Where should I do my bridge? In the CoS or outside of it?

brückeWhere should I do my bridge? In the CoS or outside of it?1)This composition of doubt was published again in 2005 because it may help others make a similar one. It is important to compare the right alternatives. It is not about belonging to either the Church or the Freezone. There is nothing wrong about being a member in the Church which Ron supported for years. It is simply about where you will be able to walk up the bridge quicker or even at all.

When one cannot make up one’s mind as to an individual,
a group, organization or project a Condition of Doubt exists.

(This and the following cursive quotes are taken from the doubt condition
by L. Ron Hubbard, „Introduction To Scientology Ethics“- Book 1979)

A year ago, I had already been asked by friends to “work out my doubts about the Scientology Church”. Back then, I rejected it because I had not found the right approach yet.

On one hand, I didn’t find it particularly smart to place doubt between the CoS and the Freezone. Both groups mostly consist of good guys and are infiltrated by SPs who try to sabotage them. Nor do I have any statistics about either group that I could compare. I don’t want to condemn the CoS nor do I want to paint the Freezone white.

The difference could rather be found along the lines of “LRH-oriented Scientologists” versus “Squirrels”. But I never had any doubts there so there wasn’t anything to work out.

I recognized the real composition of a doubt recently while helping a friend with it: It is simply about where you want to and will go up your bridge. It is a very pragmatic decision that everyone needs to make for themselves. You just cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. If you audit independently, the CoS will see it as treason. So I had to make a decision.

In fact, I had made the decision exactly one year ago when I took my first auditing outside the Church. I just wasn’t ready at the time to “publicly announce it to both sides.” And then you’re still sticking to this condition. That is why I am doing the written composition and publication now. Some of my friends realized that I didn’t even had a choice since I had been declared SP. I can see a bit of envy of supposedly having had this difficult decision taken off my shoulders. But that is not the case. I had – like anybody else – the chance and the choice over and over: stand by LRH or get broken. I repeatedly chose LRH and, thus, I have been thrown out of the Church step by step along with many dozen gradients. Only 2 years ago, the Int Justice Chief ordered that I should receive more confessionals in a higher Org at my own expense. Since it was off-policy, I denied. Of course I took part in every free Sec Check, policy obliges every Scientologist to do so. But this payment of indulgence2)Payments of indulgence were paid by religious people to the Catholic Church in medieval times. By doing so, they were relieved of their sins and were allowed into heaven. is simply preposterous. A friendly executive officer, who had fallen into the same position, “saved her bridge once again” by spending ca. 50’000 Marks for Sec Checks in a higher Org3)This exec from the CC Düsseldorf could have got the same confessionals in her own Org for free. But it was obvious to her that it was more about paying the sum and the accompanying act of subjugation. Horrific!. Friends came on to me: “Just for once do what the Int Justice Chief expects of you, this is it!” – No: I preferred to be thrown out than to deviate from LRH! So I had made the decision. You simply cannot crawl up the bridge, you have to walk it up straight.4)At the time I was postulating this sentence, I had not realized how right I would be. Back then I actually believed there was no alternative to the OT levels outside the Church. But the opposite proved to be right: For a quarter of a century you have not been able to go Clear or OT in the Church! But I was only able to find out about it years later. – But that’s just how it is when you want to show some backbone first.

For three months I had been sure that my reports to the RTC about the SP-Declare would save me. Only after not receiving a saving letter did I start my Internet research about the CoS and found a lot of informative data that corresponded with my own experiences and that unveiled an outrageous situation that can hardly be confronted. But just read for yourself:

1. Inform oneself honestly of the actual intentions and activities of that group, project or organization, brushing aside all bias and rumour.

This group is the “Church of Scientology” in which I had been a member in the Hamburg Org since the summer of 1987. I audited as a field auditor for 2500 hours and in cooperation with my wife started more than 220 people in the Org on the bridge. There had been quarrelling about the FSMC and other difficult outpoints for 10 years. I was probably cheated out of a 6-digit commission amount and it could not be fixed even though I personally contacted all executives all the way up to David Miscavige.

I went Clear5)Hah! I thought so back then. It turned out to be a transient release condition. In fact, I recently went Clear for sure – on the Clearing Course and I’m currently auditing on OT III. in this group and became a Class 1 auditor6)By now I am Class V and I’m studying on the SHSBC on the second level. and I received a lot of good services for which I thank the auditors and course supervisors. However: Today, I have to admit that the opposition also holds a very strong position in this group and is more and more able to twist the tech to ineffectiveness.

2. Examine the statistics of the individual, group, project or organization.

For some time now, the Church has not been publishing any key statistics any more or been displaying completely wrong data (“8 million members”) or, at video events, stat graphs without any figures for fractions of a second.

That alone is a no-report – i. e. betrayal. But here and there figures do come through:

The stats of the new management have been declining in the last 25 years: Fewer and fewer Clears (the figures have not been published any more since the mid-90s). Shrinking Class 5 Orgs worldwide.

Another result thereof is that there haven’t been any OT VII completions recorded, and that after decades of deliveries! The reason for this OT avoidance is known and has been reported: the illegal 6-Months-Check. Nonetheless, the RTC is sticking to this Alter-is and prefers to remove the two auditors Mike and Virginia McClaughry via the SP-Declares, who reported these deviations thoroughly to the RTC.

OT IX and X are obviously never to be released, which can be seen from the fact that “prerequisites” are being published that will never be able to be fulfilled. These are also occasionally changed, allowing even the most trusting person to see that the prerequisites cannot originate from LRH.

The largest part of the publics has been denied the bridge since 1976 due to off-policy and excessive prices anyway. They focus Scientologists on MEST games instead of training them to be auditors.

Recently, the Golden-Age-of-Tech (GAT) was introduced, assuring that, instead of word-clearing and understanding, robot-like “auditors” are trained who are certain they are not able to audit error free and, thus, don’t even risk it in most cases.

Just like my fellow students, I was not able to apply the learned material from level 0 and I after finishing the course.

Instead of giving up I have been writing reports hoping to change tack and boost the self-correction of the Church. But far from it: I was declared SP without any accusations and a trial (Comm Ev), which I have the right to according to LRH policy! There was no chance for a revision, despite it also being guaranteed by LRH. Furthermore, this SP-Declare nor any other, which has taken place since the beginning of the 80s by the “new management” (which the governing body of the Church took over in one go), has given the impression that the wheat is being separated from the chaff according to the 12 characteristics which LRH formulated in the respective HCOBs to identify the SP and protect the social personality.

In fact, you can view this criminal handling of justice for the protection of the real SPs and agents of the opposite side and at the expense of thousands of good guys, who have been declared in the past 20 years, as the key point that makes sure that the remaining squirreling of the tech, admin and ethics goes through without protests. Scientologists read the KSW series 1 with every course and receive the hat of LRH to guarantee the purity of the tech, but orally, every Scientologist knows that this hat has long been delegated to RTC and he can take it easy. In the best case he will still write a report. Whether or not this report finds any consideration is not his responsibility any more as “he is just a cog in the wheel.” Furthermore, he doesn’t want to fall into the mill of justice – as others have that he watched – and ruin the “Bridge to total freedom™”. This thing is far too serious to throw it away.

My observation rather suggests that both groups (Church and Freezone) have had decreasing statistics for a quarter of a century. So Scientology – no matter which group – is in danger.

3. Decide on the basis of “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” (Dynamics: The urge, thrust and purpose of life-SURVIVE!-in its eight manifestations. See Glossary for these) whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped.

From all this I have realized:

The bridge up to OT does not exist any more in the CoS and its existence was not intended by the top management. Quite the opposite: the management is in the hands of Scientology’s opponents: the psychiatric establishment, the government behind the government.

The auditor’s training was perverted in such a way that auditors suffer from losses and stop auditing.

Therefore, fewer and fewer Clears, OT VIIs (not to mention the actual product: OTs) are being created.

Top-notch people that want to effectively improve the Church are being stopped, put out and, in the worst case, thrown out by an SP-Declare.

The remaining Scientologists have missed the opportunity to bring in tech, admin and ethics into their Church and “are waiting for better times.”

Thus, the project of going up the bridge within the CoS has failed. I have tried my best to bring in KSW via reports and call other people’s attention to this bad state of affairs. That is why the RTC has decided I should be SP-Declared and that is how it happened. No application of LRH justice, no possibility for defence, no right for appeal. Out!

4. Evaluate oneself or one’s own group, project or organization as to intentions and objectives.

My goal is to become a free being and walk the path that LRH has left us with his life’s work. My main task in this is to become an excellent auditor and go the predetermined path to full OT and protect and spread Scientology.

5. Evaluate one’s own or one’s group~ project or organization’s statistics.

My statistics as a field auditor (2500 WDAH), FSM (220+ new persons started on the Bridge) and as a student (more than 40 courses in the CoS) speak a very clear language and show that I mean it and that I am capable of receiving the intended products. I naturally operate on power (even before Scientology) when following my goals.

Since I have put the Church behind me a year ago, I have created the following products:

I have rehabilitated my study auto didactically in so far that I can now produce the products as a Class 0 and I auditor.

This required recognizing the distortions in the auditor’s training from the CoS and distancing myself from this wrong data. I published my findings, as in this FSB.

Furthermore, I have successfully completed Class II and I’m in the middle of the Class III course.

I have given up all other jobs and projects that are not part of this goal.

I have new PCs and audit on these levels as a professional auditor.

I keep in touch with many highly qualified auditors and C/Ss who are also sworn into standard tech via LRH and are internationally connected in Comm and mutual support. I visit training courses and training weeks to further improve my qualifications.

I own a complete LRH library, including materials for the higher levels (OT levels) and I am convinced that I can go this path successfully as a highly qualified auditor.

6. Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses toward the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and announce the fact publicly to both sides.

I see that I am not being stopped any more outside the Church and I am free to complete the auditor’s training according to LRH and practice as an auditor without restraint. My operating principle is to commit no legal breaches. This is very well possible for an independent Scientologist. Thus, there is no PTSness to the Church.

Even if I was given the choice to return to the Church today, I would not take it before a rehabilitation by LRH would have happened there. Without fair justice, members will hardly be able to apply KSW without fear of losing the bridge. That is precisely why they have lost their bridge.

I love my newly gained freedom outside the Church and pity that the opponents haven’t thrown me out much sooner! I myself was too stubborn to leave on my own. I didn’t want to “blow”, I wanted to correct the Church. But I lost sight of my most important goal: Becoming a good auditor and using this short time to reach total freedom as an OT.

7. Do everything possible to improve the actions and statistics of the person, group, project or organization one has remained in or joined.

I continue to work hard and study and audit daily. I can only recommend this to every Scientologist: Don’t let yourself be jacked around any longer. Take the LRH materials and simply apply Scientology: Study, audit, go up the bridge and become clear and help others study, audit and become clear. – No one can stop you if you recognize the trap that the CoS presents for its members nowadays: The Church of Scientology has become an institutional church, controlled by its own opponents, serving to prevent Scientology. It went the same path as other churches prior to it: infiltrated, twisted, corrupted. – Free yourselves!

8. Suffer on up through the conditions in the new group if one has changed sides, or the conditions of the group one has remained in if wavering from it has lowered one’s status.

Next I will work on the liability and then the Non-Ex of which you will hear again!7)Now, I have gotten out of the Non-Ex by now. Among other things, it is expressed on our website www.FreieScientologen.de.

Note: I may have made some outrageous accusations that often don’t seem real to a member of the Church. I made these doubts more for myself so that I can soon put them behind me. It is not meant to convince others. An extensive composition with a lot of data material and LRH quotes would be required for that, but it goes far beyond the work of this paper. However, everything I claimed above can be substantiated by me. So if you would like, you may feel free to contact me and ask direct questions or start an Internet search yourself8)The just-mentioned website is also a great start to find all the data proving the takeover. Furthermore, I recommend all FSBs of the Scientology Engram Prior Beginning Series. .

All the best for your path, may all beings be happy!

Andreas Gross

for the

Independent Scientologists

Copyright © 2001, 2014 by Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Gross, All Rights reserved

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