LRH explains why OSA is so mean – by The Pilot


This is from an LRH tape lecture of 24 July 1952, titled “E-meter behavior versus flow lines and patterns”.  This is one of the tech 88 supplementary lectures and the transcript can be found in new R&D volume 11.  This specific quote is on page 129.


Begin LRH quote.

“You can run overt act, overt act, overt act … Oh he just gets meaner and meaner and meaner and meaner!”

“You keep running these overt acts out and you’re leaving unexplained motivators there.  I mean, he’s got motivators he’s never used.  You’re giving him this tremendous supply of motivators.  And, “Look at all these things that happened to me. I can do anything I want to anybody”.  And he goes out and he bawls out his boss and he bawls out this guy and that guy and then he sees people come into the parking intersection, he’s liable to bump their bumpers and so forth.  And he’s talking around mean, ornery, he gets sarcastic”.

“Boy, you’re wondering, “Is this what it’s like bringing somebody up the Tone Scale?”  No, No, that’s what it’s like by taking out all the overt acts a fellow has done and leave the motivators in place: he just gets meaner and meaner.”

“If you take the motivators out he gets more and more pathetic, more and more pathetic, you see?  He’s got to have more and more motivators.  And when you take the overt acts out, he gets meaner and meaner, and meaner and meaner. He gets ornerier.  He becomes capable of more overt acts.”

“So you’ve got to have a balance there”.

End of LRH quote


Anyone whose familiar with auditing the grades knows that we balance the two sides in processing.  You run things that you’ve done and things that were done to you, back and forth.

Even grade 2 which is aimed at overts switches off between the two sides.

The only exception is those damn sec checks.  And that is mostly done to staff, and it is especially done to Sea Org and OSA.

It makes them mean and nasty.

This really explains a lot.

Thank you Ron.


The Pilot

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  1. This also explains the purpose of the O/W-Writeups, for which there exist no valid LRH-issue. Out-Tech as it is self-auditing. Just a control mechanism by a suppressive RTC.

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