected himself soon thereafter (1969). Instead of holding on to this correction, at a time when Ron no longer had control over his publications, this error was reinstated by the Church’s management and pushed to an extreme, posing a dramatic danger for the physical and mental health of Scientologists. At the beginning of 1977, people unsuccessfully tried to revert this alteration; today it is being pushed to excess and the principle of Scientology is being destroyed: The relief and release of beings through auditing. Instead, the new state church of the “Scientology Religion” offers a similar concept as the Vatican’s Catholicism: Recognize yourself as a sinner, regret your sins, pay indulgences and introvert into your sinfulness.

Almost 80% of the Church Scientologists are being diagnosed with a false PTS condition in this way, which, of course, cannot be handled successfully. Instead, many of them suffer from this wrong evaluation (as list errors and wrong evaluations can make people collapse), and they try to get relief by disconnecting from all possible anti-Scientologists. But this cutting off of one’s personal dynamics usually worsens the condition. It will probably not be possible to correct this error within the Church since RTC would have to admit they authorized wrong HCOBs. And no one dares to touch that. And each and every auditor and ethics officer is being forced by his C/S to stick to these destructive references.

Unfortunately, this false statement is found among independent Scientologists outside the Church because we build upon the Church’s materials and don’t always recognize the intentionally placed fabrications. That is to be eliminated with this paper. In this scientific paper, I will present the chronological development of the tech regarding illnesses and PTSness and prove everything with quotes so that the fatal development becomes clear. I therefore make use of the rights I am entitled to according to §§ 521)§ 52a Public Access for the Purpose of Lectures and Research
(1) Admissible are: 1) small, published parts of works, works of a small scope as well as single articles from newspapers or magazines for the illustration in classrooms at schools, colleges, non-commercial facilities for training and further education as well as facilities for professional education, exclusively for a determined, limited circle of class participants or
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 and 532)Reproductions for Personal Use, § 53 Abs. 1 Urheberrechtsgesetz Urheberrechtsgesetz (German Copyright Law). All original quotes by L. Ron Hubbard are written in red (Tech). Quotes by other authors are cursive.



Ron determines the relationship between soul and body in his first experiments with counseling :

“At a hospital where I studied, this was part of the things I observed.

Medicine sometimes will not work on a patient. It works on others but not on a particular one.

If that particular one is given mental attention even as mild as brief Freudian analysis, it will be found that medicine will now work on the person.

This formed one of the first application discoveries I made. From it I inferred that function monitors structure3)The original formulation of “Theta stands above MEST”. and proceeded to investigate mental actions and reactions in the field of illness. From this came Dianetics some years later.

Mental therapy prior to 1945 was so ineffective, consisting only of 19th Century psychoanalysis and Russian and East European psychiatry, that no one else seems to have observed, then or now, that “mental blocks” are able to obstruct medical treatment of a real physical nature.

The proof is that when one even reduces the mental block slightly, medicines such as antibiotics or hormones will now be effective when they were previously ineffective on some patients. ” [HCO B 14 MAY 1969 Sickness ]


The engram and only the engram causes aberration and psycho-somatic illness.[LRH-Book: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, page 7]

Dianetics shows that 70% of all illnesses are psychosomatic4)DMSMH, Chapter I, “The Scope of Dianetics”: „The cause and cure of all psychosomatic ills, which number, some say, 70% of Man’s listed ailments.“, so 70% of illnesses are based on engrams and can be cured by dianetics alone. This statement is still true to the present day!

Shortly afterwards, LRH explains in “PAB 6 Case Opening” how the remaining 30% should be dealt with – by correcting our horrible diet:

“Being particular about my practice, unlike some people I won’t name, I always send a preclear to a medico before I audit whenever I suspect some chronic illness for maybe the medico can cure it quickly. If he can, then I can audit with speed. Auditing a physically sick preclear is slow work. In many instances where Dianetics failed in auditors’ hands, the auditor didn’t look at his preclear. He audited a preclear who secretly took drugs, who was ridden by some disease, who didn’t eat properly – in other words the failure was a failure to observe the simple rule that when a man is thirsty, while auditing might help a bit, it’s easier to give him a drink of water.

All right. In this session, I am going to ask you to see if you aren’t thirsty or hungry or sick before we go into your engrams. …

Now, it is 70% possible that whatever worries you or (if it is) makes your case hard to run, is psychosomatic. Let’s wipe out the 30% chance that any trouble you’re having is a physical stick on the tone scale, not a mental one. … .

As for food – I can tell you at once, without even looking you over that you are deficient across the boards. I’m no food faddist and I would use Gaylord Hauser for you know what, but I’ve fed men on three expeditions and during an entire war and modern rations are so deficient in vitamins and minerals that it’s a wonder you stagger around at all. Get this – the B1 normal of the average being comes about only through administering in tablet form about 250 mg. per day. By knocking B1 out of the body I can reproduce any and every kind of restimulation. It is a bumper between the restimulable engram and the preclear ” PAB 6, ca. end July 1953

Thus, LRH had determined the cause for all illnesses: 30% due to diet and 70% due to engrams.


Dianetics was only practiced until around early 1952 because Ron’s rights for dianetics (copyright as well as application) were temporarily lost due to trickery and manipulations. Ron changed his focus from curing psychosomatic sufferings to the spiritual development and called it Scientology. The thetan and his abilities were discovered. When the rights to dianetics were regained at the end of 1954, LRH published the book “Dianetik 55!” as a celebration, however, it only contained processes from Scientology. Ron’s attempt to implement dianetics in 1963 seems to not have succeeded yet. As evidence, I will give some quotes from i.a. the “Timetrack”5)I mirrored a copy of the lost website with the „Timetrack“ here on my pages: :

In April 1952 the Foundation finally went bankrupt. Its assets were bought by Purcell. These included the sole right to the name ‘Hubbard Dianetic Foundation’ and the publishing rights and copyrights on all the Foundation’s publications, including ‘Dianetics-Modern Science and Mental Health’. (The Sad Tale of Scientology, Eric Townsend, Chapt. 5, pg. 16)

“Don G. Purcell, by the way, the millionaire who tried to seize Dianetics in 1951, died last month after a long illness, at the Mayo (MD type) Clinic.” HCOB 12 August 1959.

Extensive report about this takeover in LRH-Lecture PHOENIX TALK ABOUT WICHITA AND PURCELL, A lecture given on 15 April 1952

Hubbard opens a Scientology office in Phoenix, Arizona. He discovers the state of OT (operating thetan). [The Roots of Scientology]

The Wichita Foundation had not thrived since Hubbard’s departure and was having to contend with law suits from Hubbard. In late 1954 Purcell decided he would give up Dianetics and he would switch his support to the breakaway group, Synergetics. He agreed to return the Dianetic copyrights and publishing rights to Hubbard. [The Sad Tale of Scientology, Eric Townsend, Chapt. 5, pg. 18]

1954, December: Dianetics 55! published. [CofS in What is Scientology]

Late 50’s

At the end of the 50s, LRH discovered the overt-motivator sequence. All illnesses (motivators) were ascribed to the PC’s overts. This was as one-sided as the opposing claim in the dianetics Book One that the auditor was only interested in what was done to the PC, not what the PC had done to others.

Later on, this radical and one-sided approach was relativized by two technical implementations: First of all, the extensive handling of overts was ascribed to level 2, i.e. only a part of the entire bridge (since 1965) and secondly, all processes, including dianetics, were run on four flows (i.e. flow 2: overts): This means an aberration could principally originate from each one of the four flows and get cured on this flow by auditing: motivators (what was done to me), overts (flow 2: what I did to others), sympathy (flow 3: what others did to others) and self-caused (flow 0).


But in all these years without using dianetics, people (wrongfully, as Ron realized in 1969) tried to cure illnesses with Scientology and suffered from losses. This approach to a solution is found, for example, in the following reference:


Therefore in the eyes of Ethics all auditing failures are Ethics failures – PTS, Suppressive Persons as pcs, or non-compliance with tech for auditors.” [HCO PL 27 May 1965 Processing]

Instead of having the engrams audited, ill PCs ended up in ethics and were personally made responsible for their condition. They received all the blame.

The approach of PTS handling is not completely wrong, it is simply just a part of a whole perspective, which Ron at a later time was able to sort out as I will show further down.

The datum of 1965 continues to be true: PTS people lose their gains:

“A case that betters and worsens (a Roller Coaster) is always connected to a suppressive person and will not get steady gain until the Suppressive is found on the case or the basic suppressive person earlier.

Because the case doesn’t get well he or she is a Potential Trouble Source. To us, to others, to himself. You can’t successfully audit that pc because there is a hidden standard. It makes the pc think he is no better. Suppressives also suppress the pc just like that so long as a hidden standard is present.

Find the Suppressive, make the pc handle or disconnect. Then audit the pc up to Problems Release by getting rid of the hidden standard and the basic suppressive.” HCOB 8. November 1965 Suppressives and hidden Standards

This quote also includes the today still valid definition of PTSness.

This means that the previous insight of the dianetics book of being able to handle all illnesses with dianetics is still accepted. Only if gains are not stable does PTSness exist: Then you look for and find the suppressor and could then successfully audit the PC with dianetics. Therefore, the PTS handling is not a sufficient method to handle illnesses but simply a prerequisite to successful dianetics that might fail without the ethics step.

The identification of SPs and the suppression created by them = PTSness = “Roller Coastering PC” was a major breakthrough in Scientology. But since dianetics was not used during that time (until around 1968) to cure illnesses by engram auditing, the PTSness was used for too many cases as shown by the following reference:

In the [HCO B 10. Juni 1966 II S&D – The missed Item], an author with the abbreviation lb-r wrote in the name of LRH:

“There are four points I want to get across to you.


Get it? GOOD!!”

This reveals that dianetics was lost out of sight. This statement needs to be revised according to the entry of 1969 because this shows the attempt to handle illnesses with Scientology. The PTS handling of 1965 and 1966 exclusively consisted of searching for the SP: The tech is called S&D for Search & Discovery and consisted of Listing & Nulling actions (level 3). If the SP was found, it was only shown to the PC and the case recovered. If necessary, ethics helped the PC handle the suppression or to separate from the SP. Later on it was discovered that there wasn’t always a suppressor and that there are also PTS-II-types. This made the handling more complicated because there were no quick successes by displaying the SP only. So the PTS rundown was developed which included further actions: Quad Ruds, Dianetics and others.


Here below I will quote in full the reference HCOB 22 APRIL 1969 DIANETICS vs SCIENTOLOGY, because it says what happened. And precisely this mistake is being continued in the CoS today. They try to handle illness with Scientology by ordering PTS handlings (Scientology auditing) instead of engram auditing (dianetics). Here, LRH corrects the mistake of wanting to handle illnesses with the Scientological PTS handling.

Dianetics is Dianetics and Scientology is Scientology.

They are separate subjects. They have in common certain tools like the E-Meter, TRs and auditor presence. But there it ends.

Dianetics addresses the body. Scientology addresses the thetan.

While a thetan can produce illness, it is the body that is ill.

Thus Dianetics is used to knock out and erase illnesses, unwanted sensations, misemotion, somatics, pain, etc. Scientology and its grades are never used for such things.

Scientology is used to increase spiritual freedom, intelligence, ability, to produce immortality.

To mix the two has been a very bad error.

Dianetics came before Scientology. It disposed of body illness and the difficulties a thetan was having with his body. This was a Present Time Problem to the thetan. In the presence of a PTP no case gain results (an old discovery).

When a thetan has body discomfort or upset solved, he could then go on with what he really wanted which were the improvements to be found in Scientology.

Mixing the two practices in any way produced and will produce no real case gain. Scientology grades will only occasionally get rid of body ills and Dianetics will not achieve real spiritual freedom .

Used within their own areas they both each one separately achieves that for which it was intended. Dianetics can make a well body, Scientology can make a recovered thetan.

So you don’t use Scientology remedies or Scientology Case Supervisor procedures to run Dianetic sessions. High Tone Arm, ARC Breaks, etc are not even considered in Dianetic Auditing.

Dianetics was researched in 1932, ’38, ’45, ’48, ’49, ’50, ’51, ’52 to name the principal early years. It was redeveloped in 1962 and ’63 when I made R-3-R discoveries and re-released. And it was finally realized as per this HCOB in 1969 after further research.

I found that Dianetics had been forgotten for a dozen years and was being given a light brush-off as a course and that auditors and pcs were trying to use Scientology grades to handle body ills such as headaches, chronic somatics and so on.

Man’s usual PTP is his body. So if one gave him gold ornaments he’d try to use them to cure his aches and pains.

Thus Dianetics was forgotten and unused and Scientology was being made to attempt cures. Thus they were, both subjects, busily being made to fail to some degree.

Dianetics as it now exists is so simple, so elementary and so broadly applicable to the body that it requires a real effort to complicate it or make it unworking.

Keep the two separate in both application and use.

Recognize them as two entirely distinct and separate subjects with widely different uses.”

You see, Hubbard was the first to inform us about and correct mistakes in the tech. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that Ron was not a Saint and did make mistakes and walked into dead ends during his research. What’s bad is that these mistakes have been put back into place with forged references by the present management and continue to be practiced.

Here are two additional references from 1969 that show that Ron did correct his mistakes:

Handling of illnesses according to HCOB 24 July 1969R SERIOUSLY ILL PCs:

“In Green Form No. 40 there is an item :

‘Seriously Physically Ill’.

This is handled as follows:

  1. Medical Examination
  2. Medical care
  3. Dianetic Auditing as follows: …”

And in HCOB 16 Aug. 1969 Handling Illness in Scientology Ron clarifies how the different factors of illness are connected with each other:

“Sickness is of course the result of engram chains in restimulation.

One has to ask, however, what causes restimulation to occur ?

The answer is Out Ruds plus a suppressive environment or situation.”

The rest of the reference makes it further clear that the ill are first treated with dianetics and by default. Only if the R3R routine of dianetics fails to cure the illness, PTS handling (3 S&D) or rudiments will be used in order that dianetics can handle the illness after that.


That this approach of handling illnesses with dianetics and not with PTS handling was maintained during the years 1969-73 can be seen in the following HCOB excerpt. It is a summary of how to deal with ill or injured people and it doesn’t even list PTS handling as an option:

“The causes of PREDISPOSITION, PRECIPITATION and PROLONGATION (of illness) are basically the following :




ARC Breaks with the environment, situations, others or the body part.


Overt Acts.


Out of communicationness.

The purely physical facts of injuries, illnesses and stresses are themselves incapacitating and do themselves often require physical analysis and treatment by a doctor or nutritionist. These could be briefly catalogued as:

  1. Physical damage to structure.
  2. Disease of a pathological nature.
  3. Inadequacies of structure.
  4. Excessive structure.
  5. Nutritional errors.
  6. Nutritional inadequacies.
  7. Vitamin and bio-compound excesses.
  8. Vitamin and bio-compound deficiencies.
  9. Mineral excesses.
  10. Mineral deficiencies.
  11. Structural malfunction.
  12. Erroneous examination.
  13. Erroneous diagnosis.
  14. Erroneous structural treatment.
  15. Erroneous medication.

There is another group which belongs to both the spiritual and physical divisions. These are:

  1. Allergies.
  2. Addictions.

iii. Habits.

  1. Neglect.
  2. Decay.

Any of these things in any of the three groups can be a cause of non-optimum personal existence.” [HCO B 11 July 1973 Assist Summary]

Isn’t that interesting? – PTSness does not show up as a cause anymore!

The term PTS is not mentioned a single time in the entire reference. In the listed references (two pages!) there is also no reference made to PTS data! I will quickly list all the separate auditing steps recommended in this order for the handling of illnesses (explanations after each bullet point left out for the sake of clarity):










This is all that we find listed in the original first release of this reference as issued in 1973. A copy is found in the old red volumes. In the RB revision of this same reference, issued 21 September 1978 (not from Ron!), the below listed processes were added and – it is not until we come to step #12 that we find that a PTS handling is introduced:














I principally don’t like this addition because it confuses the simplicity of the handling from 1973. The simplicity consists of three fundamental steps: I. Assists (step 1+2), II. Rudiments (3 to 6), III. Dianetics (7+8) and Postulate. – It also reminds one that the tech has been notably rewritten since 1978.

Ron mysteriously disappears for a period of 10 months

Ron had been missing for 10 months starting in December 4, 1971 when he took a flight from Morocco to New York, until mid-September 19736)Details about this time frame and further relevant information has been meticulously documented by Scientologist and Dutchman Michel Snoeck. His website is well worth a visit. Article “The Whereabouts of LRH Chronology”: I am quoting here below from the Timetrack of Scientology:

Monday, 04 December 1972: In Lisbon, LRH boards an early morning flight for Chicago, with a stop-over in New York. Travelling with him are Paul Preston – a former Green Beret who is assigned as his body guard – and Jim Dincalci – former male nurse and “Medical Officer” of the Apollo. LRH is supposedly carrying a briefcase stuffed with banknotes in different currencies – escudos, marks, francs, pounds, dollars and Moroccan dirhams, about $100,000 in total. Their plan is to deplane in New York. There, LRH is detained by Customs when the money in his briefcase is discovered, and he is invited to step into an interview room. (Miller)

On 4 December 1972, L. Ron Hubbard was abducted by agents of the United States government when the plane he was travelling on from Lisbon landed in New York City. Jim Dincalci – a former nurse – and Paul Preston – a former Green Beret – were the only two people with him when it occurred.

LRH was “gone” for ten months, until mid-September 1973 when he “returned” to Flag.

It is Dincalci’s testimony that during this MISSING TEN MONTHS, LRH was “hiding out” in Queens, New York – with only Dincalci and Preston as witnesses – and that during this period LRH purportedly wrote the project that launched “Snow White.”

It is unknown whether LRH was replaced by a “ringer” during that ten months, or was PDHed and made dependent on pharmaceuticals. What is known is that after his “return,” he was never remotely the same, that he never again gave another extemporaneous lecture (which he had done for the twenty-two years prior), and that he never personally wrote another Scientology book. 1973 Mid Sept., L. Ron Hubbard returns (?) to the Apollo. (LRH – The missing ten Months)

It was since about that time, as HCOB 24 January 1977 Tech Correction Roundup documents about, that other persons started to write and issue HCOB’s in the name of L. Ron Hubbard that were altering the technology. That the good guys allowed that HCOB’s were issued with false signatures may have been based on the idea to let the Scientology public believe that L. Ron Hubbard was still around and productive. One simply didn’t know where Ron was or if and when he would return. His absence in that way was regarded as enturbulative.

So the SPs took this opportunity to reset the clock and remove dianetics from practice:

Recovery of false information: All diseases come from PTSness:

“1. That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition.” [HCO B 10 August 1973 PTS-Handling]

Furthermore, here following I will show why this text contradicts LRH on the basis of context:

The datum that engrams are a source for illnesses is ignored and have not been used and audited since the release of this reference. In this way, almost all chronic illnesses of the PC are treated on the basis of ethics instead of using dianetics.

In addition this action (the Ethics officers helps the PC with self-listing!), acts against the following PTS-SP tape, which incidentally has been removed in the new PTS-SP checksheet:

“We’re not permitting Ethics, anymore, to locate suppressive persons. They’re going to be located by Review Auditors in regular session. Do you see that? Because Ethics just flubs it too often. They’re not equipped for auditing and so forth. They’re interested in justice and that sort of thing, and they don’t go ahead with it and do a good job of it. So therefore, anybody walking into Ethics who is PTS, who has rolly coastered and so forth, is sent to Review. And that is the route.” Tape 14. Oct 65 SHSBC-431 Briefing of Review Auditors

Also as per HCO PL 14. Oct. 65 PTS-ROUTING, a roller-coaster (PC or student) may only be routed to ethics via Dept. of Review in Qual. Division. Review first establishes the correct SP with an S&D and is then send to ethics that will take the necessary steps: Handle or Disconnect!

The following quote says that any findings as to whomever or whatever the person goes PTS may only be done by a Class IV auditor that is trained in Listing & Nulling:

“When listing has to be done to handle a PTS person or to find a why or who, on PTS RDs or anything else, it is dangerous for anyone but a Class IV who has been interned to do it. THAT is a matter of who can do listing. It is NOT a matter of where the pc is on the grade chart.” HCO B 27 Jul 76 PTS R/D & VITAL INFO R/D POSITION CORRECTED, [Emphasis by Andreas Groß to show it also concerns the Aug.10-handling]

The question of whether or not the SP is identifed by the qual or ethics department is of significant importance for the take over team. First of all because the Qual employees don’t let anyone tell them who they need to identify. They are only committed to the LRH tech and their personal interpretation of references. An ethics officer, on the other hand, does not have a problem with being told that one or the other person was recognized as SP. He learned to accept orders and work on that basis. And the L&N in Qual is also solely based on the PC’s reality: if it doesn’t show, then the item just isn’t right. This means the PC cannot be slipped an SP item because it would be a serious crime. Ethics, however, starts with existing ethics reports and Comm Ev decisions to name an SP. All potentiality of manipulation are available here: Falsification of reports and testimonies of witnesses, embezzlement of counter-evidence, change of important facts etc. The entire range of the usual perversion of justice.

Thus, this “small change of authority” for determining an SP is very crucial for the control of Scientology by a hostile power. For those with good intentions it is important to insist on finding the person to whom someone goes PTS only according to the standards set by LRH: By Listing and Nulling by a qualified auditor in accordance with the auditor’s code.

The August 10-handling violates these references, dianetics and the prohibited ‘listing outside of sessions’ with the following steps:

In step 1 of the handling, the PC receives the wrong item in the so-called “PTS C/S 1”, stating that all illnesses come from PTSness.

In step 2, the PC finds out that he is PTS and which illnesses he wants to blame for his PTSness.

In step 3, the beginning of the chain of illnesses is usually established in the childhood without any auditing taking place. This is a strict violation of the principles of audited PTS tech. A restimulation in present time can always be traced back to a suppressor (also earlier on the time track) and that the person is sure he knows from a previous life! (according to HCOB PTS Rundown)

In step 4, the PC usually finds a family member to be a “suppressor” because that per-son is still in contact with him. With this method, the view of present suppressors of current surroundings (e.g. in the Org) is steered away into childhood and then towards family members that they are still in contact with today.

In step 5, the PC is supposed to handle this relationship or separate from it. It is not a technically correct S&D, but a third party between family members! – With an S&D done from the 60s, the indication of the correct SP would suffice and the PTSness would be handled. But if only a restimulation of a real suppressor (the case of a PTS Type II) is given, only auditing will help the person to become cause.

In step 6, the ethics officer keeps working for weeks and months to supervise the execu-tion of step 5. Thus, the PC is denied to receive the necessary and helpful technical possibilities in session from dianetics auditing to handle his illnesses, and from S&D for finding the correct SP.

Instead of overcoming a possible stress situation towards family members, that the PC might actually have, through application of the PTS-RD, the focus is put on handling or separation which is then supervised and enforced by the ethics officer. Therefore, a dispute about Scientology is often likely to occur within the family because the PC suddenly feels the urge to handle a possible slight rejection by his family, but he has a hard time succeeding with that. Prior to that there may not have been any particular problem with some rejections and he was focused to move on the Bridge. But now he either has to convince his family regarding the legitimacy of the Church of Scientology (which may not be easy at all) or separate himself from them. Herewith a problem has been created: Intention – Counter-intention. Two dynamics (the third dynamic being the Scientology Church and the second dynamic the family) are played out against each other.

The original handling of illnesses was very different:

  1. Quad-flow dianetics applied to illnesses.
  2. If that doesn’t work: Search and Discovery (S&D) of the suppressor: Of course this can be a person in the immediate vicinity: spouse, colleague or a fellow Scientologist. It has to be mentioned that another yardstick than the 12 characteristics of an SP should be used for the identification of the suppressor: here it is a very subjective question from the point of the PC of who can stop him from reaching in a self-determined way or withdrawing. The detected “suppressor” does not technically need to be an SP but could be a caring fellow man which the PC misconstrues due to the impacts and workings of his own aberrations.
  3. Now this feeling of impact is audited out by R3R. Quad ruds and other handlings.

Today this first step is commonly skipped in the Church. With step 2, a lot of Scientologists are left with the incorrect impression that the person found in the PTS interview or PTS RD must always be a suppressor. It may be an SP, but that isn’t necessarily the case. It can also be a person that restimulates a real SP (PTS type II). Even here the PTS-RD can be successful. But this success would be wrecked if the PC starts believing that his mother or father (or whomever he handled during auditing) was an SP. This wrong item found then acts like a third party between the two and hinders an open and honest communication.


In the already quoted reference about the forgeries since 1973, the author notices that the PTS handling has almost been completely removed:


The first shock (which actually began this current search for out tech issues) was the discovery that PTS conditions were going unhandled across the world and had been for some time.7)By that, the author is of course referring to the auditing in the PTS-RD since the ethics handlings according to Aug. 10 had been taking place as a replacement since 1973. Note AG

“PTS” means Potential Trouble Source and means the person is affected adversely by a suppressive in his life. A PTS person can be a lot of trouble to himself and to others. The condition is not too difficult to handle and to find that all the tech of handling it was in disuse explained why there had been a lot of trouble and upset on various lines.

After a great deal of search, it was found that PTS handling and another rundown (The Vital Information Rundown) had been restricted only to Expanded Dianetics.8)Namely in an HCOB of the previous Tech & Training Aides CS-4 Ron Shafran who published many HCOBs in the 70s. According to the report by Julie Mayo – David Mayo’s wife – she had received orders from LRH to revoke all these HCOBs by Ron Shafran. But she didn’t agree with that and didn’t really do what she was asked. Instead, she continued to let him give her advice “for Ron” for the writing of new HCOBs. Note AG Thus one would find on pcs’ programs that they were supposed to go all the way through Dianetics and their grades before their PTS condition was handled. In actual fact a person who is PTS cannot be audited on anything else until the PTSness has been straightened out. This was operating as an effective barrier to cases. [HCO B 24 JANUARY 1977 TECH CORRECTION ROUND-UP]

It is unfortunate that only part of the squirrel action was corrected with this reference: The removal of PTS-RD for use on PCs on the beginners levels to grade IV and NED. Missed was the August 10 Handling. Because it continued being in use, it is still applied today and it prevents successful auditing on dianetics or on the PTS-RD in many cases.

Unfortunately, Ron himself was not anymore able to supervise and implement the tech corrections as announced in this reference. Thus, the forgery of HCOB 10 Aug. 1973 remained in power and continues to create confusion, third pary and hinders effective PTS handlings as well as effective handlings of illnesses.

What is being done wrong today

Today when a Scientologist becomes ill, it will be identified as PTSness according to the HCOB 10 August 73 Handling and the person will be sent to the ethics department before even trying to audit out the illness with dianetics. In the ethics department, the above mentioned August 10 Handling is then tried, which will pin down the PC – even if being PTS – on family members being SPs. Here one then loses sight of a possible real SP. Failure to find the real SP one will proceed with application of the PTS-RD, one may start with S&D to then find the SP. However if the PC in the previous has only done self-listing among family members and other people from his childhood with the guidance of the ethics department (which isn’t exactly beneficial to his health due to the imminent listing errors, hence it being explicitly forbidden by LRH), it is quite probable that he will restrain himself to that list of previously found persons during sessions with his auditor. This wrong item will ruin the auditing.

Even if we assume that a PC really is PTS, the PTS-RD can only help temporarily. The illness will come back sooner or later (because the somatics where never audited out with R3R and the chains will become restimulated by other suppressives) and the PC, the auditor and the C/S will become desperate and get the impression that the tech isn’t working:

Today, so much time is spent on the PTS-RD until the illnesses disappear. Even if the PTS-RD is done with dianetics, it is a technical error because, in the best case scenario, the restimulators (the suppressives) are handled, but not the illness. Let’s remember LRH’s summary of 1969 of how illnesses should be handled:

HCOB 16 Aug. 1969 “Handling Illness in Scientology”:

“Sickness is of course the result of engram chains in restimulation.

One has to ask, however, what causes restimulation to occur?

The answer is Out Ruds plus a suppressive environment or situation.”

The remaining text of this reference clarifies: Only if R3R dianetics is not curing the illness, one should fall back on PTS handling (3 S&D) or rudiments so that the illness can be handled with dianetics after that.

This reference is still included in the old PTS-SP course checksheet from 1971 until 1978 (namely up to the checksheet BPL 31 May 1971RH Issue IV, revised 6 March 1978 PTS and SP Detection, Routing and Handling Checksheet) but it has been changed and finally removed from the PTS-SP course check sheets issued in the 80’s and 90’s by the squirrels of the new management:

HCOB 16 Aug 69R (Rev 25 Sept 78) “Handling Illness in Scientology” is listed in:

BPL 31 May 71RH (packs updated since 25 Sept 78)

SPD 140, 21 May 1986 PTS/SP Checksheet Part Two (replaces/cancels the RH)

HCOB 16 Aug 69R MISSING on checksheet since:

PTS/SP Course pack: How to Confront and Shatter Suppression, copyrighted 1989

So, the original LRH tech in the old PTS-SP course still clarified how to cure illness:

You use dianetics to eradicate the engram chain that has caused the illness.

If that doesn’t work, you bring in the ruds and do a 3 S&D in order to find the SPs restimulating the illness. By doing that, the restimulation is being handled, maybe the illness disappears temporarily (since destimulated), therefore you now have to

apply dianetics to eradicate the engram chain that has caused the illness.

If you omit step 3, you can have a short-term success because the illness is destimulated. But later on it will be restimulated by a different SP and the illness reappears. – This is what’s frustrating about the PTS handlings of the CoS today: they are a never-ending procedure. They always offer temporary relief only. In view of 2½% SPs among 6 billion people, there will be enough SPs in the future that can restimulate a PC. You cannot audit out all of them, just the current ones until the PC destimulates and his engram chains can be finally handled. Then he won’t be able to be restimulated and, for the dianetics completion, he remains healthy and happy.

Due to this forgery, the PC becomes frustrated and hopeless and gets the idea that the tech isn’t working, and he gives up. The technical personnel (auditor and C/S) will also be invalidated and suppressed.

But that seems to be what the SPs in the management want, besides the desired effect that the endless search for SPs yields a virtually unlimited number of terminals among which the real SPs of the Church can hide very easily.

Andreas Gross

for the

Independent Scientologists

Copyright © 2015 by

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Gross

All Rights reserved


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